13 Jun 2016

Oh! yes, we remember them well good old glory holes.This was way back in the late 70s. My husband Bill introduced me to them probably about six months after the first time he shared me with four of his footballing mates.That story is on here under( Our first time by Plain Jane Housewife Veronica,) put it up ages ago.Bill told me about our local gloryholes in the gents toilets at our local park when he admitted to me that he was Bi. After much persuasion, I decided to go for it one dark summers night on the way home from a night out with Bill. I drunkenly told him to take me to the glory holes. So it was probably around 11 at night and Bill did say that they were probably quiet at this time of night. I was dressed in a woolen sweater and knee length skirt with heeled sandals. As we walked through the park towards the toilets I was trembling with a mixture of excitement and fear. The closer we got to them the more I trembled, Bill told me to sit on the bench outside and that he would go in and have a quick look and that if anyone came I was to just walk right in and talk to him. That settled my nerves a little.Within a minute of popping in Bill reappeared and waved me forward, I might have been a little tipsy on the way there but I was a hundred percent sober now as I got up from the bench and walked towards Bill. He told me that the four cubicles were empty as was the long urinal. He took me into the second cubicle and closed the door and locked it. The first thing I noticed was the smell stale urine with an almost overpowering smell of spunk. I looked down at the floor and there was dozens of spunk stains on the floor and on the walls.And there at waist height was a big hole probably about 8 inches in diameter. Then I noticed one on the other wall at the same height. I trembled and Bill hugged me closer. Then I saw it allover the walls on every spare inch of them drawing of men in stockings and suspenders with big cocks sticking through their panties.There was messages everywhere. Cock fun wanted, 20 year old seeks large cock for fucking. Mature male wants to suck and swallow.One interesting one was I have polaroids of my wife naked, want to meet guys to wank off to her, you get the idea a visual smorgersboard of contact details to suit all tastes. Reading the messages and short stories was really turning me on, and I could feel my pussy beginning to tingle. Bill hugged me to him and began stroking my pussy through my skirt.I took his hand and put it under my skirt and whispered to him to rub my pussy harder.As Bill was rubbing my pussy I began reading a story from a guy who was describing what it was like to share his wife with a drunk friend.I was so into the pussy rubbing and story reading that I barely heard the door to the next cubicle closing, but hear it I did and I almost had a seizure I clung onto Bill for dear life. As best I could I stood almost behind the toilet pan with Bill sitting down on it.He took his cock out and I could clearly see that he was rock solid and very excited his spunk was already leaking from his cock head. I had only see it do this once before and that was when he shared me with his mates. Bill put his fingers to his lips and as I stood to the rear I saw a finger poke round the rim of the glory hole.Bill stood up and pushed his cock through the hole after a few seconds Bill let out a low moan and gave me the thumbs up and made a motion with his hand and mouth to show me that he was being sucked off.Fuck my cunt twitched immediately and now I was trembling with excitement all fear gone just excitement, at the thought that here was I 23 years old and the man I married was getting his cock sucked in a dirty smelly public toilet and by another man at that.Christ I was sooo horny watching Bill fuck his cock into the hole in the wall.Bill was close to coming and he pulled his cock back and sat down. I prodded him on the shoulder and he looked round and up at me and I nodded my head back at the hole. Bill made to stand up but I tapped him on the shoulder and made a finger sign to him and pointed to the hole. Bill sat back down and ran his finger round the rim of the hole. A minute or two passed then I heard movement from next door and I held my breath then it happened a cock came through the hole god I nearly passed out with excitement. It was huge it had a big purple head on it and it was thick and long and to this day I remember thinking something very strange it looked old. Yes I had played with Bill and his friends but we were all around the same age.This thing looked big and mean and all gnarled with thick throbbing veins all over it.I immediately dropped my hand into my panties and stroked myself. I watched in utter amazement as my young husband grasped the big cock and began stroking the fore skin back and forth. My cunt was tingling and I was shaking all over then my husband of 3 years bent his head and started to lick the big helmet I came there and then and moaned loudly as I came. Loud enough and female enough for the guy next door to say fuck and withdraw his cock.After a minute or two I could see a graying beard at the hole and he was whispering to Bill I heard Bill reply my wife. Again I heard the guy next door say fuck. He signaled Bill to the hole and whispered to him. Bill turned to me and said flash him your panties. Now bearing in mind it was the late 70s and I was fully bushed which to this day Bill still loves,and I was wearing his favourite panties white and totally see through.Fuck I heard again so squeezing slightly past Bill I raised my skirt.Oh fuck oh fuck I heard from next door.I remember thinking fuck what am I doing I'm 23 and I'm in a public toilet showing a stranger my panties and a gray bearded one at that probably old enough to be my dad. Mind you the panties were so see through that he was basically see my pussy barring a thin wisp like gauze.God my pussy was really throbbing now. Then I heard him say show me your arse now, what did I do I turned round right away and again hoisted my skirt. Oh oh fucken lovely fucken lovely great arse great arse oh fuck. Bill had now sat right back on the toilet pan and my old admirer from next door was getting a clear unobstructed view. All pretense at whispering had gone as I heard him say wank me wank me and he pushed his huge pole through the hole and it bucked and spasmed without me even touching it. As I grasped it as best my little hand could Bill was wanking furiously. I felt the thing buck and throb in my hand I wanked him and of course stroked my pussy at the same time. Right suck me he says and again I did as I was told and squatted down and took what I could into my small mouth it was huge and leaking copious amounts of pre cum. Oh fuck Oh fuck I heard him say then we clearly heard another set of footsteps. And the door on the other side of us closed. I immediately jumped back and Bill put his finger to his lips our other neighbour had suddenly stopped saying oh fuck oh fuck.I saw a finger come through the other hole and Bill obliged and stood up and pushed his cock through again he gave me the sign that he was being sucked off. He looked at me and nodded to the hole and I squatted back down and the huge cock appeared again. Oh fuck oh fuck again to but enough for our new neighbour to stop what he was doing and peer through the hole hole oh fuck yes lovely was his reply to the sight of me squatting and trying to get this huge cock into my mouth. Bill pulled me up and lifted my skirt and pulled down my panties I stepped out of them and Bill held up my skirt as I did a twirl for my admirers at the holes. The new neighbour waved me over and Bill pushed me in his direction and I stood there at the hole legs apart and now my hairy cunt was being expertly fingered . Not to be out done the guy at the other hole pushed his whole arm through and began stroking my arse saying oh yes oh yes. I was on cloud 9 I was soo close to cuming again. Then the stroking and fingering stopped. I was left hanging and I mean hanging. I heard the doors on each side open then footsteps retreating from the cubicles.Bill tapped me on the shoulder and whispered that they had gone out to the urinals and said he would go and see if everything was alright.I sat in the cubicle and could not help myself I began stroking my pussy again. Then Bill tapped on the door and I opened it they want to see your pussy and arse he whispered. I looked past his shoulder and their they were the two men who had been giving me such pleasure moments ago. I'd like to tell you that they were tall distinguished gentlemen but that would be lying.The guy with the huge cock was about 60 years old and he had his shirt open and his trousers down around his ankles, the first thing I noticed was that all his chest hair was gray as were his pubes and that he had a bit of a belly going on. The guy from the other side was about mid 40s resonable cock and as skinny as a rake. I pulled Bill into the cubicle and said fuck what do we do, Bill calmed me down and says look they just want to see your arse and your pussy and maybe a quick flash of your tits and that's it babes. I'll keep a watch at the door and I'll still be able to see you. The two guys never spoke they just stared at me wanking their cocks. I sat there in the cubicle my head spinning but my pussy betrayed me it was leaking juice and throbbing like mad. After a couple of minutes Bill came back and tapped on the door I opened it slightly and he whispered just give them a quick flash and that will be that babes. I waited a minute or two then I opened the door. Holy fuck said the two guy together I could see Bill at the entrance and the look on his face when he glanced back was simply stunning.I had taken about five minutes to come out because with my throbbing cunt I wanted to give these two complete strangers a quick flash they would never forget.When Bill had tapped on the door I was just in the process of removing my skirt. And now here in a filthy piss and spunk smelling place there I stood Bills young wife completely naked in front of two men old enough to be my dad maybe even grandad. I don't have big tits but I do have huge nipples and they were huge right now huge and sore with excitement. Holy fuck said Bill aloud the guy with the average cock spunked out a huge load almost as soon as the door was opened. The old guy stood there praising me telling me turn round and show him my arse. During this which Bill assured me was not uncommon the guy who had just spunked zipped up said thanks and almost bolted out the door. The old guy told me to bend over and when I did he stuck his tongue right into my arse I twitched and came on the spot the orgasm ripping through me like train I was really trembling and boy was I coming.I leaned against the door frame and stroked the final spasms out of my pussy. Then I heard those familiar words oh fuck oh fuck but this time followed by I'm coming you dirty wee whore, and he came a massive load all over my thighs and bush. It was a massive load and my pussy throbbed I was feeling great I had just given two complete strangers orgasms without touching them they were turned on by me by seeing me naked in the gents stinky public toilets. The old guy took a tad longer to tidy himself up he thanked me kissed my hand and left. I was still buzzing and Bill had to tell me to get back in and get dressed. Bill peeped out saw the coast was clear and we walked out. As we were walking home Bill apologised to me because the old guy had called me a dirty wee whore. I had to be honest with Bill it was this that had sent me over the edge being called dirty names. Six weeks later Bill came back from a visit to the toilets and I said well, he said 7 guys wanked off to your polaroids. Reading that message on the wall had really got me going and although it's not everyone's cup of tea I get off knowing that complete strangers have spunked because they have seen me naked. We did visit these toilets often and other ones in the town to especially the ones down the beach but that's for another day or night I should say hope you enjoyed and god if we could find a decent glory hole today wow. Hope you all enjoyed guys would love feed back from like minded people.