Written by horrified husband

23 Sep 2014

My wife and I have always had a healthy sex life even swapping now and again with our friends. Although we are not members of SH yet we do like to read your stories and have considered joining and meeting new people. My wife doesn't know I'm writing this so I will give her the name Nicola for this posting. I'm writing this becouse I need to get something off my chest which is making me feel pathetic> We live in a flat, our landlord who lives upstairs is a pig of a guy, he's an overweight bully who usually gets what he want's. Nicola lost her job a couple of months ago and we fell behind with the rent, fat boy which is what we call our landlord made a big deal of it and ignored our rights and basicly threatened to throw us out. He has always had a thing about Nicola who at 5'5" ish is a lot smaller than him, she's slim and has a lovely figure and is so pretty I know I'm lucky to have her. One evening my wife was out and He started hammering on the door demanding his rent. I explained that we where trying to sort things out with over time and Nicola getting a new job soon but He wasn't having any of it. Then He suggested something that made me want to throw up, He actually made a list that said He would delay throwing us out for a couple of days if I allowed him to suck Nicola's tits when He wanted, Would delay things for a week if She would toss him off and would delay things for a month if He could fuck Her. I thought He was joking but He was deadly serious. I hoped He would give me the list so I could complain to someone but He isn't that stupid. I thought about where we could go to live and by the time Nicola came home she could see I was in a state. I explained what He had said and that He had given us until the next day to come up with an answer and like me She was horrified. That evening we talked and to my surprise she agreed to let him suck her, mainly becouse we had little choice. Later He was hammering on the door wanting our answer, we explained our decision and that we needed a few more days. Nicola opened her blouse and I went into the next room watching him through a crack in the door as He suck my wife's breasts. The next evening another knock this time we admitted we where going to fall further behind. Nicola asked me to go into the bedroom and stay there whilst She talked to him. I went into the other room again whilst they talked but this time after a few minutes I could hear a groan, I opened the door and my beautiful wife was naked on the table, his head between her legs licking her pussy, I was horrified as he made His way up her body to her breasts whilst at the same time undoing His trousers revealing s thick but stumpy prick. Nicola looked over at me and motioned for me to go away. I couldn't, I watched as His cock slipped into Her but if that wasn't bad enough She pulled his T shirt off him and then lay back as this horrible over weight thug of a man fucked my pretty petite wife, Her eyes rolled and She groaned not in disgust but She was actually cumming. I had to watch as He pulled onto the floor and lay on top of her His sweaty body all over her, now all I could see was my wife's legs wrapped around him (as much as she could) and his arse moving up and down as He hammered her. At least it wasnt' long before He shot his load and stopped. He rolled off Her revealing His limp stubby dick. I wanted to beat the shit out of Him but my wife lay there touching herself groaning 'Oh fucking hell'.