Written by Tom and the Mrs

5 Sep 2019

My wife and I have just come back from holiday and we swapped for the first time and it was amazing, but sadly I don’t think it will happen again.

I’m Tom and I’m 35, my wife is Bianca and she’s 31. Bianca is very attractive, has a great body and is usually pretty quiet but I was shocked that it was her idea.

Basically, we had hooked up with another couple, Alex was 21 and his girlfriend Tina was 19. They where from Liverpool and had the strong Liverpool accent. It was pretty obvious from say one that Alex had a thing about Bianca. He would take sneak peeks at her body especially her breasts and would take any opportunity to talk to her. His GF was a lovely girl, quiet, only about 5’3” or so and pretty skinny but with a pretty face. She giggled a lot and it was her that told me that ‘He’ ( Alex) had the hots for Bianca and that he talks about her all the time.

I asked her if that bothered her and she said it didn’t and that they aren’t going out strong and that they sometimes have other ‘friends’ which I took to be sexual partners which was quiet a turn on.

Anyway, on day four Alex was laying next to me on a sun bed, Bianca had got up to get a drink and he leaned over and said in his strong scouse accent ‘ your Mrs is so fucking hot, is there any way I can take her to my room for a while’? I laughed and asked him why, knowing full well why.

He apologised and said, I just want to fuck her brains out, sorry and all that. I laughed again and advised him that I doubted very much that Bianca would agree. He asked me to ask, I ignored him.

But that evening in bed I told Bianca what Alex had said, she wanted to know my reaction and I made a joke about telling him that I doubted that she would do it, her reaction was a shock.

She said ‘would you get to fuck her’ I said I wasn’t; sure, she looked at me and said ‘should we do it, just the once for the experience. I was gob smacked but turned on at the same time. She said that its not like us, making love, it would just be for the experience and only if I got to screw Tina.

The next morning I was wracking my brain trying to think of how to bring the subject up with Alex but they were sitting with us at breakfast, the girls got up to go to the buffet first when he looked at my wife and then at me and said ‘please’ with a little lost boy look on his face. I said ‘what, fuck her’.

He gave me a stupid look, I said that I had asked her and she said ‘ok’. He looked shocked and told me to fuck off, It took until the girls came back to convince him that I wasn’t winding him up. I said ‘what about Tina, he oh yeah definitely.

As we where walking away from the table I told the wife that he was up for it, she laughed and said ‘oh shit, what now?’ I shrugged my shoulders.

I looked back at Alex and asked him if he was ready. He just gave me a big grin.

We went to our room, My wife and Alex went in first followed by Tina and me. I hadn’t managed to close the door before Alex was pulling my wife’s t-short off over her head to reveal her small firm tits. His hands where all over her chest and back whilst they sucked tongues.

Alex was pulling his shorts down to reveal a quite thick and long semi hard cock, no sooner was he undressed that he was tugging at my wife’s shorts revealing her smooth pussy.

I can’t help but giggle at Tina’s comment. She looked at me almost apologetically and told me that I didn’t; have to if I didn’t want. I said it was find.

The girl got onto her knees, pulled my shorts down and proceeded to suck my cock. Alex already had my wife on the bed on her back and he was fingering and sucking her pussy and she was loving it, moaning and squealing gripping her own tits.

I just stood there and had my cock sucked. In the end Alex worked his way up my wife to her tits and started sucking for a few minutes before he lay in between her legs and entered her. That resulted in a long loud moan. Tina got up and lay next to my wife, opened her legs and gave me a smile. I didn’t need asking twice.

It was as amazing as it was unexpected. I had to wet my cock to lubricate it in order to get it into Tina’s pussy she was so tight. Her pussy gripped my cock whilst I fucked her. Next to Tina, my wife was thrashing about, moaning and telling Alex how ‘fucking amazing’ the experience was, ‘this is amazing, keep going, oh fuck’. She went on and on whilst Tina just whimpered whilst I fucked her.

The two girls held hands whilst they where shafted. Both Tina and my wife had the same sized tits and I loved to see them wobble whilst they where fucked.

In the end Alex started grunting that he was going to cum, my wife gripped him with her legs holding him in place and told him, ‘its ok, cum inside me’. She told him this several times. The lad went wild, shagging my wife like a rabbit, at one point lifting her arse up and almost standing over her whilst fucking her pussy.

I felt Tina’s pussy grip my cock when she blurted out that she was cuming followed by a squeal which where followed by mini convulsions. I didn’t have time to think about pulling out or whether or not to ask her if she was on the pill like my wife. I exploded in her pussy and it was amazing. I must have cum in her two or three times whilst Alex did the same in my wife.

In the end, Tina and Bianca rode us, Tina riding my still hard cock with my wife riding Alex whilst he gripped her hard tits. I know I managed to cum again and I think Alex did as well, I know my wife had another orgasm because she told us.

When she had finished she was trying hard to catch her breath, she leaned forward to within an inch of Alex’s face and said ‘ that was an amazing shag’ which is not something she would normally say, Alex told her she was welcome, Tina said said in her squeaky Liverpool accent ‘yah, it was relay good’ and we all laughed.

The four of us only fucked once more much to the disappointment of Alex who wold have fucked my wife every day if he could. On the last day of our holiday I gave my wife permission to go off with her new fuck buddy whilst I took Tina to our bed and fucked her every way I could think of for a good few hours from doggy to anal missionary and everything in between.

I didn’t; see my wife for 6 hours and when I did she looked like she had been through a hedge backwards. All she said to me was ‘ I can never do that again, he destroyed me and I’, exhausted’.

According to my wife Alex fucked her for hours and she says he came inside her at least four times. She said that after the second time when she thought it was over she tried to have a shower but he just got in with her and ‘had’ her again before pulling her out onto the bed and starting again.

Apparently, he got off cuming on her tits the last time and rubbing his cum into her like skin cream, ‘each to their own I guess’.

We are now back in the UK and Bianca has said that it was an experience bit that we will never do it again, it was really naughty and an experience but no more. I’m gutted but never say never.

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