Written by Mature couple

4 Jun 2011

Apologies for the length of this, but it's genuine and there's more if anyone is interested. (Names have been changed for obvious reasons.....)

When you're both 58 and have been married for 27 years, you don't expect things to happen which are much out of the ordinary - so I just have to tell someone how it was that I watched my wife Deborah climb onto the cock of only the second man she'd ever been with in her life, only inches away from me.

Two years ago I'd already been retired for a couple of years, enjoying the odd game of golf, morning browse on the internet etc. when Deborah, my wife, was offered the chance of early retirement from her job in teaching. Over the next year we travelled, gardened, got out of bed late and rediscovered our relationship. As a result of having the time and not being stressed out permanently, our sex lives improved greatly.

One day out of the blue we got a call inviting us to visit old friends we'd not seen for nearly 20 years. They'd returned to the UK to live in Norfolk about 80 miles away, so off we went with our overnight bags.

John and Julie were old friends who we'd known for years but whose jobs had taken them overseas. Our only contact had been the annual Xmas cards with news of friends, family that sort of thing. Now like us they were retired and unencumbered by children living at home.

The first evening we all got merrily pissed and reminisced about old times. Julie dug out some photo albums of their homes and travels over the years. In the midst of one pile she picked up an album, briefly opened it then suddenly closed it saying "oops that's not for public viewing" but John grabbed it from her saying that we were all friends and adults and ignoring Julie's pleas and blushes proceeded to show us various pictures of the two of them naked.

Julie said she hoped we weren't shocked and admitted that they enjoyed naturism. Personally, I was enjoying seeing photos of Julie in the nude, both on her own and with John, but even I was a bit shocked when the next page showed her giving first John and then other men blow jobs. At this John confessed that they were also swingers and went on to say that they loved the excitement of different partners and watching each other. To be honest I didn't know whether to admit to a curious interest from websites such as this or not but Deborah spoke first and stunned me - never one to drink more than a glass of wine she was by now well on the road to being pissed and turning to Julie, said "That's exciting - how many men have you been with?" I nearly choked when Julie replied "Oh, several dozen, what about you?" Deborah admitted only me as Julie described how they enjoyed the variety, excitement of meeting others and how much they enjoyed it.

Now Deborah has always been curious, bordering on the downright nosey when it comes to other people's private lives and I could see that this salacious gossip was interesting her in more ways than one. I would never have thought though that she'd have been anything other than shocked at the next revelation as John and Julie went explained that they also enjoyed dogging - though they had to explain to Deborah what it was (too much browsing of the internet meant I was already up on that one!!). Seeing her interest and curiosity John joked that he'd happily take us to a place they knew if we were interested and though I was not about to say "No", it was a giggling Deborah who jumped in before I could say anything and said "OK why not, it sounds like fun".

So it was that shortly afterwards four very merry friends bundled into John's Range Rover, John and Deborah up front, Julie and me in the back, as we wove our way down some overgrown country lanes and tracks to a large gravelled area bordered by a couple of picnic tables and trees, in an old quarry where there were already half a dozen cars and various figures moving round in the shadows.

Turning off the engine John explained that they often came here and knew a number of regulars. Deborah giggled and asked "What happens now?" John turned to her and said "Well - we usually put on a show and see who's around - like to try?" to which Deborah giggled "You mean here now? ...you and me?" to which John replied "Yes!" and before she could decline, leant across and kissed her full on the lips - his right hand grabbing a handful of her right boob. There was a brief moment when Deborah froze before the booze relaxed her inhibitions and she responded kissing him back with equal vigour. This was the green light John was looking for and I could see him fumbling inside her bra to scoop out first one then both her boobs. Sitting in the back, heart pounding, Julie reached across to fondle my rapidly rising cock and as I looked up she mouthed "Shhhhh" to me whilst tilting her head in the direction of the front seats.

I was dimly aware of movement outside the car but it was what was going on in the front seat and Julie's attempts to extricate my cock from my pants which held my attention. John had by now managed to undo Deborah's wrap over dress exposing her bra, both of her tits were already hanging free, and was busily trying to get his fingers inside her pants. A sudden movement outside caught my eye and I looked up to see three guys peering into the car. My attention though was drawn back to events inside as Julie managed to free my cock and ducked her head over my lap to take my knob into her mouth. The sensations of pleasure and excitement were almost too much and I knew I was on the edge Looking up I could see Deborah wiggle herself lower in the seat, allowing her enough room to open her thighs a little. This gave John the access he needed and he slid his fingers inside her resulting in a little squeak and a moan from Deborah. This was too much for me and I emptied my balls straight down the delightful Julie's throat in enough quantities to make her gag a little as she tried to swallow my cum without spilling any. In my post orgasmic glow I sat and thrilled watching Deborah as she was properly finger fucked by John whilst outside the car our growing audience moved closer to watch events inside the vehicle.

Just when I thought she would cum like this, Deborah suddenly pushed John off her and clambered over the centre console to straddle him in the driver's seat. Dark, smouldering, unseeing eyes stared straight at me as I watched as she fumbled - out of my sight - I presumed placing John's cock just where she wanted it - then with a wide eyed lustful look and a deep moan she suddenly pushed down hard - forcing John's cock, unseen by me, into her squishy cunt. "Oh fuck, yes..." she moaned, which is just what she normally says when my cock bottoms out in her pussy - proof if needed that my wife of 27 years was willingly being unfaithful only inches from where I was sitting. There followed a blur of movement for several minutes just inches from my face as a moaning, perspiring and increasingly dishevelled looking Deborah bounced up and down on John's cock whilst he tried to grapple with the pair of 38DD's which were jiggling around just inches from his face. Almost in unison Deborah moaned "Oh christ, I'm cumming" just as John groaned "Yes....yes babes, me too, me too". They both froze momentarily and I knew that my old friend was pumping my wife's cunt full of his spunk.

Afterwards things calmed down a bit and to keep things here short we left the quarry and returned to John and Julie's. Everyone was very quiet, Deborah was very drunk and she was asleep almost as soon as I got her into bed.

Next morning Deborah was still asleep when I woke and went in search of coffee and breakfast. In the kitchen John and Julie fell silent as I appeared - there was a momentary awkward silence before John asked if everything was OK - "She's asleep" I said "but will have a hangover when she wakes up". "No, I meant you" said John - I looked at him and then Julie before grinning as I said "Oh yes, that was pretty horny - great fun". Julie laughed and said "We thought so too - John's been wanting to fuck Deborah for years - he certainly enjoyed himself..... your turn with me next time".

We chatted for a while before they said they were going to town as they thought it best if they weren't around when Deborah resurfaced to give us the chance to talk things over.

It was nearly 11 before Deborah stirred. I took her coffee and aspirin though her hangover didn't appear to be as bad as I'd feared. She was sheepish and quiet and it was clear that she was worried about how I felt about events the night before.

After a visit to the bathroom and more coffee we were sat on the bed when she said "Sorry about last night, I'm not sure what came over me. I hope you're not cross - are you?" In response I leant forward and kissed her hard - she responded immediately and was soon lying on her back as my fingers found a very wet, still swollen pussy dribbling the leftovers of the night before. Just as I was about to push my cock into her she smiled wickedly at me and said "You randy bugger, it turned you on didn't it?" "Too right" I replied "...and I know you want more cock, you dirty slut, don't you?", "Mmmmm you know I do" she replied.

We fucked like we hadn't done it for years and as we lay together afterwards we both agreed that we'd thoroughly enjoyed the events of the night before.

About mid afternoon John and Julie appeared laden with shopping bags. Both were a little uncertain how to react when they saw Deborah but soon relaxed when they realised that everything was fine. We all had a drink, a laugh and a joke whilst John teased Deborah about how much she appeared to enjoy the night before and that she was a natural when it came to dogging - Deborah didn't take it without giving as good as she got but it was clear that she was glowing with pride at the praise that her performance received.

Dinner over and we were all sitting in the lounge sharing a bottle of wine and watching some crap on tv when the phone rang. Julie answered it and spoke a few words before telling the caller to speak to John - he took the call and wandered off into the garden to talk in private. When he returned he looked at Deborah and said "That was one of your admirers on the phone" adding it was one of the guys from the car park the night before asking if we were going again tonight - 'especially the brunette with the big tits' - he added nodding in Deborah's direction. "Cheeky sod" she responded. "Well?" John asked looking at her then at me "do you fancy some more or have you had enough for the moment". Deborah looked at me and said "What do you think?" - "It's your call" I said with a shrug of my shoulders, secretly hoping she'd say 'Yes'. Deborah looked first at me then Julie before she said to John "OK, but if I say 'No' things have to stop - no means no - OK?" "Of course" said John - "I'll ring Mike back and tell him we'll see him there in a hour or so".

Deborah went upstairs whilst John made his call and I followed her to ask if she was OK and happy about it. She grinned and said "I think so - so long as you're OK and are nearby". As we were chatting John came in and asked if things were all set - then looking at Deborah's outfit asked if that was what she was planning on wearing - her wraparound, stockings, bra and pants - "Well, yes" she said "isn't it OK?" Just then Julie came into the room and my mouth fell open in surprise at her outfit - a wrap-over mini dress which was pretty much see-through - well enough so you could see that she wasn't wearing either bra or pants. Deborah looking at her said "Hmmm I'm a bit overdressed I think". Julie laughed and said "Come with me" and took her off into her bedroom whilst John and I went to finish the wine downstairs.

When Julie and Deborah reappeared I was amazed at the transformation in Deborah's outfit - a short sheer see through blouse - unbuttoned but tied just below her cleavage and struggling to contain her boobs in the absence of a bra. Below it she wore a pleated lilac coloured mini skirt which barely covered her bum which was also bare - "Ready?" she grinned at me winking as much to say let's go have fun.

John drove again but this time we came into the quarry at a different entrance - "Members only" he joked as he caught my glance. In the shadows I could see four cars and a van but no sign of anyone else. Follow me said John as we got out of the Range Rover. John led with a torch followed by Deborah and Julie - their bare bums visible in the moonlight. I followed them as we were led down a woodland track until it opened out into a clearing with four picnic tables - around one I could dimly make out a number of people.

At the one table were six men and a woman. The woman was seated on the table on a rug. She was naked and in her mid thirties I guessed - two of the men were sucking her nipples whilst their hands were busy between her thighs which were raised and apart. She had blonde hair and her head was thrown back, clearly enjoying the attention. One of the guys left the group when he saw us and was introduced to us as Mike. He said he was glad to see us there and kissed both Julie and Deborah and I noticed took the chance to fondle both women's exposed bums whilst complimenting Deborah on her outfit and her boobs.

Explaining that the others were busy he indicated another table and suggested we adjourn there. The table also had a rug over it and Mike invited Deborah to sit on it with her legs over the end without seats. Asking if she was OK and getting a nod in reply - Mike stepped forward and scooped both Deborah's tits out of her blouse and began to tease and roll her nipples which instantly hardened in the cool evening air. Suddenly Mike ducked his head to suck first one nipple then the other, then straightening up kissed Deborah full on the lips whilst at the same time he eased her back onto her elbows. Doing so raised Deborah's thighs and Mike parted them revealing her dark bush which he crouched in front of and began to explore with his tongue. The squeaks of delight told us all she was enjoying the attention and Mike continued doing this for a few minutes increasing the volume and frequency of the squeaks from Deborah as well as the jerk of her hips. After a short while Mike stood up and began rubbing what was already a fairly full erection - sensing my curiosity Julie pulled me one side so I could see better as Mike stroked his cock to full erection then rubbed the knob end up and down Deborah's slit three or four times. The ease with which he was able to do this made it obvious that she was very turned on and getting more squeaks and an "Ooooooooh yes.....mmmmm" from her, Mike one-handed guided his cock down until it reached the opening of Deborah's pussy and with a gentle push of his hips slid all the way into her in one easy move. "Oh fuck, yes..." she moaned as their pubes met and Mike grinned at John saying so we could all hear "Fuck me, she's hot alright".

If you've not seen your wife impaled on another man's cock, I'd thoroughly recommend it as the most mind-blowing horny thing you will ever see. For those of you who have, I'm sure you will agree it has to be the most bitter/sweet and horny experience ever. I was intrigued to see the look of pure lust on Deborah's face as Mike slid his cock almost all the way out of her before shoving it firmly all the way back up her again. He was soon into the swing of things and was giving Deborah a good hard fucking. She was moaning and grunting with each thrust of his cock and judging by the slurping, sloppy noises from her pussy she was very, very turned on. Just as Mike muttered "not long now...can't hold this back much longer" there was a squeal of "Oh, christ yes I'm cumming" from Deborah. Mike shoved his cock all the way up her and held it there, three grunts from him and a squeal of delight from Deborah told us all he'd cum deep in her pussy before they both collapsed onto the blanket.

Several others had gathered round by this stage. Though I couldn't see John, Julie was still with me and said "She's a natural isn't she, do you think she'll want more?" 'There's more?' or something like that went through my mind though if I'm honest I had no idea what the hell was going on � as I was still shaking from what I'd just witnessed. It seemed however that it was only me who was like that as one of the others moved forward and tapped Mike on the shoulder - turning his head and apparently recognising who it was Mike began to get up. Deborah murmurmed, "No, no, not yet.... don't go" just as Mike eased his cock from her pussy. I just had time to see in the moonlight her gaping slot when the second guy took Mike's place and with only a momentary glance at where he was about to put his cock moved forward and began to slide his length into Deborah. "Ooooooooh yes" she murmurmed, then more clearly "fucking hell that's big" as she wiggled her hips to take her new partners larger size. I thought this was too much for me and that I'd cum in my pants until Julie squeezed my hand and said "Follow me".

At the next table Julie positioned herself like Deborah, but so I could still see my wife getting well and truly fucked. Opening her thighs Julie said "Come on, fuck me..." I've never been spoken to like that before and looking down at Julie's shaven gaping slot was almost the final straw. Somehow I managed to hold onto to things long enough to slide my cock into her delightful tight wet pussy and bring her to one quick orgasm, before the squeals of delight from the table opposite set me off too and I emptied my balls straight up Julie's lovely cunt at the same moment as Deborah took load number two of the evening.

As with Deborah, moments after I'd shot my load into the delightful Julie, there was a tap on my shoulder and a muttered "my turn, mate". At this I slid my now shrinking, cum dribbling cock out of Julie's wet, sticky cunt to move to one side to allow another bloke the chance to slide his hard cock up her.

Returning to Deborah's table a third guy was just starting to slide his cock into my lovely wife whilst another guy knelt by her head having his knob sucked. John was there and grinned at me "Enjoy it?" he asked nodding in Julie's direction just as she squealed in orgasmic delight with her new partner. "You bet!!" I said.

We both stood and watched Deborah - guy number three was now well into his rhythm and from where I was standing Deborah seemed to be having one long orgasm or at least multiples as her partner held her thighs so he could bang his cock more firmly into her squishy cum filled slot. Just before he got into his final strokes the guy on the table muttered "Fuck, I'm there" and shot a stream of white semen over Deborah's cheek before she managed to get the end of his knob into her mouth to take the rest of his load, swallowing hard. Number three seeing this croaked "Fucking hell" and the lunge and grab from him told us that he too was sharing the contents of his balls with a now exhausted Deborah.

Afterwards, we sat and shared a couple of beers and chatted with those there. Most of the guys were regulars, married and easy to get on with. The woman too hit it off quickly with Deborah. She was a regular as was her husband but that evening she was there with another guy as her husband and her took turns to look after their family. A number congratulated Deborah, who visibly beamed in pride, and some left us phone numbers too but it was late and we all agreed that it had been a long evening so we all headed home - us with John and Julie to crash out exhausted.

Though that was the end of that weekend, as we talked on the way home we both agreed we'd stumbled across something we wanted more of, but that's for another time.

If you have similar experiences or would like to hear more of what we've been up to over the past two years, or maybe think that you've met us along the way, please get in touch and I'll write some more.