18 May 2011

The bed was shaking with Jane riding Adams cock she had her back to him aleg at each side of him i started wanking watching her bump up and down i got out of bed got Jane to lie back so i could see his cock in her pussy he had a tit in each hand playing with her nipples she was laid on top of him know i got down so i could lick her clit and his cock at the same time my tongue could lick his cock end and her clit it the same time i could taste her cum then he groaned he started to cum he slipped out of her pussy i finished him off in my mouth then brought Jane off with my tongue as i wanked my self off.

We all fell a sleep woke up late Adam was up to late for his breakfast had a quick shower and went i went down stairs with him and let him out went back to bed talked about Adam got our selves turned on and had a good fuck.

We got a phone call to see if we had any rooms that night i said sorry we are full.

Adam got back about the same time as Ian did we could not talk straight there were customers at the bar he got a drink i went up stairs and he came up after me a bit after he asked me questions about Ian asked if we had touched each other he said he always new he had a bi side but never had a chance until last night he said he would like to suck that big cock of Ian's i told him it was big as you know but it was never very warm or fully hard yours is much nicer.

He asked if he could suck me off again he undid my zip and got my cock hard and did the job. I went down back in the bar and sent Jane up she smiled gave me a kiss and went she was gone a good hour when she came back i could tell she had been well fucked.

We had Adam all the four nights of his stay we even gave Ian a ring but he could not speak he was still at home with his parents i told him Adam gives a good blow job i don't know if he believed me he said good by and that was the last we herd from him.

We did see Adam again about 10 years later on holiday in tenerife he had been married for about 3 years he told me he had tried to get his wife into it but she said she was not interested it was there last night of there hols he got Jane in the toilets in a bar it was just a quick grope and a kiss the bar was to busy Jane told him were we were staying he said he would try and come round later but never made it.

Over the next year we had we had somebody every week staying from the building society but only got two of them to join in our fun premier lodges had started to open and that was the end of them