Written by Lucky Ben

22 Jan 2016

My wife and I have been married 15 years and are both in our 40’s. My wife has always had a bi side but has kept it pretty much in the background until 2 years ago.

She chanced to meet this much younger girl, then 24 who had had a very disastrous relationship with a very dominating man. He left her with a small child and very little else.

My wife befriended her and she stayed over a few times. You can imagine that she was fairly scared of men and warmed to my wife. I think it was the third night she was there and I was out that they had sex. My wife told me about it when I got home later. It was not a surprise to me.

This girl is an absolute honey. Great all natural figure.

My wife is no slouch either. She is really fit and always turns the eyes of men she comes in contact with. She has had sex with 2 other men since we have been married but that’s another story.

When my wife told me that they had been intimate she also said to be patient as she is very fragile but she likes you. Just let her find her feet.

Find her feet she did when 2 weeks later when I was just finishing a business conference call, my wife and the girl came into my home office both naked and proceeded to rub their hands all over my body and tear at my clothes.

My wife had dared her to come with her and do it.

We tumbled into our bedroom and I would like to say I made love to both of them but truthfully the three of us just were all over one another’s bodies.

I licked and fingered both women and slide my cock into my wife. I didn’t know how far I could go with her friend. I rode my wife to orgasm fairly quickly which is normal and I then whispered in her eye asking if I could do the same to our friend. My wife answered. Don’t ask me, ask her. I did and just got a nod of her head as I had 2 fingers buried in her pussy at the time.

I pulled out of my wife and straddled our guest and pushed into her.

She gave me a good ride and I soon brought her off. This was good for me so I started to slam into her and just as I started to cum she started to shake and cry out. She came big time.

I collapsed on the bed beside them and just closed my eyes waiting for my body to get strength back. I then felt my wife and her friend move on the bed and get together. They whispered and I could hear kissing.

I opened my eyes and rolled on my side and was treated to some very sensual love making between these 2 ladies. My wife even licked her friends pussy which was full of my cum. That happens regularly now and both do it.

From then on our friend stayed and we call her “our Girlfriend”.

There is no jealously from any of us. We get on and really love each other.

We do just about everything 2 girls and a guy can do. We try the lot. And yes, the girls will wear a strap on dick and fuck each other. They do that for me because it’s more a guys fantasy than a girls. I have let them fuck my ass just to see what it was like. Not something I would hang out for again.

If either my wife or I (and sometimes I do) want time alone with just the 2 of us then we just say so and our girlfriend goes to another room. We always make it up to her later but my wife and I as very much in love and need our own time.

A favourite of mine is when the 2 girls suck and play with my dick. They do it before we get into more serious things. This happens quite often and they are both expert at it. They can bring me to the edge and just back off at the right time and keep it up for a long time.

Our girlfriend has been with us for 2 years and she is not going anywhere.