Written by Snowboardslut69

4 Sep 2011

Me and my husband have been together 18years and are sex life together is amazing. We got talking about our fantasy's and decided to go to a club to see what it was all about.

We booked the hotel and are tickets to the club we were both excited as it was are first time. I got a new dress and some killer heels. When we arrived at the hotel we booked our taxi for 9.15pm and we then started to get ready for are evening. The dress i had brought was a little see though so when we was walking though reception i got a few side glances. We did not know what to expect and said to each other that there was no pressure to do anything we were not comfortable doing. As the taxi pulled up out side the club we got a little nervous but as soon as we walked in to the reception the staff were so nice and made you feel at ease straight away. As we were new to the club we were given a tour of the rooms. After the tour we went into the main room and got our self's a drink and decided to have a wonder around on our own. As the night went on we found the cinema room were we sat at the back on the large black leather sofa as we sat down i was a little turned on so started to caress my husbands cock he became erect in an instant we stayed there for a little while but wanted to see the dungeons. as we were walking thought the club there was people on beds playing together as couples or as lots. after a while we went back to the cinema and sat down at the back this point we were very turned on by what was happening around us. I took his cock from his trousers and started to suck him deep and slow while playing with his balls. after 5 mins i felt another pair of hands on me this time there were soft and gentle stroking my legs and back. She came down to suck on my very erect and hard nipples it was so soft and tender. I was still holding on to my husbands cock stroking it while he bent down and sucked hard on my other nipple. As she moved down to between my legs i reached up and took her firm round breasts in my hands feeling them caressing them the soft skin the hard erect nipple between my finger tips. Her fingers were teasing my very wet pussy then pushed her finger inside and started to explore her mouth and tongue were licking around my pussy making pleasure serge though my body. As i turned my head i took another mans cock into my mouth and started to suck him deep and fast his cock was hard and new. The other people in the cinema were watching all of us playing together but i didn't care i was enjoying myself to much to care. her fingers were getting harder and faster his cock in my mouth was getting faster everyone's hands touching me caressing me the pleasure was so intense i started to moan and grind my pussy further onto her fingers pushing them deeper inside me. as her fingers were in me she then bent over and took my husband her mouth and started to suck. Just looking at him in so much pleasure was a huge turn on.with strange mouths on my breast and fingers in my wet pussy and the familiar touch of my husband my orgasm came but i had not finished. my husband swung me round to claim me as his and pushed himself inside me wanting me. I was sucking on a mans cock and my breasts were rubbed by the soft tender hands of a lady . The whole room was watching and listening to my moans and groans. My husbands thrusts got more urgent more wanting they came faster and harder and harder until i could see the pleasure and release on his face. The release from my body came in shudders