Written by Thomoa1

15 Jun 2009

My partner Sue and I had been together for 4 years, at the time I was in my late forties and Sue in her late thirties. Our sex life was exciting and still fresh - Sue loves her \'toys\' and has bought several to use on me. She also loves dressing up and has a small collection of Anne Summers things.

Sue is an Aromatherapist and runs a business from our home which is an old beamed cottage. Most of her clients are fairly well off ladies but she does have a few elderly male clients.

One day when I was off work, Sue came through to the sitting room after having shown a female client out and said \"God, Christine has a fantistic body\" - \"I wish I had her shape.\" Sue had always been very professional about her clients who arrive and leave through a side door into her treatment room - I rarely got to see who they were or what they looked like.

\"If she has such a good body, do you get aroused when you massage her\" I asked. \"You are joking\" she replied - \"of course I do\" The thought of Sue with another woman was arousing and better still if I were involved! Over the next few weeks, we started to discuss the thought that Sue was bi, although she said that she had never experienced anything like that sexually. Thinking about the problems if Sue had made a move or comment on a client led us to decide we would answer an \'Ad\' in the Personal contact colums of a weekly paper. After a few phone calls to different advertisers, Sue spoke to a woman who she thought would be suitable to meet. The only problem for Sue was that the woman, who was bi, would only meet with her husband. I had asked Sue if she would be prepared to fuck another man and her reply was that only if he was attractive to her and I was there. We arranged a meeting in a pub and after arriving and meeting the couple we sat down to chat. The couple told us that they were occaisonal swingers and both bi. That worried me immediately but Sue seemed to get on with the woman who I thought was very attractive and so I put the worries about the Husband aside. After a couple of hours chatting they asked us if we would like to go back to their house. I looked at Sue and she said yes. We got in our car and I asked Sue what she thought of the bloke. \"He\'s ok \" she repied. \"Would you fuck him then, with me watching\" I asked. \"Would you be turned?\" on she asked. \"Of course I would\" I replied. \"Well that\'s ok then\" After a short drive we reached their house and went into their sitting room. Drinks were poured again and a little chat followed when Sheila the wife said to Sue \"would you like to follow me?\". They got up and went upstairs leaving us men behind. Doug, the husband said to me we should leave them to themselves for a while. I was a bit nervous as I had visions of him wanting to do something with me. However he just chatted and after about ten minutes said \"Shall we join the ladies\"? I followed him upstairs to the bedroom to find Sue naked and kneeling on the floor with her tongue licking Sheila\'s pussy, who was partly on the bed. The words \"Turned on\" do not describe how I felt. Sue has a lovely body, size twelve with 36c breasts and longish niples, which were erect from excitement. She turned her head to me and just looked as she continued to lap at the very wet pussy. Doug and I took our clothes off and to be honest I was not sure what to do. Doug didn\'t have any doubts. Her knelt behind Sue and started stroking her nipples and running his hand down her stomach to her pussy. I got on the bed next to Sheila and she turned to me and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking. It was all I could do not to come instantly, but I managed to hang on. Sue now raised her hips off the floor and I could see Doug\'s cock hard and big as he positioned himself behind Sue. Sue has two children and both have been delivered by ceaserian, so her pussy is still very tight. As Doug slid his cock into Sue she let out a gasp, as she always does the first time a cock goes into her when fucking. Doug started to pump and Sue looked at me, her face a picture of complete extacy. She was living the fantasy - sucking a pussy and being fucked at the same time. Sheila rolled away from Sue and pushed me down onto my back, straddling me and gripping my cock, slid it into her wet pussy. Her hips ground into me as she fucked herself to orgasm somewhat noisily. All the time I was watching Sue and Doug and shortly after Sheila coming Doug also came noisily. We all laid on the bed Sue now stroking my cock and Sheila sucking Doug\'s. I got Sue in position over Doug, straddling his body and she sank onto his cock. Getting behind Sue I could see Dougs cock filling Sue\'s pussy and his cum was sliding down either side of her pussy. Using my fingers I scooped some of his come and wiped Sue\'s arse with it. Putting my cock against her arse I started to gently push. There was resistance so I just continued to keep gently trying. Doug was fucking well and Sue was gripping her nipples and moaning gently. Sheila had now moved alongside me and was holding my cock as I tried to get it into Sue\'s arse. Slowly it started to slip in and then it was all the way in. I couldn\'t help it and just had to fuck Sue as hard as I could. After perhaps a dozen strokes I came with the most powerful orgasm that I think I had ever had. Sue started to come as well and as she has always been noisy I was ready for her. She absolutely screamed as she came and we three all fell onto the bed, exhausted. Sheila was stroking Doug\'s cock again and I was just stroking Sue\'s body (mostly her lovely breasts and nipples). Sue lifted herself over to Doug and took his cock in her mouth. What an amazing sight to see the woman you love sucking another mans cock. Sheila then got between Sue\'s legs and started sucking her pussy. Sue\'s head slowly lifted and lowered as she took Doug\'s cock in her mouth and Sheila\'s mouth was buried on Sue\'s pussy. I started to get erect again and put my cock in Sheila\'s pussy. It was a lovely slow fuck and as I rythmically fucked into Sheila I could see Doug beginning come again. Sue kept sucking and then Doug was coming with Sue\'s moth tightly gripped around his cock. The thought of Sue swallowing his come made me come in Sheila with yet another bum clenching spurt. That was it for the evening. We said our goodbyes and got in the car and drove home. We were quiet for a while as we drove and Sue then said \" Did you enjoy that ?\" \"It was the most amazing sex I have ever had\" I replied. What about you? \"Well\" Sue said \" I could have done with more time with Sheila\" Next time I said !