Written by Dave

8 Dec 2014

My girlfriend Lynne and I had been out for a drink and I needed to answer the call of nature so I pulled into a lay by where there were a few other cars. I suggested Lynne lock herself in and went behind the last car in the row to relieve myself. Wandering back to the car I noticed that there were single guys in the cars and thought I had stumbled on a gay meeting place. I tapped on the car window and Lynne popped the lock to let me in. She said that a couple of guys had wandered past the car and looked in. As we sat there another guy wandered past quite slowly on her side of the car looking in and rubbing his cock through his jeans. I realised that this was a doggers meeting spot and said so. She was curious about what a dogger was and so I explained. Of course she asked how I knew and I had to tell her that I used to go dogging.I said that the girl would show leg or breast to encourage the watcher to show her what he had. She seemed quite interested or at least curious so I asked her if she would like to try it.

She replied that she would want to pick the guy if he was going to touch her. I agreed and asked her if any of the guys had appealed to her. One had she said and described him as young looking and in a car in front of us. I started the engine and drove to park in front of his car leaving the engine idling and the lights off. In the mirror I saw him open his door and walk to the pavement. I switched off. Slowly he walked up the road ahead of us and began to return. I leaned over to push Lynne's skirt higher to show her stocking tops and popped a coupe of buttons on her blouse. He stood and watched as I opened her blouse revealing her firm breasts held back by her white lace bra.

He opened his zip and pulled out his hardening cock which looked to be a decent size.

I asked her if she would like us to go to a quieter spot with him and she excitedly agreed saying she would like to feel his in her hand.

I started the engine and he moved back to his car getting in quickly. I tapped on the brakes to make the brake light flash and heard him start up. Slowly I pulled out of the line with him behind us. A little way up the road I flashed one indicator then the other to convey that I didn't know where to go. He pulled around us and drove at a reasonable speed to take the next left. He adjusted his speed so that he was easy to keep up with before making c few turns to park near a ford of a stream. I parked beside him . He got out of his car and came over to us looking in at Lynne who by now had her blouse fully open and her skirt high. He opened his zip again to show her his erect member. It was bigger than mine both in length and in girth.

I asked her if she wanted to open the window and let him feel as she felt his. She nodded nervously and I wound down the window before getting her to lean forward so I could unclip her bra. I eased her bra up to show her breasts full and firm with erect brown nipples.

His hand moved onto the window cill of the car and then tentatively onto her left breast making her gasp. I watched as his fingers teased and pinched her breast then I took her left hand in mine and guided it to his erection. Her slim fingers closed around him and began to move back and forth. As she grew bolder she explored deeper inside his pants feeling his balls. He unclipped the waistband and belt of his jeans allowing her much easier access. I could see her fingers pushing his thick meaty foreskin back and forth and then cupping his large balls. I saw his hand move downonto her leg and up to her thigh feeling the flesh above her stockings.

He reached in with both hands and started to hook his thumbs into her waistband pulling her panties down.

Lynne raised her bum from the seat to allow free passage of her tiny white panties to her knees and then her ankles. She kicked them to free one leg. His hand was back in to expose her shaven pussy. He rubbed and explored and then leaned into the car putting his head between her thighs and using his tongue. He pulled back and put his hand on the door handle and looked at me. I nodded and he opened the door. I switched off the interior light He stood with his raging hard inches from her face and then she grabbed it with both hands and guided it to her mouth. I saw her lips open and close around its girth as her head moved back and forth. She kept this going for a little while as he was fingering her and feeling her boobs.

He dropped to his knees and his head was back between her thighs licking and questing at her clitty.

Lynne moaned softly as he pleasured her and then her response became more frantic as she approached climax. She came in a loud body shaking climax as he worked her with fingers and tongue.

Her climax subsided and she pulled his cock into the car sucking him again. Her strokes were measured and I knew she would bring him off. He moaned and she took her mouth from his tip and furiously wanked him until he shot his heavy load onto her breasts.

They both stood still and I passed tissues from a box on the back seat for them to clean up.

He told us that he was often there on a weekend about 11 if we would like another meeting.

Lynne seemed quite keen. And so we exchanged names and phone numbers and he drove off into the night. Lynne was still very horny and so we enjoyed ourselves with me filling her pussy before we headed for home.

She told me that she would have really liked to have gone all the way with him but as we hadn't discussed it she hadn't. We agreed that she could next time if we met him.

That was our first experience of dogging together and it certainly wasn't the last. More of those when there is time.