Written by Nawty

16 Aug 2016

My GF and I have a really good Spanish SH friend that we been seeing for two years now and trust him completely.

This is the second year we have stayed at his apartment in Madrid. While we are there, he fucks my willing GF most days which was all agreed. He takes us out and about in the city and on occasions my GF is put on show for other guys which is all fine and agreed. She wears the clothes he chooses for her and willingly shows her 34B tits on his command to his mates and if he tells her to she makes sure guys can see up her short dress.

He openly tells his mates she is his slut and we love it. Everyone calls her 'Guarra' which is Spanish for slut!

After a couple of weeks we were invited to take an unexpected road trip heading north to the 'Costa Verde' heading for the north coast. I am writing this account whilst we travel.

A mate of our SH friend (we do also know him) turned up with a pretty beaten up camper van to take us at the weekend.

Our first thoughts were this thing will not make it up the road but so far, three days up the road it has not had a problem.

It basically only sleeps two so we been arriving at camp sites and also finding accommodation with people which I thought we would have trouble with at this time of year but we been lucky.

The interesting part of this update is my lovely GF is being fucked by both these guys on our road trip. They do her in the camper van in turns or in the overnight B&B type accommodation where she can share a proper bed with them.

If you been following these blogs of our adventures in Spain you will know my GF is a complete and willing slut for our SH friend and will go with his mates (if the vibe is good) The longer we are away from the UK and the normality of life my GF relaxes more for these guys which is amazing to watch.

Tomorrow we arrive at the very top of Spain where we have booked a hotel and I will be fucking my GF for once. LOL.

We are going to the beach also tomorrow and I have seen the tiny bikini shorts she has to wear for them.