Written by Ian

13 Jun 2011

For the last 6 years, Zoe and me have taken our holidays in the south of France, either staying at naturist resorts or close to nude beaches at Serignan or St Pierre sur mer. Both good long beaches backed by salt flats, very flat so not much cover for privacy, but there are some spots, though having said that we've never seen anyone fucking. Out of high season the beaches are quiet, there may be clusters of people then no one within hundreds of yards. I've tried to persuade Zoe to go to Agde but she's always refused having read about some of the things that go on. I told her that it only happened in the clubs or on the beach away from the resort and that you'd have to look for it if you wanted to see people having sex in public. “Exactly” she said. “You would want to go and look and I'd come with you. One thing would lead to another.” The gist of her argument was that I'd try and persuade her to join in (as if) and that whilst she liked having sex in the open air wasn't so sure about being watched doing it, might get carried away so the answer was “No” That was her objection, if she saw others fucking she might not be able to resist the temptation.

So last June we returned to one of our usual areas, had spent the first two or three days working on our tans, the next day the weather wasn't great so we went to the nearby wildlife park at Sigean. By the time we returned it was a beautiful evening, stripped off had something to eat then decided to take a walk to the beach. It was practically deserted, a few people and other couples in the distance. We were paddling in the surf, no one near. We started kissing, our body's touching, the inevitable happened, my cock stiffened. She felt it pressing against her, “You naughty boy. There's a time and a place for that. Can you see anybody?” She giggled, “No one close” I told her.“Looks like this is the place and time” she said stroking my cock. I started fingering Zoe's pussy, she had a look around. The couple at the top of the beach about 150 yard away, strolling along, disappeared from view. It wasn't long before my prick was fully erect, her pussy soaking with juices. She whispered “I want you to fuck me here, in the sea” We were about 40 yards out, the sea just touching her bum, people to far away to see clearly what we were doing, but could probably guess. I lifted her up by her waist, she reached between us for my cock guiding it in to her pussy. I moved my hands to her bum, Zoe wrapping her legs around me, arms around my neck, riding my cock, floating up and down on the slight swell, as we fucked until we both came. Walking back afterwards we noticed the couple again behind us, but thought nothing of it at the time.

We spent the next day on the beach, Zoe spending most of the time laid with her legs parted, tanning her shaved pussy, she claimed, though actually enjoying the exposure. As it happens few if any people openly stare, a quick glance in passing and that's it, naturist etiquette. In the evening after eating Zoe asked if I fancied another walk down the beach, a wicked look on her face. It was getting near sunset, as quiet as the night before. We passed a couple, strolling towards the beach, who looked like the ones from the previous evening who nodded a greeting. Rather than going down the beach Zoe took my arm and we headed along the low dunes at the top of the beach, for several hundred yards until we found a dip hidden by marram grass and low bushes on the salt marsh side behind the dunes. The couple were walking along the shore line, level with us, a good distance away as we lay headed for the dip, losing sight of them.

Of course I'm writing this with the benefit of hindsight, so though I'm mentioning them, we were aware of their presence, but didn't attach any great significance to it at the time. We only discovered, when they told us later, that they had laid hidden watching and photographing us fucking the previous evening, had assumed we'd done it deliberately, and knew they were there. Hoping for a repeat performance, they'd returned at the same time, then when they saw us kept us in sight, following with the intention of making an approach, which is what they thought we'd been signalling.

The dip was quite shallow, kneeling I could see out, about 60 or 70 yards to the dunes, anyone standing on top, directly in line might see, in all the other directions I could see probably half a mile or more, across the flats and drainage channels, deserted as far as I could tell. Zoe had already dropped to her knees, sucking my prick, quickly getting me erect, wanking my cock in her mouth, her other hand between her legs fingering her pussy. As soon as I was hard she stopped sucking and asked me to lick her cunt. I lay on the ground and she crouched over my face lowering her pussy to my mouth until she felt my tongue probing her hole. She bent forward, stroking my erection, moving her hips against my tongue as I licked and sucked her juicy cunt. I could feel her fingertips, frigging her clitoris, rubbing the hard little bud in circular movements. She lent forward, licking the glans, licking the pre cum leaking from the eye before taking my prick in her mouth, gently sucking. After about five minutes we were both ready to fuck and Zoe sat up turning to take my cock in her pussy.

Holding my prick, looking down between her legs she guided my cock into her cunt and sat back, my prick sliding inside her. Suddenly she went still, and gasped “Oh!” “What's the matter?” I asked. “We have company” I twisted my head to see where she was looking. The couple were standing on the edge of the dip, the woman stroking the guys quite impressive cock, smiling down at us. They looked mid forties, about 15 years older than me and Zoe, whereas Zoe's tits are small and pert, the womans were large, but looked firm, tipped by hard dark nipples, between her legs, fleshy labia, pierced clit and a narrow landing strip of almost black pubes. The guy, was tall and slim, heavy balls, a cock which must have been at least 8 inches and shaved. They were English, “Don't stop. We watched you last night and wondered if you wanted to play” Zoe caught on quicker than me, and said it was OK with her. My cock twitched in her pussy as I agreed.

Zoe started moving on my cock, hesitantly and nervously, both of us unsure what they wanted us to do. They both stood watching and masturbating, the woman, holding her cunt open with one hand the fingers of the other, sliding in her pussy, the mans prick looked huge as he wanked. Seeing them masturbate gave us a bit more confidence and I began to move my prick in Zoe's pussy. Zoe looked at the couple, “ It's the first time we've done anything like this. Is this OK?” she asked. “That's good, very horny, lean forward a bit so we can see his cock in your pussy” the man told her. Zoe had been intently watching the man wanking, the woman had noticed, reached out took hold of his cock, moving him closer. “You can suck Bills cock if you like. Do you want to?” Zoe looked at me, I could see from her look that she wanted to and I wanted to see her do it and told her to go ahead. He was standing right next to her, his cock almost touching her face. He stroked it, offering his cock to her mouth, not pushy letting her decide if she wanted to. She was only slowly moving on my cock as with a last glance at me she turned her head, stuck her tongue out and gave it a tentative lick. The woman crouched down watching closely, her legs spread, her cunt gaping open, rubbing her clit. “Go on suck his cock” she said quietly. Zoe parted her lips and took his cock in her mouth. My prick had never felt so hard, the horny sight of Zoe taking another mans cock, sucking him off. She lifted herself off me a bit, I started moving in and out of her cunt fucking her as she sucked more of his cock into her mouth. The woman took one of my hands a placed it on her pussy. I slipped my fingers in her cunt, finger fucking her as she stroked her clit, Bill fondling one of her tits.

I could feel Zoe's fingers frigging her pussy, stopping and starting, distracted by all the other things happening, particular the cock in her mouth. It was getting to much for me and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold back for much longer, but realised that though her pussy was running with sex juices she wasn't near cumming. I couldn't stop myself, came inside her and lay still. The woman must have suspected I'd cum and asked. I told her I had. She could see Zoe still fingering her pussy as my prick slipped from her hole. She turned to Zoe, “Can Bill fuck you?” She just nodded, releasing his cock, then almost as an afterthought asked me“You don't mind do you?” It probably wouldn't have made much difference if I had because she was already off me, on all fours, presenting her cunt to Bill. A fantasy come true, I was about to see another man fuck her.

I'd given her a heavy load of spunk, mixed with her juices her cunt was already gaping open. His cock looked massive as the tip touched her tight pussy. I was certain she'd never taken anything as big in her cunt before, even her vibrators and dildos were smaller. The bulbous tip entered her, she started pushing back, taking more, biting her lip as his thick cock stretched her cunt to accommodate his girth. Slowly he eased his full length in, penetrating her cunt more deeply than any man before. “Fuck her, Bill” He didn't need telling, he was already pulling out, shafting her. Her mouth open, each time he thrust in to her she, sighed, “Ahh, Ahh. Ahh. Ahhhhh” The sun was setting the rays reflecting off his cock, shining with her juices, her wet pussy lips looking swollen around his prick as he pumped her. He held her bum, pulling her back hard as he rammed her faster, his fingers, spreading her buttocks. With each thrust, her body shook, her small tits shivered, nipples poking out erect. He moved a hand, touching his prick, smearing cunt juice on his fingers then touched her puckered anus. Dribbled some saliva on her bum, it ran between her crack as he worked a finger up her arse. Her back arched, as he pushed his finger in her arse up to the knuckle. She gave a loud gasp, “Oh my god, that’s good. Fuck me. Fuck me. I'm cumming” head thrown back she orgasmed, an animal like growl as she came. He continued fucking her, ramming his cock in her cunt, sliding a second finger in her bum, finger fucking her arse.

He'd been fucking her for about about 15 minutes, she'd cum twice more almost begging him to cum inside her. My cock was getting hard again. I couldn't take my eyes off Zoe and the cock pummelling her pussy. The woman bent and took my cock in her mouth and sucked me to full hardness. Bill grinned at me “Sarah's got a nice tight pussy fuck her if you want” Sarah had already decided I was going to fuck her whether I wanted to or not. Holding my cock she pushed me back on my elbows and mounted me, aiming my cock at her cunt and rode me. All I could see of Zoe was her face, lips parted, panting as she came, then telling Bill she could feel him cumming, “Give me you spunk, cum in me. Cum in me”. I heard him grunting as he gave her several hard thrusts shooting his sperm deep in her pussy. Sarah was grinding her cunt on me, her cunt muscles massaging my prick. She held both her tits, tweaking the hard nipples, starting to bounce up and down on my cock as I thrust in her. I managed to last longer, holding back until she'd climaxed before ejaculating in her cunt.

Walking back to the camp site we finally introduced ourselves properly, though it seemed strange after just having had sex with them. It was lucky it was almost dark and not many people about, but those we passed can't have failed to notice Zoe's soaking wet thighs, from the juices and spunk running from her cunt.

We met them for a meal the following evening. Afterwards Zoe went with Bill to their touring caravan and Sarah came with me to our mobile home. Sarah left about 3am and Zoe returned about 30 minutes later. She had a grin from ear to ear, got on the bed, bursting to tell me what she'd done. “He fucked me twice and I sucked him hard again. Guess what we did then?” “Um. A wild guess he fucked you again?” I suggested. “Yes, but in my arse. He fucked my arse. I had anal sex with him.” I asked if it hurt and she told he'd used Sarah's lube and it had been quite uncomfortable at first but once her anus had expanded and he penetrated her an inch or two, his cock had slid quite easily up her arse. “He was still arse fucking me when Sarah returned. I loved it. He came in my arse look” She spread her legs and raised her bum. Her cunt was still gaping, spunk dribbling out and when she spread her bum cheeks,her arsehole still slippery with lube, a bubble of spunk popped out of her arse. I went down on her and licked her out and managed a slow sloppy fuck before we slept.

Unfortunately the following day was their last. They were touring and moving on to meet some friends, further along the coast at Cap d' Agde. Before they left they told us all about Agde. We're of on holiday again soon. Guess where we are going this year!!!!