Written by pathetic husband

15 Oct 2014

Thanks for you comments over the last 5 parts of my true stories about my wife and our landlord. In order for this to make sense you will need to read the other parts of the story. I'm sorry I've been away for a while but a lot has happened since I last wrote. I have to admit that like a lot of horrible things if it happens a lot ( and she has fucked him a lot) you get used to it. If you haven't been following my stories then the basics are that my beautiful, sexy, slim and petite wife has been fucking our fat slob of a landlord who is a bully and a control freak supposedly, initially to stop us being evicted but it turned into something else.

She finally admitted that although the agreement was for her to fuck him twice a week she has been letting him into her every day whilst I have been in work. But I have an admission to make, although thinking if them together has driven me mad I have found myself having a wank thinking about it on more than one occasion, sometimes on my own and sometimes discreetly watching them. Last week the whole thing changed, my wife and I had a long chat and she admitted she wrong but also that she couldn't stop, she admits that he disgusts her but apparently she has the strongest orgasms thanks to him she almost passes out! And I have seen for myself that the amount of cum he can shoot into and over her is obscene, when he comes in her mouth she chokes. Then finally she came out with it, her and that bastard want me to watch and 'get involved'. I was disgusted but found myself getting hard.

Friday last I cam home later than usual, my wife was supposed to making tea but I open to our bedroom and there she is, her arms tied to the bed post and his fat repulsive body kneeling over her. All I can see is his arse moving back and forward and he is literary fucking my wife's face. Both of them where making so much noise the neighbours must have heard, him grunting and swearing, ordering her to 'eat my cock you fucking bitch' and other crap like that and my beautiful wife's moans of ecstasy. I sat by the door watching and listening, They're fucking can last for over an hour with them cuming again and again which is why I don't do it for her any more. By now he's on top of her his cock in my wife's pussy and Finally she notices I'm there.

I get up to move away but she calls to me 'be a fucking man and get involved'. He looks over and laughs whilst still fucking. I took my clothes off and stood there naked, cock in hand watching him first in top then doggy fucking listening to them groan as he is shooting his massive amounts of cum into her then finally in her mouth and over her beautiful petite breasts with her hard nipples and flat stomach. He rolled away like a slug and left her soaking wet from face to pussy.

By now I'm stood next to the bed, she grabs my arm and pulls me down and tells me ' be a fucking man and take what's yours'. He slopes off but not before actually giving me permission to fuck my own wife. Before I knew what I was doing I was on top of her, the smell of sweat and his cum was awful.

She kissed me, sticking her tongue in my mouth but all I could taste was cum. It was all so erotic, I sucked her hard nipples which tasted of cum, I went to lick her pussy but that was too much, his cum was oozing out of her and finally I just fucked her, she hair and body was so wet and sticky she looked a mess but as usual I managed about 5 minutes before I came.

Anyway Sunday she admitted that she was hooked and and pregnant and it could be one of four of us becouse worst of all she doesn't only fuck him but his mates as well telling me ( as though I needed to know) of how exciting it was having one in her mouth, one up her ars whilst riding the other. I've moved out now so who knows what's next.