Written by Sam

7 Aug 2016

From the very first time she let me fuck her I knew I wanted to keep her. She had a really incredible body and she enjoyed being fucked. She knew how to react but she wasn’t easy. We went out 3 times before she came back to my flat after a party and we had sex.

She loved it when I did oral sex on her. She said right from the start that no one had ever done it as good or spent the time eating her so long. I really liked doing it and I liked the taste. I tried to kiss her a few times with my face still wet with her juices and she would stop me. She always said that she found her own taste revolting. I then would give my face a quick wipe and after we started to fuck I would kiss her and she was ok with that. Once I had made her cum once either with my tongue or fingers she would cum easy after that. Once I got my cock into her it was very normal for her to cum 4 or 5 times before I shot into her.

I never tried it till after we married but sometimes after we had fucked I would continue to play with her pussy and then go down of her again. She used to say I was mad and very dirty but she never stopped me. She became quite use to me doing it and eventually told me how this second round of sex was better than the first as she had deep down and longer orgasms. When she orgasms her whole body trembles, convulses and thrusts back. She groans, often cries out how good it is and may swear dirty.

She was and still is good at giving a blow job but early on she would never swallow. She would hold my cum in her mouth till I stopped erupting and then spit it out. I used to beg her to swallow but she always refused. Then one time I asked her to hold it in her mouth and then kiss me. She said as usual when I wanted to try things that I was sick but did it for me. I open mouthed kissed and she readily pushed my own cum from her mouth into mine. It was after we had done that a few times that she relented and swallowed sometimes. Then she even let me kiss her when I was wet from her pussy.

Our sex was good and she was always up for it even after 2 kids and back at work. She has kept her figure and at 36, still a head turner. I told her often if she wanted to have sex with someone else it would be ok. She always said she didn’t need to. She had me, the best lover possible.

Then one evening she told me that she had been talking to a guy who worked near her office and that they had had coffee a few times. She said he was married but she did like him and that she had had crazy thoughts about letting him fuck her. She actually used the word fuck as she said that was what she felt it would be as opposed to loving sex that we have. My reaction was only excitement and I hugged and kissed her and told her to go ahead. We were sitting in our lounge when she told me this and I grabbed her and took her to our bedroom where we fucked twice before we slept. I know this confirmed how I felt and was eager for her to explore sex with someone else.

It happened 2 weeks later. He drove his car to work in the city while my wife caught the train. They arranged that he would pick her up after work and they would go somewhere and then after se Then he dropped her back to the train only 2 stops from ours. He then headed west to his own home. He had told his wife that he was having drinks after work with colleagues and that this would be a regular thing. My wife never told him that I knew as she didn’t want him to know that I wanted her to do it. For me I didn’t care if she told him or not. She told him that she had told me she had to work late. I would believe her as she sometimes in the past had to do that.

What she didn’t know was when I knew she was meeting him I arranged for our kids to be picked up from school and to have dinner with their grandparents. I would pick them up later as I would be playing a late evening golf game. Her parents jumped at the chance to have the kids to themselves. I told her to text me once she was on the train and I would pick her up at the station as she normal walks.

I picked her up and once she was in the car I kissed deeply. Then quickly drove home telling her we had the house to ourselves for a while. Once in our bedroom I undressed her and immediately went down on her. She was still very wet and her pussy lips were puffy. There was no cum as they had used a condom but it was still good for me. She started to cum again as she does after the first round of sex. When I felt that she had had enough and I couldn’t wait any longer to be the second dick in her, I climbed on her and rode her. I can hold back and pace myself and she was cumming more and saying nice things like “fuck your naughty wife”, “fuck me hard”, “I love your cock” and other things. Eventually I came in her and we relaxed.

She told me that that had driven to a quiet place and as his car was a wagon. They had climbed in the back and had fucked in the car. She said that it was fun and he was quite a good lover and that she wanted to do it again. She also said what I had arranged and our sex was brilliant and that we should do the same each time she went with him.

We did. She saw him usually once a week. It worked as his wife thought that he was having work drinks. He even brought a can of beer with him which he drank and wiped some on his shirt before he got home so he smelled of beer. He would then shower as soon as he got home. The kids going to her parents was regular and we made use of our alone time before collecting them.

They used his car for a few weeks then a friend’s flat. His friend was single and worked on security in the afternoons so his place was empty. This was much better than the car. They could shed all their clothes, move around more and vary the sex.

The sex only got better for us when after about 3 months she asked me if he could cum in her as she was sick of the condoms. I was ecstatic and begged her to do it. She knew what I would do. I got to have my first real creamie made by someone other than me as soon as she got home. It’s funny but his taste was different to mine. Her pussy was even wetter and sticky. I played and fingered her and licked her as she made more juice.

This went on for nearly 2 years until one day she said she was stopping seeing him. She said that actually I was a much better lover and the best part was our sex after him. She had a couple of scares when his friend came home to the flat while they were at it. The friend saw her naked with her lover on top of her going for it. His friend just watched till they finished and she felt uncomfortable and embarrassed. My wife thought that it may have been a set up and the friend was waiting to be asked to join in. Her lover assured her it wasn’t but she was still sceptical. My wife also thought that her lover could have found somewhere better than the flat. He used to give his friend some money for the use of the flat and sometimes my wife gave money to pay as well.

I was sorry to see it end but she assured me that she had enjoyed it and someone else may come along.

I will end there because there is more about what we get up to today.