Written by scottish1969

23 Sep 2014

In the summer we visited Glasgow for a concert and made a booking to stay in a city centre hotel. Julia is 43 and I am 44

Concert was good and rather than wait in the taxi queue afterwards we walked back into the city centre and visited a couple of bars before heading back to our hotel - it wasn't a weekend night so the city wasn't that busy later on.

At the hotel bar I searched another site on my phone to see if there were any potential swinger couples nearby but alas there wasn't.

Up in our room and Julia was feeling very horny so I suggested as no couples were apparently nearby we should see if there are any single males up for a threesome. A quick search, and we found an experienced bloke from the north of England who was staying in Glasgow that week as he was working on a contract there. We exchanged messages and he was staying in a hotel just a few hundred metres away and we arranged for him to come round.

I had to go down to the entrance to let him in as the hotel doors are only accessible by key card after a certain time.

I brought Paul up to our room and introduced him to Julia. Julia liked him very much, he was a handsome guy in his mid to late 30s and soon she was snogging him on the bed. Julia was wearing a black dress which paul soon removed, at this stage I was snogging her as he was finger fucking her. Julia then pulled unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them down to reveal that Paul had a nice long cock which she soon began to suck.

Matters progressed from there and paul put her on her knees and fucked her from behind as she sucked my cock. In our excitement we overlooked the fact that no condoms had been brought out yet and he was taking her bareback. Then he mounted her whilst I snogged her and felt her breasts. Soon she was very wet and making that lovely squelching noise from her cunt and climaxed noisily.

Julia then went on top of paul and as she was fucking his big cock she asked me to put my cock in her arse. Paul grinned whilst underneath her and suggested we "better give the lady what she wants" and pulled her arse cheeks apart for me to slip into her arse. I put my cock up her but after a little while it slipped out as she was moving around too much grinding her cunt down on Paul. After a bit more energetic fucking she came again then Paul shot his load inside her.

After a few minutes small talk Paul then mentioned that he has great energy and was still hard. He climbed on top of Julia once more and then lifted her legs over his shoulders. I know that this position gets Julia very wet and soon she was cumming once more. She squirted so heavily that as Paul was pistoning his hard cock in and out of her wet cunt, her ejaculate actually hit him in the face. Paul then emptied his load for a second time into Julia's cunt.

Paul thanked us for having him and then left as he was working in a few hours time. Julia and I then fucked but only after she insisted that I go down on her first in order that when we kissed she could taste pauls cum from my mouth.