Written by Dafydd

24 Feb 2011

Our game began about ten months ago, not long after we married. Donna is twenty five, I'm a year older. We'd been together for about three years, and knew what each other liked sexually and what excited and aroused the other. At least I thought I did. Donna is 5' 2”, petite with a lovely little bum, and small 32a tits, tipped my very sensitive little pink nipples. The tightest smoothest shaved pussy I've ever fucked, but she gets really wet with a bit of foreplay which makes for a well lubricated shag. I knew she had a bit of an exhibitionist streak, thin blouses without a bra, flashing her panties that sort of thing. She likes role play sex, having her clothes pulled off and held down or restrained, tied to the bed. Pretending she is being forced to fuck, excites and arouses her most.

We hadn't been married long, two of my mates, Mark and Rob, had called around for a few beers and to watch the football. Donna was sitting on my knee, amusing herself by flashing her panties and wriggling against my prick. I put my hand up her dress inside her panties, a finger in her pussy and she clamped her thighs together, Mark and Rob could tell what we were up to but not see anything. Distracting, especially when I missed a goal. Messing about I lifted her up and put her on the floor, sitting astride holding her wrists down as she bucked under me trying to get me off. As we play-fought her dress rode up until it was bunched up to her hips, giving my mates an eyeful of her pussy, visible through her lacy panties. I didn't realise what was happening behind me until I noticed her becoming aroused, breathing quickening, her nipples poking out through the material, and felt her knees against my back very obviously parted. I released one of her wrists to push her knees and dress down, but as soon as her wrist was free she reached around my neck and pulled my head down next to her mouth. My hand had landed on her pussy, feeling her panties stretched taut over her cunt and noticeably damp, before I moved my hand to her thigh trying to close her legs. She whispered “Don't. Leave my legs open” I looked down at her and she pulled me closer, kissing me hard. My hand was still on her leg close to her pussy, she gave me a long kiss before coming up for air, her mouth by my ear again “Pull my panties down. I want to play with my pussy” I thought she might have forgotten about my mates and said “What about” she cut me off before I finished, “Do it. Pull them down. Let them see me wank my pussy” Well if that's what she wanted who am I to argue, a few beers, a hard cock and the idea of exposing my wife's cunt to my mates was a huge turn on. I got off her, she sat up, watching as I peeled her panties down her legs. She reached behind her back, unzipping the dress, undoing her bra and took them off. She lay back on the floor naked, spread her legs and touched her pussy, playing with her clit. I bent sucking her nipples, my mates leaning forward to watch, the football forgotten. After a couple of minutes she asked me to fetch a vibrator and the three of us sat and watched as she first licked and sucked it then fucked her cunt with it, pushing it in deep, pulling it out and holding the tip against her clit, vibrating on the fastest speed. She fucked herself with it for about fifteen minutes before she came. She lay there afterwards for several minutes, her cunt wet and gaping open, sex honey soaking her thighs. None of us said a word until she got up took my arm and dragged me off to the bedroom to fuck her. About an hour later I heard them letting themselves out and we fucked again we were both still so aroused.

Talking later about what we'd done she said it had been one of her fantasies to masturbate while she was being watched. “Any other fantasies you want to tell me about?” I enquired. “Yes” she replied. “Go on then tell me” I waited while she looked at me. “I want you to let other men fuck me. I want to be tied up or held down and gang banged” Although we'd only just had sex I felt my cock begin to stiffen, imagining Donna, legs spread being restrained and fucked. I asked if she had anyone in particular she fancied. “Well, there's Rob and Mark who've just left. Unfortunately” she began, followed by names of guys we knew, me suggesting possible names. It amounted to practically every bloke we knew, she wanted them all, the slut. We both had a laugh at the idea of sending them all a text along the lines of an invite to come and fuck her and take part in a gang bang. Eventually we decided that when an opportunity came along she would fuck them, in ones and twos and then invite some or all of them to gang bang her. She'd given all this some thought and had an outline of a plan of how, when and where she wanted it to happen. Over the next nine or ten weeks she was fucked, with me watching and participating by close to twenty our male friends, sometimes me and one other sometimes two. Early in June she said she wanted to put her plan into action and asked me to arrange it and get as many of the lads as I could to come along and fuck her.

We'd been out several weekends looking for suitable sites, finding one where we could park, miles from anywhere, off a quiet country lane, a check of google map showed no houses or farms anywhere near, secluded and remote woods, ideal for our purpose and her fantasy. Donna dressed in cheap slutty clothes, bra and panties, short skirt and blouse, I took some spare clothes for her to wear afterwards. She went on ahead, nine of us followed about 5 minutes later in two separate cars. It was a warm sunny day. We had walked the route she was to take along paths through the woods. All she knew was that she would be “attacked” somewhere along the path. It had been decided that Rob and Mark would “abduct” her and drag her to clearing deeper in the woods. Six went to the clearing while Rob, Mark and I hid waiting for her to pass. As soon as she'd passed, wiggling her arse provocatively, they stepped out, grabbing her and after a struggle blindfolded her. Her blouse had come open and one bra strap broken a perky little tit uncovered, nipple erect. Donna had really got in to it, resisting, digging her heels in, trying to pull her arms free as they dragged and pulled her to her “fate”. She came close to kicking Mark in the bollocks, as she tried to break free. Finally she was pushed into the clearing, surrounded by all nine of us.

She tripped and fell, someone bent, grabbed the front of the blouse ripping it open. then took hold of her exposed nipple, pinching it hard lifting her to her feet. Her arms were held and the blouse torn from her back, the other bra strap snapped, the back pulled until the metal hooks bent and the destroyed bra fell to the floor. Her tits were being mauled and squeezed, nipples sucked and pulled, poking out hard and erect. She was swearing at us telling us she was a sweet young virgin who'd never been fucked “You'll have to force me if you want to fuck me” she spat. One lad told her “You're just a cocksucking cumslut look at your cunt shaved and smooth, you're a cock loving whore, a slut who wants fucking” Just what she wanted to be told, she was lapping it up. Her panties had been pulled down to her knees, skirt torn. One more good hard tug and the skirt ripped in half from hem to waist, her panties soon followed the elastic snapped and discarded. She was completely naked and forced to bend over, legs spread, her pussy and arse hole fingered and examined, fingers probing her cunt, pushed in her arse. Donna struggled, not to escape, put trying to take fingers deeper in her holes, her breaths coming in gasps. “Go on then. One of you fuck me or can't you get it up” she taunted. Three of the lads had already stripped and were stroking their erections in preparation to fucking her. Four of us took an arm or leg each, held her still while a ring gag she'd bought was secured, holding her mouth open. Still bent over she was entered from behind and fucked, a cock pushed through the ring into her mouth face fucking her until she took a load of spunk in her cunt, quickly followed by a mouthful. We pulled her to the ground and held her spread eagled. Her chest heaving, tits rising and failing her nipples poking out hard. Between her splayed legs her smooth cunt was glistening with sex juices, cum running from her pussy, trickling down the side of her face, perspiration shining on her body.

Someone was already between her thighs, got on top of her and slid his cock into her cunt fucking her hard. Her pretend struggles stopped and she was lifting her bum to met his thrusts and within a couple of minutes she'd cum. She lay moving in time with the cock pumping her pussy until he spunked inside her cunt. She turned over, ready to be taken from behind, and was quickly penetrated taking a long thin prick deep in her pussy. She reached out for a cock, one was pushed in her mouth fucking her face again. A cock in both ends soon pumping more spunk into her body. The blindfold had fallen off but the game had been forgotten, she wanted cock and lots of it. She was fucked in all positions, her on top, cock in mouth and cunt. She was laid back on top of one lad, giving us all a great view of her cunt being filled with cock, I removed the gag and she demanded to be DP'd, telling Mark to get his cock in her next to the other guys. Her cunt is usually so tight I didn't think she'd be able to take him too. Her cunt was so wet and slippery he slowly pushed his cock up her, inch by inch until she'd taken them both and between them they fucked her to the most intense, not to mention vocal orgasm I'd ever seen her have. She took both their spunk deposits demanding to be fucked again. I hadn't had a turn and had been laid next to her watching. She rolled on top of me and I sunk my cock into her spunk filled pussy, enjoying a sloppy slippery fuck while she sucked on another cock swallowing another mouthful of sperm. I think they'd all fucked her and several of them were stiff again already. A cock was pushed in next to mine, but only for 5 or 6 strokes getting it well lubricated before being pulled out. Donna was pushed down on top of me then I felt her stiffen as he pressed his cock against her arse hole. I felt fingers being lubricated in her cunt, then a moan as her arse was spread and her bum hole pulled open. She moaned and gasped loudly as he fed his cock up her arse. I could feel him pushing his cock in a bit then pull out, spreading more cunt lube from his fingers onto his prick. He broke through the resistance and pushed his cock right up her arse and started to fuck her. His cock was moving just the other side of her cunt wall as we both fucked her furiously until she had another powerful climax. We carried on shafting her, she kept still between us as her climax subsided and we both emptied our balls inside her body.

We must have fucked her two or three times each over about a two or three hour period, she took it in the arse four times. One lad even managed to cunt fuck her twice, arse fuck her once and be sucked off by her before she'd had enough and I don't think any of us could have managed much more. Those of us who were still hard finished by standing over her and wanking, shooting our last drops of spunk on her. Donna was covered in spunk, on her face in her hair, on her body, hanging from her tits much of it had been in her cunt and was now pouring from her hole, dangling in white strings, dripping to the ground or running down her legs. She bent to pick up her ripped blouse and farted, a big glob and bubbles of spunk pouring out of her arse hole. She wiped herself with the blouse before dressing in the spare clothes I'd brought.

We did it twice more over the summer, but obviously it was a game that needed decent weather. Once the summer had passed she devised another game where she is tied naked and blindfolded on the bed and I invite my mates around and she has no idea who has fucked her. We are starting to plan for outdoors for this summer and I have a added surprise, but she'll have to wait to see what it is and who fucks her out of the many who she's had sex with in the last few months.