Written by Owned

15 Apr 2014

We arrange to meet at a hotel. Nothing fancy, but all we need is four walls and a bed.

I arrive first, slip on my stilettos that won't stay on long and check my reflection. My heart is racing, hands trembling. I'm not sure what you have planned and I want to be perfect for you.

I let you in as soon as you arrive, you walk straight past me into the room and put you bag down. You grab me by the waist and kiss me. Rough and desperate, but keeping me at a distance. I know your doing it to calm my nerves and I love you for it. Then grabbing me by the throat you pin me to the wall, your hand up my skirt, rubbing my pussy hard, my thong forced between my lips, pushing past it fingering me roughly. I'm breathless and my knees go weak. Only releasing my throat to slap me across the face, so hard it turns my head. Showing me who is in charge and I love it.

You grab me by the hair and force me to my knees. Releasing your straining cock you force it in my mouth. My head pinned against the wall, but still you pull my hair, forcing my face onto your delicious cock, I look up at you as tears stream down my cheeks from gagging. We both know it was completely unnecessary, I love sucking your cock and would happily spend hours at it by choice. But fuck, this is so horny!

Eventually you release me and step away, undressing and readying your camera, you tell me it's time to strip. I unbutton my shirt opening it so you can see my 34DD's. Then let my skirt drop and step out of it. As I slip off my shirt and bra you tell me to say my name and of course I obey. Inhibitions leaving me rapidly I turn 360, now in only a thong, stockings and killer heels.

You tell me to bend over and lean on the bed as I remove my heels, I wasn't expecting this, the anticipation is driving me wild. I'm nervous, completely and know I will enjoy whatever comes next. I gasp as your palm meets the top of my thigh, stinging in the most delicious way.

You tell me to lie on the bed and touch myself, still in thong and stockings. I don't know if you're filming or taking pictures, and I don't really care. I'd normally feel embarrassed, but I've been so looking forward to getting you alone, my desire has taken over. I stroke my already damp pussy through my thong until you tell me to show it to you and I pull the thong aside. You kneel between my legs, I am aching for you to touch me. I cry out and throw back my head as you start lapping at my silky, freshly waxed pussy lips, flicking your tongue over my already swollen clit. Your fingers exploring me. I'm gushing in no time. I start to feel light headed, not sure if I've been holding my breath or actually forgetting to breathe, I'm cumming so hard, squirting over and over. I know tonight is about you, I have promised you full control. But I can't stop myself now, I grab your head, holding you in place now gushing in your face. You slip my now drenched thong off, I already know I'll not be getting it back. You move back and tell me it's time...

I pump some lube onto my fingers, I look up at you, glancing at the camera you're holding, as I run my slippery fingers over my sweet, tight arsehole. I know what it is you want to see, and I oblige, slipping one finger in, then two. Sliding them in and out, fingering my own arse, preparing it for you. I feel filthy doing it, knowing your filming me, but I'm too horny to care. I have waited for what I know is coming next for so long. I sit up and pump more lube into my palm, grasping your cock I stroke it firmly, covering it ready.

You put down the camera and I turn to get onto my knees. I grasp the bed sheets as I feel the swollen head of your cock pressing against my tight hole. A palm on my back holding me in place, the other spreading my cheeks, you slowly breach me. I moan as I feel your body meet mine, knowing you are balls deep inside me. You thrust into me, slow and deep as my body adjusts.

I tell you to wait, I turn onto my back and you slip back into my arse. You fuck me. Own me. Looking me in the eye as I rub my clit, squirting again for you. This is amazing. I never really wanted anal before us. But with you I want everything and I love that nothing is off limits. This is the first time you have ever really fucked my arse, but you don't need to ask if I'm ok, the look on my face, the gasps and moans tell you everything you need to know as you continue to go deeper and harder. You grab my ankles and spread my legs, I feel completely owned and I fucking love it. You grab a dildo, cock still buried deep in my arse, you slide it into my dripping pussy. I'm trying not to squeal in ecstasy. You fuck me good and hard, my legs up on your shoulders. We discard the dildo and you continue to thrust away. I grab you gorgeous bum pulling you to me, deeper into me, seeing me loving it eggs you on. I can feel you're getting close, I beg you to fill my arse with your cum. And it's not long before you indulge me.

You hold me by the ankles and take more pictures. Your cum oozing out of my now destroyed arse. I am spent, panting. Once I can breath again I ask your permission to go and clean up, you nod at me, smirking, loving the control.

I go to the bathroom, glad I've taken wet wipes with me. I feel like I'm going to pass out, I obviously didn't give myself enough time to recuperate, but I don't want to waste a minute with you.

You tell me to lie between you legs. I do. I start licking and kissing your balls. Flicking my tongue over them, sucking them into my mouth. They last of my cum and I love it. I know it's filthy, but I love the way my pussy tastes. I continue to lap and suck and flick... You tell me to come to you... I straddle your lap. I kiss you hard. You go straight for my nipples. You love that you can make me cum just playing with them. You rub them, getting rougher as I breath harder until you are squeezing them hard, twisting, pulling. Then you bite me, just my nipple. You bite hard making me yelp, but you know I'm loving it due to the cum gushing over your balls. I ask you to slap them, you sit me up straight and tell me to hold my tits out by my nipples. I am completely under your control, I do as you say without question. You bring your hand down sharply, your fingers making my flesh sting, the force pulling my nipple free of my fingers. I'm crying out, oh god yes, as moving my arms out your way you give each tit a few short, sharp slaps, slicing my nipples, I am in heaven. You tell me to turn and I lie between your legs. I lie back against you, you know how much I love it when we do this. You admire the view as you stroke my nipples, making me writhe, one hand slips down to my pussy. You stroke my completely bald mound, then lips, then slip your fingers into my more than willing pussy. One hand going between my nipples and the other between my clit and pussy. Life just does not get better than this! I want this night to last forever!! I can't believe that I am still squirting for you. I know that is what you want and I don't even try and stop it. You work me harder and faster until my back is arched, I'm almost crying, I can't breath and I can't take anymore. I have to beg you to stop. You hold a tit, the other hand firmly cupping my pussy and clit as I come down.

By now it's the middle of the night and I have been cumming hard for hours. Plus all the nervous tension that had built and built the day running up with your teasing messages, giving very little away as to how you planned to own me. You let me doze. You know you're not done with me and will require my full attention next.

I stir, stretching, enjoying feeling your skin against mine... You tell me it's time. Again, I know what's required without instruction. I again lie on my tummy between your thighs. I again work your balls, but I know that this time you won't stop me until you have emptied them again. I watch your cock grow as you get harder. Once your cock is throbbing and twitching. We are both are aware of the fact that your cock has not been washed. It has been in my arse. It has exploded in my sweet tight hole. I know it will drive you wild if I take it in my mouth right now. I move up you and take you in my mouth and you moan. I lick and suck and stroke. I work you hard, slow, gently, fast... I keep changing it up, stopping you from peeking to soon. I let you enjoy for as long as you like. I love sucking your cock. I know you think I am the best and I love it. And I intend on doing whatever it takes to keep that title forever. It crosses my mind that I'd have expected my jaw to ache by now...

You tell me you're getting close. I get up and kneel on the floor next to the bed. You come and stand over me. You have your camera in one and your cock in the other.

There were only two things I knew were definitely going to happen tonight. The two things you had given me strict instructions about. Firstly you were going to own my arse, completely. Fuck it however you wanted until you had cum in it. The other was the fact that you were going to cum on my face. You know I hate it. But I had strict instructions that I was to look like I was enjoying it. I was to beg for it with a smile on my face. I was not to swollen any, you wanted it all on my face. You were going to film it and it had to be perfect.

I stroke your thighs and cup your balls. I kneel there with my mouth open, tongue out in case you want to use them. I smile up at you, begging you to cum on my face. I tell you how much I love your cock and how good your cum tastes. I can tell you're getting closer as you pull harder and faster moaning. I tell you I'd love someone to be watching this and it tips you over the edge. Your hot spunk hits my face. Some goes in my mouth and I spit it out, let it run down my chin. I can hear it as it drips from my chin and hits my tits and thighs. You offer me your cock to suck clean. Then you throw a towel at me, laughing, tell me to clean myself up.

That is it. Our dream night has come true. It was everything we hoped it would be and more. Both so completely satisfied. My pussy and tits are raw from all the rubbing and biting and slapping. I know I have given you everything you hoped for... For tonight at any rate... What filth can we plan for next time...