Written by raysown

9 Dec 2009

A few years ago my wife got friendly with a young guy and over a few months they started getting very friendly. My wife, lets call her Jackie as she would not like me to use her real name told me of how this young man felt very attracted to her and whether I would mind him coming over sometimes. I said I would not mind so long as she kept me informed Liam, her friend, came around a number of times and I got to know him really well. He was about half Jackies age but he seemed a real nice guy and we got on well together. Well, Jackie and I had been away for a holiday together and a week or so went by following our return and we got back into normal life with work, meals, pubs etc. I was back at work and Jackie was back to her usual routine as well. Weekends came and went and life was good.

Then on one Friday, Liam, Jackies friend, called her out of the blue at about 11.00am. I was at work so Jackie answered and Liam said that he had some novels for us and could he pop round to deliver them? Jackie said Yes that’s fine, come for lunch and I’ll make you a sandwich. Liam said that he would be over at 12.00 for lunch if that was ok.

At 12.00 Liam arrived and Jackie said that she’d put the kettle on. They chatted as Jackie made the sandwiches and Jackie mentioned a black dress that she had bought a few weeks earlier that she was saving for a dinner dance. Liam said ‘Well let’s see it on then!’ and Jackie popped upstairs to find it. Jackie undressed and slipped on the dress which was tight and showed her curves. She checked herself in the mirror and found a pair of black heels, flicked her hair into place and went back to the kitchen. “What do you think then?” she said to Liam, who clearly found the dress very sensuous! He’d always had a soft spot for Jackie, as I mentioned. ‘That looks great!’ he said, “but I prefer you in boots rather than those heels!’ “Let me see you in boots with the dress.” Jackie went upstairs and found a pair of black leather calf length boots which flattered her calf’s and came tight to the knee with a detail top that looked as though they were thigh length boots with the top turned over. The boots fitted snugly to her shins and calf’s and the heels were sufficiently high that they set off the dress to perfection. Jackie came back downstairs and showed Liam the full outfit. Liam smiled and looked at Jackie. Her cleavage was very prominent and he could see that she had no bra on as it would not be suited to this type of dress. Liam asked Jackie to turn fully round and watched her as she turned away from him. He could see that she wore a very small thong with the ‘V’ to the top of her bottom as the dress was so tight. Jackie turned back to Liam and it was then that he noticed her errect nipples, but said nothing. He just smiled and said that she looked fantastic.

Liam also asked for some ketchup for his sandwich. Jackie said “It’s under the stair cupboard can you get it? ‘No’ he said you get it for me. So Jackie rolled her eyes and said ‘alright’ and went to the small cupboard under the stairs. She knelt down, opened the door and wriggled into the small space to turn on the light. Kneeling on all fours she found the light switch and turned it on. Liam at this time had a wonderful view of Jackie’s bum, tight dress, boots and head and shoulders hidden in the cupboard. He went to Jackie and took hold of the skirt section of the dress and slid it fully up exposing her thong and bottom in one movement.

Without hesitation he pulled down the thong and slid his fingers between her legs and fingered her pussy. His middle finger finding her opening and easing itself inside. Jackie had blushed in the cupboard, taken by surprise, but accepted the exposure and hand between her legs. She let Liam finger her for a short while before he withdrew his hand, pulled up her thong and returned her dress to near enough its original position.

Jackie came out of the cupboard with the ketchup and closed the door turning off the light. She was still red with embarrassment, put the bottle down and said “you haven’t done that for a long time!’ She was clearly a bit embarrassed, but when Liam pulled her to him she brought her arms around his neck and allowed herself to be French kissed by him. Liam’s hands went to her tits and felt the firm nipples. “Do you like them?” Jackie said. Liam just grinned, knowing that he had a nipple ring which Jackie had often told him she liked and which he had tried to get her to have too.

Still fondling her tits, Liam said, “Did you like it?” Jackie added “It was very nice! Thank you. As I said it’s been ages since you did that!”

Liam said “It’s been ages since you’ve done this too!” At the same time he removed her arms from his neck and gently eased her down into a kneeling position in front of him. Jackie allowed herself to be positioned facing his waist.

Liam then undid his belt and took it off, but then his phone rang! Jackie’s face was close to his cock and she could see his erection-bulge and feel the heat emenating from his jeans. Liam was talking on the phone and Jackie undid the fastening and un-zipped the jeans. She carefully eased his cock over the top of the elastic of his boxers feeling the shaft grow as she held it between her fingers. The cock was pointing upwards and she carefully pulled his waistband further down allowing the cock head to pop fully over the waist band and then pulled the boxers down revealing his manhood and balls together.

Still talking on the phone, Liam’s right hand went around Jackie’s head and pulled her towards his cock. She placed one hand on his shaft and squeezed his balls with the other. Jackie opened her mouth instinctively and let Liam enter his cock in her mouth. The blow job was both given and received lovingly with soft sucking sounds being made!

Liam had received many blow jobs from Jackie over an extended period, but not for a long time. He had also fucked her on many occasions, all with my full knowledge and acceptance. This had been done originally using condoms, then as time progressed and they both wanted more to a point where I had agreed that Jackie should go on the pill so that he could fuck her fully ‘bare-back’ at will. Indeed in the early sessions, Jackie had let Liam fuck her without a condom, but not to the point of ejaculation. So Liam knew that having accepted his cock to suck, that Jackie was probably going to let him fuck her today.

After the blow job, Liam brought Jackie to her feet and said “Lets go upstairs” Jackie took his hand and lead him to our bedroom. She lay on our bed with her legs apart and Liam went to her and kissed her. His right hand slipped up her dress and fondled her pussy. Jackie responded and her hips moved rhythmically. Liam then pulled down her thong and went to her feet and lifted it over her boots. Jackie looked down and let Liam ease her dress up around her waist. She was completely turned on. Liam removed his shirt and trousers and remaining clothes and brought his cock to her fanny. Jackie found Liam’s mouth meet with hers, and opened into a French Kiss at the same time that he directed his cock to her entrance. Jackie’s hands found Liam’s cock and assisted the cock toward her opening. Both pussy and cock were wet and Liam opened my wife's pussy with his tumulscent cock head and it was subsequently accepted very easily.

Still kissing he moved on his knees and with every shift of position pushed his cock up inside her until Jackie could feel his balls nudging her bum. They both adjusted their position and Liam started fucking Jackie, sliding his long cock in deep then almost out then ramming back home. They continued to fuck each other for a while and then Liam said “come on top!” so they rolled over whilst Liam was deep in her and Jackie took position on top. This allowed Liam to un-zip the top of Jackie’s dress, ease her arms out and release the top such that he could pull it down revealing each tit in turn and of course her errect nipples. Her nipples stood proud presented themselves to groped and rolled them between his thumb and forefingers. Jackie allowed Liam to grope her tits fully, massaging and fondling the nipples as he watched Jackie’s smile grow broadly. She rolled her head backwards, arching her back. Jackie’s eyes were half closed, her hips and pussy were revolving on Liam cock, grinding it deeper and deeper within her. She steadied herself with her hands on his shoulders. Liam’s hips moved vertically as he copulated under her. Then the phone rang!

Jackie wanted to ignore it, but Liam told her to answer it. Jackie lifted the receiver and said “hello, how are you” (a little staccato and out of breath as she realised it was me at the other end of the phone!”) Liam realised that it was me talking to Jackie! and took every opportunity to ensure that Jackie was feeling his hands on her tits and bum and his cock thrusting deep inside my wife’s pussy. I knew that Liam used to fuck Jackie most weeks, and I gradually realised that Jackie was being fucked as she spoke to me!” ‘how are you?” I said. “Are you making love?” “Yes!” she said. “Just answer yes or no” I said. “Ok!” she replied. “Is it Liam?” “Yes!” “Is he deep in you?” “Yes!” “You underneath?” “No” (Liam now started sucking Jackie’s tits and she adjusted her position to allow his mouth to fully explore them, sitting up to take the weight on her thighs which enabled his cock to settle more deeply). Jackie moved the receiver to her right ear to hear me. “Are you tits out?” “Yes”

I then stupidly asked a question that was not a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, which clearly gave the game away!

“Sucking or groping?”……… “Sucking!” ……Jackie said and Liam then knew that I knew he was fucking my wife. Our mutual friend was back fucking my wife! I had such a hard on! “Let him shag you fully sweetheart!” I whispered. Jackie looked at Liam and saw him looking deep in her eyes as he sucked on her right tit with her left hand holding his head in place. “He is and I will!” Jackie replied. “Love you!” “Love you too!” we exchanged. Then Jackie replaced the receiver and said to Liam “He wants you to shag me fully and very well! Liam said, Don't you worry, I'm going to fuck the arse off you all afternoon! And! Very well!

Jackie added, Ron knows that you are shagging me now, he is probably wanking at the thought of us, so don’t hold back sweetheart, (smiling) fuck me fully!” With that Jackie ground her pussy onto Liam’s cock, closed her mind to everything except the fuck she was receiving and shortly screamed “Ohh! Agh! Mmm! Yes! Mmm! Mmm! fuck me Fuck me!!!” and climaxed fully on Liam’s immense weapon!

Liam had loved watching her fuck him! After she recovered a little Liam withdrew his erection and rolled Jackie on her back. Her tits were bare and her dress was around her waist. Her legs were wide and Liam loved seeing her legs spread wide with the boots to her knees. Her arms were above her head and Liam pulled Jackie down the bed into a position he felt happy with. Jackie knew that it was time to let Liam have his turn to orgasm. She relaxed and watched him position himself over her. This time she just let him position his cock. He knew the way. It was hard and the head nudged open her clitoris. Jackie smiled and said “Go on! Push it in! take and fuck me as you used to!!” With that Liam said put your legs on my shoulders! He eased out abit to enable Jackie to shift position such that she was underneath with her legs up and on his shoulders. Then he thrust his cock deeper and deeper! He allowed his weight to slip the full erection into Jackie’s inviting pussy! Fully in to the hilt! Liam fucked her for a few minutes in this position then eased pressure on Jackie such that her legs could fall to his waist. Jackie sensed the depth of his cock and brought her legs over Liam’s to resume the union. They moved position until both were comfortable and Jackie brought her arms to Liam’s shoulders, smiled and said “Fuck me big boy!” Liam’s laughed and his copulations were steady and rhythmical. He rode Jackie knowing that she was experiencing a wonderful cock. He was taking her!, No! He was fucking her! His friend's wife!!! Just as he would a whore! And, What’s more, his friend had given his wife (and he by association!) full permission to satiate his cock and the pussy of this Slut and Wife!!!

They rode and fucked, moving position to best feel each others bodies! Bouncing, kissing, breathing hard, feeling, touching sucking… tits, hands groping tits, hands groping …bollocks and …arse, building the fusion of bodies, moving in harmony, growing his erection to enormous proportions! Then, Liam said “I am close!” Jackie said “Do you want to come on top or doggy me?”

“Doggy!!!” Liam said so they instinctively moved together to remove his cock. Jackie to turn over on all fours and Liam to kneel behind her. Jackie’s arse was presented, her back arched and her head was held high! She awaited Liam to position himself behind her for entry! Liam moved closer to Jackie’s arse on his knees and with his right hand directed his erection to her rear facing pussy. It opened easily and he gained full entry and depth on the first push. They both adjusted their positions again so that Liam could fuck her at will without losing balance. Jackie’s doggy stance was well practiced and she allowed herself to be serviced just as a four legged bitch would. “Treat me as a bitch! Liam! Fuck me with your cock like a dog! Service me and seed me!! Pump you prick and unload your balls!!! Rons wanking thinking of us now!!! Fuck me fully! Don’t hold back! I am your Bitch!!! Grind me fully!! Shag that cunt!”

Liam’s heightened excitement was being surpassed by what he was hearing! He was fucking this bitch to the hilt! He now knew that she wanted him fully! His cock plunged and surged! In and out! Faster and faster! Jackie’s arse slapped against his legs! Wet and noisily slap and slap with each thrust opening further!! Her arse hole was now fully presented to him! He wanted no more than to pull out and thrust his manprick into that arse. Jackie presented it to him and he knew he could if he wished, but his cock was ready to disgorge, Liam was wanting this fanny, Liam knew that this fanny would be taken by Ron later so he wanted to know that he had had it first!!! “Take this you bitch! Tell Ron how you have been fucked! Let him fuck you tonight knowing that I have exhausted you!!! I am fucking a His Whore Wife!”

His cock grew to extreme proportions! Jackie screamed as she felt her climax coming! She pushed backwards and he forwards in total unison so that the cock could get as deep as possible and at the final thrusts of the couple Liam allowed his bollocks to release their load! Stream after stream! Inexorably his cock transferred the semen from bollocks to this bitch’s cunt! As soon as Jackie realised that his cock was disgorging its contents into her she relaxed and arched her back to receive the load fully! The bitch she was! Liam now had a pussy throbbing on his cock assisting the ejaculations and allowing all semen to be unloaded in stream after stream. Liam’s copulations eased and subsided. He finally squeezed the love juices up the length of his erection to ensure that all cum had been transferred into his friends slut wife. Jackie allowed him to finish the transfer and remove his cock. She stayed in the doggy position until she knew that Liam had finished then rolled onto her back keeping her legs in the air. “Pass me a Kleenex” she said. “I don’t want to spill any! I want to keep as much in me as I can for a little while”

Liam said “put a tampon in! Keep as much of my cum in you as you can until Ron gets home! Then when he fucks you he will feel my cum on his cock and know that you have already received the best cock by far!!!!” Jackie agreed to this with a big smile on her face!!!!

What they both did not know was that I had video recorded all this action! I clearly did not know that Liam would be around to fuck my wife on this day, but over a period had regularly recorded the bedroom incase there may have been some action going on. Little did they know that I would be enjoying their fuckings long after they had had their fun!!! I could go to the loft and switch on the video recorder, watch and hear every minute that Liam had fucked my wife. Little did he know that I was encouraging him to take every advantage that he could with Jackie!!! Oh! How much I longed to check the video and see if I had a ‘catch’!!!

I got home that night and was very turned on, knowing that Liam had once again fucked Jackie. I knew that the video would have captured the bedroom scene, but would not have known about the for-play downstairs unless Jackie had told me. Which she did in great detail as I relieved myself fucking her that night.