Written by Nawty

11 Aug 2016

For those that asked for the follow up, We are afraid that it did not pan out as we had hoped except for the following.

The guy who worked at the party event did come round to our SH friends apartment for drinks as he said he would the following evening. (please read the earlier account)

Unfortunately, we had a bit of a falling out with him because he wanted to take photos of my GF and she is completely against it for obvious (job losing) reasons and I have to agree with her.

When he arrived my GF was in her usual state of undress in the apartment which she does for our host and me.

That means she only wears shorts or panties or is naked when in the apartment, so when he arrived he was treated to an eyeful of my GF 's nice 34B's on full show. Okay, he had already seen them at the earlier party so not a new experience for him. You can see them on any beach in the med!!

After drinks were poured and we sat in the lounge overlooking the balcony he took out his phone and started taking photos which went down really bad with my GF and our host as the guy did not even even ask.

My GF freaked and ran away to the bedroom to get dressed. Our host yelled at him and took the phone off him and it calmed down thankfully. These Med types do get loud!

My GF came back wearing a T-shirt and the guy apologised so we were okay. After some time she agreed to take the top off which she did but refused to take her panties off as she no longer trusted him even though the phone was confiscated.

The atmosphere was not too good and even though she sat between them on the sofa for cuddles she clearly had clammed up and he eventually left.

On a brighter note we have given our SH host a massive boost with his landlord as the old guy came around the next day and again, my GF was walking around in just her panties.

The old bloke said a load of stuff in Spanish we did not understand and kept covering his eyes! LOL Really funny .. He would not even touch her to shake hands despite our host on at him to.

The best bit was our host 'pretending ' to pull down her panties in front of him before he ran out . Brilliant...