Written by contentedcouple

15 May 2007

If you read the first part then you will know how erotic I found the situation we were in, there we were in hotel lounge discreetly be flashed at by my wife.

What now I asked? Not quite sure where any of this was going to lead. Well came the reply you guys have seen what I have got its only fair that you show me yours. Where do you suggest I enquired. The hotel has a swimming pool lets go to the changing rooms.

So off we headed me the wife and our new found friend the two of us with raging hard ons and the wife as wet as niagra in the spring.

No sooner were we in the changing rooms when she said no I cant do this, what Peter replied are you telling me that with the show you have put on for us tis is the first time that you have done this type of thing. Well yes we replied and with that he walked up to her lifted her skirt and began to finger her again saying if nothing else happens I will go to my room having felt the sexiest pussy in the hotel.

As he was talking she closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder. I took this as my cue and nuzzled into her back so that she was sandwiched between us and put my hands around the front to fondle her fantastic breasts.

All the time she was being fingered she was panting and moaning and I knew she was loving it. She turned to me and whispered are you ok with this at which point I simply answered oh yes and undid my trousers so she could feel my cock. I motioned the two of them forwrad and bent her over while he sat on the changing bench he undid his trousers and his erect cock was now facing her inches away from her mouth.

I lifted her skirt and pushed my cock deep into her from behind at which point she moaned and then enveloped his cock with her mouth. This was unbeleivable after all this time finally she had another cock as well as mine.

I fucked her for a while being careful not to cum as the feeling was so intense and then she said I want to have you both.

With that she straddled Peter who sank his cock straight into her, she leaned for to present her arse as I pushed towards her she said no I want both of you in my pussy.

I eased myself up alongside his shaft and was surprised how easy it was. we then started working as a team pushing in and out in opposite direction then varing speeds so that we were both thrusting at the same time.

Then all of a sudden it happened she had the most almighty orgasm known to man not surprsing I hear you say but this was the first vaginal orgasm she had ever had normally its the clit or nothing.

Not only did she cum but she carried on cumming for about 2 minutes as we fucked her she literally shook.

That was it the sweat was running down her back she was spasming uncontrollaby and there were 2 cocks in her pussy. peter let out a yelp that he was about to cum and she said no not in me and we both pulled out quick as she knelt on the floor to allow us to cum all over her face, again something that she never normally does.

there was bucket loads of the stuff I must have cum more then than at anytime of my life.

She rubbed it into her face and neck as though rubbing in face cream ( which I suppose it was at this point)

What now Peter asked nothing she replied I am going to take my husband up to our room and fuck his brains out all night, can I come too he asked no she said and you will never see us again. Bye

We went to the room up in the lift with her still covered in goo but she didnt care.

That was the first time and I hope it wont be the last