Written by Paulrcouple

12 May 2011

We put a story on most weeks about our fun but been let down twice by time wasters so this is one that happened years ago.

Back in the eighties we ran a pub just out side Halifax town center nothing fancy just four letting bed rooms all had twin beds in and a sink the bath room and toilet at the end of the corridor which we all used .

We had been swinging for a few years then and if there was any thing going we would not miss out.Jane was in her late twenties then and i was in my early thirties.

So if there were any thing Jane would put a bit more effort into her appearance not over the top show a bit more of her boobs not too much or the customers would put two and two together which they did but never said a thing to our face.

We got a phone call on one Friday from a well known building society asking could we put some body up for two weeks he was on a course usually it was only one night people stayed you know reps what are in the area we did very well with it men on there own nine out of ten are up for it.

Anyway Monday came it was just turned five i had just opened up yes pubs used shut in those days for a couple of hours the door opened and in he walked he said he was called Ian and had a room booked for two weeks but home on the weekend. Jane took him to his room she came back into the bar and looked at me and said sex on fucking legs she went and put a tight top on i said be careful he is here for two weeks let him make the first move we don't want a seen in front of people and him walking out its ok customers thinking it but we don't want to prove it which happened i will tell you that story one day.

Ian came back into the bar got a pint and started talking to use i think he was from the midlands he said he asked us was there anything going on in the pub Jane said it was Monday night pool night our team are away so it will be quiet after eight he had is pint then he said he was going for a walk round pool lads came we got our taxes and went I told Jane to be careful he is here for two weeks at the end of the pool match i told the lads i was having an early night and you will get a late drink here got my taxi and went

We i got back Jane had called time there was only a few left in Ian was stud at the bar talking to Jane and one of the lads he finished his drink and went i asked Ian if he wanted another one he said ok and went to the loo.

Jane said he was up for it how do you know i asked she said he came back after nine and asked if he could use our phone the phone box in the village was not working yes its the days before mobiles she said she went into the pool room and could her him talking he said he could fuck the arse of the landlady and was telling them about my nipples he said the landlord looked as he could look after himself he came back from the toilet.

We just got talking about nothing as you do his girlfriend had gone of with his mate Jane said well you will soon get another one your a good looking chap if i was five years younger i would be after you. You would have to lock you bed room door which we all laugh at then i said he thinks your joking and it all went quiet for a few seconds We started talking i went to check the door and the windows had a couple of more pints went to the toilet stud having a pee in came Ian pulled it out he was big i don't know if he did it for my benefit or what but he made sure i could see it i said if i tell Jane about that you will have to lock your bedroom door i got back to the bar and told Jane he was big i don't think we have had one so big he came back to the bar you could fell the atmosphere he sat down i went behind Jane got hold of a tit in each hand her nipples were like cherries i have told Jane about the size of your cock she herd you telling someone you would like to fuck the arse of her let her see your cock. He turned to face her on his stool pulled is zip down and struggled to pull it out i was squeezing Jane's boobs i could feel her gasp.

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Thanks Paul and Jane