Written by Contented

25 Mar 2017

We are a happy mid thirties couple that like to lead a more than exciting sex life by normal standards. We have lots of sex ourselves and as a bonus my wife shares herself with other men. She is not that keen on permanent partners as she only likes the physical side and not the emotional. That suits me and we love the variety.

Before anyone wonders, I don’t have a small dick. It actually measures 7 and a half inches. Sometimes she fucks someone bigger but often she fucks smaller dicks. Bigger ones don’t come along that often, but I can tell when she fucked someone with a bigger cock. I admit it’s a turn on for me and it makes me cum so hard.

Sloppys are much hotter when the evidence is indisputable. When she has fucked another man, and bonus, he has a bigger cock than me, I know she has struck gold.

If she is out, away from home, my wife knows that after she’s had her fun then there is no clean up. She just puts her clothes on and comes home. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve eaten her through her panties. Sometimes they are soaked with cum. It’s a combination of both his and hers. It’s hot.

Sometimes she doesn’t cum with her latest lucky hook up (she probably won’t see him again either). So she is frustrated and needs me to give her what she needs. I get her off with my mouth as soon as she gets home or he is gone. This is when I like to gaze at her pussy and smell my freshly fucked woman for a minute or two before I get to it.

Actually on the other hand, sometimes she is too worn out to cum, but I still like to try. She will never deny me. I have been waiting and this is what we both want. Of course after our mouth watering interlude I push my cock into her and reclaim her.

Nothing says, “I approve 110% of what you just did with another man.” than licking their combined fluids out of her swollen, sticky, unfaithful pussy the very second she struts through the door. Nothing and I mean nothing.

Every time I ease my not so small dick into my wife’s pussy I can’t help but think of all the other guys that she’s allowed to do the same since we’ve been married.

Neither of us likes doing it together with another male. So she is either out or I give them some space at home and join her only later. A very memorable episode recently was when she was upstairs with her latest cock. I was downstairs listening and just about lost it when I heard my wife gasp, “Oh yeah! You can cum in my pussy!” Then the creaking of the bed springs and the slapping of flesh increased for ten seconds before he announced that he was cumming. My cock twitched dangerously even though I was no longer stroking it. I somehow managed not to cum and as soon as he left, I was on my way upstairs to reclaim my slutty wife.

There have also been a couple of times where she went to their places or they got a hotel room and we talked later after she came home and I was having my fun with her. We actually realized that at the same time that I was spurting my cum into a Kleenex at home, he was shooting his inside of her pussy.

Our son plays football and once we were watching the kids at a match. My wife started to smile and laugh. I said like “What?” She turns to me and whispers, “It’s nothing. It’s just that one of the coaches knows what your wife looks like naked.” I felt my guts twist. She saw my reaction and then added, “He also knows how my pussy looks with his cock in it.”

She has a tattoo that she hides under her wedding ring. It symbolises that underneath our traditional facade of marriage she is a full on slut, ready to please. She sometimes takes the ring off while pleases others so they can look at it while she grips their cock. She has sent me some photos like this when she is with them. But most of the time she just changes to a smaller ring so that they can just barely see what it says underneath. Then it’s our little joke.

My wife and I recently discussed her competitiveness with other women and the fact that she prefers it when guys choose her over their wives or girlfriends. I like it because if they have a long-term girlfriend or wife then my wife is more likely to let them shoot off inside of her pussy. That’s the way we like to play.