Written by kevm

23 Oct 2017

We had not made plans for this to happen it just happened and it was really great pehaps even better than the first time we played. I had bought a new sexy dress, black pvc and very short so short that when she moved around the room her pants were clearly on view, it was exciting just to watch her. She stayed dressed in the new outfit and we had dinner and then sat close together watching another blue movie, this time I had selected a mixed race show. The girl was really sleek and lovely great tits and a round soft bottom. Her stud was a young black man who was quick to undress but slow to reveal just what was still hidden from view. When he uncovered himself both my wife and I were shocked by the lenght and thickness of his cock, we were thrilled to see the girl tak it all so easily. My wife had tacken me in hand and she was slowley stroking my cock. I felt between her legs and the insides of her thighs were really wet and her pants were too. The film was quickly forgotten but the oohs and rrrrrrrrrrrrrs were very audable and urged us on. She stood up and I removed her wet pants and she pulled my trousers and pants down and with one eye on the film and my cock in her mouth she was really enjoying herself We were getting really into it when the doorbell rang we sprang apart and I pulled myself together whilst my wife stayed in the lounge. It was Lennie at the door just on his way to the pub and did I fancy a drink my mind was racing here was another chance to have fun again so I invited him in. We went into the lounge and found my wife still engrossed in the movie and stroking herself quite quickly she looked up and saw us watching her and went into a very loud and long orgasm writhing her hips as she did so. This was a chance not to be missed I quickly went to her and slipped my hand under her dress and kissed her passionatly on the lips, she slid down the seat untill her bottom was on th edge and her legs wide apart. Len wasted no time he stipped off and knelt between her legs and sucked and tongued her until she climaxed again. I unfastened her dress and removed it she was now naked Len move from her pussy and onto her tits sucking and nibbling the niples that were standing out hard. The end of his cock was just touching her open fanny almost as if waiting for instructions I gave him the nod and he lunged straight into her right up to his balls. He waited a few moments ad then began to ride her deeply his length sliding in and out slowly and easily, they slid onto the floor and her legs came up around his waist and I stood behind him watching his cock fuck my wife and she raising her hips to meet every thrust, it was pure magical lust. I saw his buttocks clench and I knew that he was coming inside my wife and I was thrilled that she was enjoying every part of it. Len rolled away and I entered her as she straddled me holding her close to my chest I watched Len move up behind her and I felt he pull away slightly and I guessed that he was fingering her virgin arse. I held her tight as she felt the tip of his cock enter her and tried to pull away from him but she soon relaxed and let it go and he was in her and riding her in time with my own thrusts it as her new experience and he really enjoyed it. We played on for some time until Len had too leave for home. My wife and I showered together and she talked about the event and a return match in the future and also accusing me of arranging the whole thing which I did not , Just took advantage of the time and place. Now she wants to try a BBC.