Written by Brevitt

11 Mar 2010

I suppose I have lurked on here reading others stories long enough. Now we have one worthy of the telling we both hope you enjoy it. We have been together for 4 years now and have always had an open mind towards threesomes and such. My partner is nearly 21 a slim size 10 with 30 e/f breasts and a cleanly shaven tight pussy. I'm 38 a few pounds over weight with a 7 inch cock that's also cleanly shaven. We are also engaged just for the record.

It was a Saturday, we returned home about 6 in the evening having been out shopping for the afternoon. I flicked on the computer out of habit, and saw we had a message from a different site to say we had mail. We have used that sight for a while and never had much luck with it. Most messages coming from over excited newbies with no pictures and who use text speak for first contact. The message that we had received was from a polite single guy whose picture was of a fantastic 8.5 inch thick cock. I asked my partner if she would be interested based on what was on view and got a fairly non commital yes probably.

He was online at the time so I responded saying we would like to see a face pic. A couple of minutes later we received a new message with face pic attached. Her interest grew. I replied again half jokingly saying you'd best start the car. His reply soon came back that he couldn't meet that night but would be happy for us to have his phone number ect.

Slightly deflated I resigned myself to a night of watching Saturday evening Tv. however about 30 minutes later another message appeared. This one saying his friend had cancelled and he could make it if we were still interested; as he was sitting at home ready to go out with nowhere to go. I nervously put it to my partner and with a little grumbling about needing to tidy up she agreed. We soon sent him our post code and asked him to come for around 9.30 to give our son time to get to sleep.

A quick tidy round and a shower later I was sitting in the front room with that familiar stomach churning mixture of anticipation and nervousness that presages meets for me. My partner was still upstairs drying her hair when she shouted down that a car had pulled up and to say she wouldn't be 5 minutes.

I felt my heart speed up and my breathing catch in my throat as he knocked on the door.I opened the door and greeted our guest with a handshake and the offer of a drink, explaining my partner was just finishing drying her hair.He was a good looking guy of mixed race who looked maybe Portuguese. We sat for a few minutes making small talk as you do; him on one sofa me on the other and conversation flowed naturally.

After a few minutes my partner entered wearing some skinny leg jeans that showed off her figure very well and a lowish cut top, nothing slutty but something that would allow access to her fantastic tits should the need arise. Introductions were made and I could see neither of them was disapointed in the other so the evening was looking up. After a brief recap of conversation so far she sat next to him on the sofa and we all started chatting happily away together.

My partner and I both had a few drinks and our guest never finished his first as he was driving. As the evening wore on I started to think about how and if the ice was going to be broken physically. I made regular visits to the toilet to leave them alone for a few minutes but nothing seemed to be happening. Then he put his arm across the back of the sofa. Things stayed like this for a while and I was starting to worry that nothing would happen but then I saw the moment when the mood subtly changed.

I can't describe what it was but I knew that it had changed and that the night was back on track. My partner was gradually getting ever so slightly closer to him and again I could feel my heart beating in my chest in that way that stands between the jealous man and the horny vouyer.

Eventually my girlfriend was close enough for his fingers to touch her back, and he slowly started to run his fingers over the top area of her back with small movements. Her back and shoulders being touched turns her on but the back of her neck being touched drives her wild. It was like watching a very slow mating ritual on some wildlife show. She moved her hand incredibly slowly closer to his leg, if I wasn't watching it I would hardly have noticed the progression so long did it seem to take.

Then contact from her hand on his leg. I think I had forgottedn to breath for what seemed like ages, my heart started to hammer in my throat. Watching them get ever so slowly more intimate with each other was a joy, and my cock was raging in my jeans. A quick glance to his impressive bulg in his jeans was enough to comfirm that this slow action was having a similar effect on him.

I watched as she gradually built the courage to be more brazen about touching him and she was stroking the outside of his leg with easy strokes.Then bingo his hand stroked it's way up her neck I could see the shudder run through her body from across the room. Conversation was still moving along so I excused myself for another bathroom break suspecting that when I returned they would be kissing. Upstairs in the bathroom I knew the exact moment that the kissing started.

I could hear the low rumble of their voices wafting up the stairs and then I heard her laugh out loud that laugh stopped abruptly and I knew they had kissed at that second. Again my heart skipped a beat as I thought of them downstairs kissing for the first time. My cock straining made it impossible to answer the call of nature that was my reason for being there, but I didn't want to descend to soon and break the spell, so I stayed where I was my mind racing.

I came down the stairs after an appropiate amount of time had passed and again as I descended the stairs my heart picked up the pace as my mind pondered what I would see. The feelings finely balanced in that exquisite way that only the male partner will ever fully understand. I saw them first through the glass kissing passionately mouths working together in rythm. I opened the door and they were far enough into the kiss not to get disturbed and stop guiltily as can sometimes happen even when everyone knows why they are there. Their hands were begining to wonder more intimately he brushing across her breasts before giving them a gentle squeeze, her hand moving towards his bulge(I was glad not to have missed this point), and my breath caught as my heart raced again as she moved her hand across his hardening cock for the first time. I saw it jump through the material of his jeans as she did.

I sat back to enjoy the veiw detrmined to remember every moment that I could. The way she touches cock gently through your trousers as she teases you into full erection feels just amazing and I could see the effect working on his by now huge looking member. His hands by now had worked their way inside that top and he was enjoying feeling her breasts as she slow wanked his cock. Their two tongues darting backward and forward her nibbling on his bottom lip.

Eventually the kiss ended I have no idea how long it had been, it probably wasn't long, but it had seemed like slow motion as it does now as I play it back for you. Then the majic words were spoken "shall we take this upstairs?" My mind lingering on the thought of seeing his huge cock invade my fiancee's pussy would I be ok with it? I always had with previous partners, though I had never seen a cock of this size before and my previous partners were all much more experienced. These thoughts were racing through my mind as my mouth was saying "yeah of course".

What happened next? If you'd like to know let us know.