Written by love me wife

4 Sep 2019

As I told you in part 1 , the wife,s ex had been to our hotel room and given my wife a good seeing too whilst I was watching from the balcony it was the first time that I was aloud to watch her getting fucked she had been getting fucked many times before but not with me watching , it was a dream come true . any way back to business , he had asked her if she would meet him on wensday as he was going to meet a business man who he wanted to do some work with it was a buyer from a hotel change .she ask me if I minded of coarse I said that it was ok as long as she kept me imformed of what was happening ,we both knew what was going to happen , he told her that he would pick her up from the hotel at 6 , she was ready I was watching her get ready helping her take a shower drying her off watching do her make up she choose to wear a multi coloured tube dress with no under wear just high heels I had my cock out wanking just looking at her knowing she was going to get fucked and that she was going to be a sexy tramp tonight .

At 5.30 we went down to the bar for a drink she had a double J D with ice at five to six I left her and sat in the corner and waited for her friend to arive he was late he kissed her on the cheeck and they left she gave my a wink as she left , I watched as he opened the car door for her as she sat in the car and pulled her legs in he saw that she had no under wear on ,as I found out later when she was telling me the full story when she came back the next day at 2 in the afternoon , back to what was going on this is all true as my sexy wife told me , as they drove to the meeting he had is hands on her leg straight up to her cunt and started fingering her then put his fingers in his mouth to taste saying it was nice she was rubbing his cock through his jeans he told to stop as they had to look respectable when they met the director ,they park up in the car park he opened the door as she got out he was privy to another look at her naked shaved cunt they kissed deeply then walked in to the hotel at reception he ask for the director as they had an appiontment with him they were shown into his office he greeted them both ,and compilment my wife as a beautiful young lady he was smart about 60 , 5ft 8in not slim not fat they all sat down.

Drinks were then passed round the two men were drinking vodka and the wife was on J D they also had nibbles to eat as the custom , my wife could see them both looking at her so she crossed her legs slowly giving both a veiw of the goods , the director stood up and walk over to my wife and stood behind her then put his hands inside her dress and started to play with her tits from behind , the boyfriend just sat there watching telling him that she was ready and very sexy he help her get up to her feet and she took of the dress ,then started to take his cock out it wasnt as big as her boyfriends but thick she put it in her mouth within a few sucks he had come she took it all and licked him clean he put his cock away and told her to put her dress back on as the were going for a meal in the hotel ,they had some more drinks she was getting quite pissed by now and as they went to the resterant she asked if he had a room for the night the director said of coarse as he was going to fuck her all night she laught he said oh yes i am they had a light meal and watched the dancers all the time as they were sat in the booth she one man each side of her taking it in turns to finger her rubbing her clit she came twice trying not to show she was coming to the rest of the room both men were licking there fingers ,many compliments of how she had sucked his cock the boyfriend said wait till you fuck her ,she said she had to text me to say that she was ok and wouldnt be home till thursday some time and not to wait up by now my cock was saw and my balls dry.

At 1 in the morning she was pissed as were the men, they made there way to the lift in the lift her tits were out both men sucking her nipples she was rubbing there cocks, they made her walk down to the room with her tits out but there wasnt any one else around to see when they got in the room the men were soon naked and going to the bathroom for a piss and to wash there cocks as she went after them and washed herself after a piss as she always does the men were sat on the bed there cocks hard she went straight to the director and started sucking his cock as she was wanking her boyfriend the director stopped her sucking and pushed her on the bed pulling her leg open buired his head into her wet cunt licking her till she squearmed coming very loud , her boyfriend pushed his cock in her mouth the director pushed his cock into her wet juicy cunt and started to fuck her very very hard he was fucking her for what seem like 20 minutes her boy friend had come in her mouth and the director was still fucking her for all his worth she came another twice before he emptied his sack into her , he climbed of and the boyfriend took over his cock slipped striaght in , the director put his cock in her face and she began to suck it hard again he told her that he said that he was going to fuck her all night now did she belive him she nodded ,the boyfriend then came inside of her ,by now she had been fucked she went to the bath room to wash up followed by the men as she lay on the bed the director lay next to her and told her that his wife couldnt take his lust but because of STD ,s he never went with any other women but he had been talking to her boyfriend they both knew she was clean ,he then pulled her on top of him and made her fuck him by now the boyfriend was hard to he came up and started to finger her arse then pushed his cock up she was been fuck both holes it was painful but she liked it she soon came another twice her boyfriend shot up her arse the director rolled them both over so she was on her back again it must have another 20 mins of fucking before he came again he pulled out she washed again she came out the bathroom both men were asleep she text me saying she had had a great time and it wasnt over yet.

She lay on the bed in between the two of them it was about 5 now she fell asleep and was woken at ten by the director with his fingers in her cunt then putting his cock in her mouth she said it tasted beter than the taste that was already there he came again but her cunt was so saw she didnt come the boyfriend woke up his cock was hard and he pushed it striaght into her he fucked her for five minute before shooting , the director pulled her up they went into the shower he washed her and she him then he pushed to her knees and pushed his cock in her mouth telling her to suck the fucker or does she want it up her again she took it out and no I want both you to come in my mouth then I want you to fuck me again but harder then before he soon came in her mouth they dryed each other the boyfriend took a shower and then left the roo and the two of them to it the dircector soon had her on her back and was fucking her very hard he then turned her over and started to fuck her doggy style pulling her hair she came he had been fucking her 25 mins by now before he came no spunk just water she had fucked him dry .they lay there he asked her to give him one last blow job before he had to leave she did ,he had another shower dressed and left he gave her his card and asked her to ring him .she was getting dressed when her boyfriend came back into the room ,he pulled her to him and kissed her deeply aksing her if she was all right she told him that it was the best sex she had ever had and that the director was hell of a lover ,he asked her how long were we staying in Moscow why she asked because the director had wanted to see her again ,she told that we were going back to the UK next week ,oh was his reply could they work something out , we will see my wife said do you want to fuck me again she asked no was the reply but you can suck this fucker pulling his cock out and when we are in the car going back to the hotel I want me and the world to see your cunt I want your dress up around your waist ok she said .they finished the blow job had somthing to eat and a coffee she then got in the car pulling her dress up showing her red puffy by now cunt for the world to see

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