Written by funtime2

17 Nov 2009

Hi all, Ok like most of us we had been out and about, driving between car parks and known dogging areas only to find them packed full of single guys or boy racers. We had not as yet even seen anything going on or put on a show for anyone else as Sarah was still very nervous about it all but tonight that would all change.

We had been out for the evening with friends and now heading home I decided the night wasn't over so I turned off the road into a car park on the edge of the local woods. It was empty, not a car in sight, so I parked up in the far corner, switched off the engine and locked the doors. What do you think your doing she asked with a knowing grin on her face. It dint take very long though for her to jump into the back of the car and get naked so I guess she had the same thoughts as I did.

Anyway we had only been there for what seemed like minutes, Sarah now on her knees sideways on the seat with my cock deep in her mouth, sucking and bobbin like a woman possessed when I saw headlights pull into the car park near the entrance. The lights turned and the car parked up quite a way off, Sarah hadnt noticed and was still slurping on my now even harder cock so I said nothing. For the next few minutes I kept an eye on the car but no lights came on so I returned to what we had come here for and laid Sarah on the back seat spread her gorgeous legs wide apart and stuck my tongue deep into her now very wet pussy. Her legs instantly wrapped around my neck and with her hands on the back of my head she pulled me deeper into her moaning and whimpering like crazy. One thing led to another and within no time I was in her up to my balls slamming into her hard, her hands over her head pushing on the side window back against me, I looked up for a second, over towards where the car had parked up, hoping that they may have moved closer and it was then that I saw a face close up against the side window between Sarah's hands. Now the windows on our car have been tinted limo black so the poor sod was really not getting to see much at all but could obviously hear what was going on inside as Sarah was now moaning like hell and telling me to fuck her like a cheap whore, she has a way with words when she is turned on bless her.

I looked down at Sarah knowing how nervous she had been about the whole dogging thing but also knowing that when she is in her zone nothing will stop her I reached up and turned the inside light on. With the light on inside the windows then become clear enough to see in and knowing this I looked back to see a single guy in his mid 30's looking in and down at Sarah, Sarah stopped for moment as I had and looked up at me and then at the window and saw his face and looking back at me she said, right you got what you wanted now let him see you fuck me you bastard.

I cant explain the feeling it was daft in a way but I was so turned on knowing that this guy, that we didnt know, was looking down on my gorgeous woman who by now had turned into a total porn star and was working it for all she was worth, arching her back and pushing her tits out whilst pushing against my cock like never before. Shamelessly however it was all too much for me and within moments I had my cock in my hand and was pumping hot cum all over her big soft tits and neck.

Sarah spun around and sat up and looked at me in a way she has never done before as though to say well you may have finished but im not and while still looking into my eyes reached over and pressed the switch to open the window on her side. I think the guy outside couldnt believe his luck and seemed to stumble back which is when we realised that his trousers where around his ankles and his cock was in his hand. I sat there for a second not knowing how far Sarah would take this when she opened the door reached out and grabbed the guys cock and started to wank him close to her spunk covered tits, then rubbing his cock in my mess she laid back across the seat, her head in my lap with one leg against the front seat and the other wrapped around the rear headrest she turned her head and took my cock back into her mouth and with her eyes closed I knew then how far she would go.

I looked at the guy standing in the doorway wanking like crazy, I grinned at him and with an upturned hand offered him my woman. He didnt need telling twice and within seconds he was in her and fucking her so hard the car was rocking, Sarah kept her eyes shut and tried her best to keep my cock in her mouth but this guy was really driving it home, she suddenly threw back her head in my lap and grabbing me around my neck she moaned loudly and started to shudder, im going to cum she said through clenched teeth and moments later fell limp in my lap.

The guy outside now with a big grin on his face pulled his trousers up and disappeared back to his car but Sarah just laid there not saying a word, her eyes still closed as though in a deep sleep. The other car started and left with a beep from his horn, Sarah opened her eyes and looking at me she said, so you dirty bastard did you like seeing your woman get fucked then.