Written by jock69uk

17 May 2007

Finaly we all got our diaries cleared and fixed the date for Hilda and me to visit Jeans cottage in the Lake District.Things had been good in the last month,Hilda and I met up a couple of times a week,the sex was fantastic and we had developed a very close friendship,Jean I had not seen since Hilda fixed my surprise visit,but apparently they met on a regular basis.

Hilda suggested she would drive and picked me up mid morning as arranged,saying we would have lunch near Kendal.As we picked up the motorway she asked whether I was looking forward to the trip,not having seen her for a week or so I said wait until we arrive and I will show you how much I'm looking forward to it.Laughing she said I don't think we will wait that long ,we will have to see what lunch brings!To take my mind of my stiffening prick I asked how Jean was keeping ,to my surprise she replied that Jean was dissapointed I had not called on her again,she was smiling as she said it obviously enjoying my discomfort.I havn't been again because you don't leave anything in the tank,plus you fixed it so it was youre fault!! ,anyway is she still coming on the trip? she certainly is said Hilda she wouldn't miss it for the world.

The motorway journey passed quickly and in no time at all we pulled into a pub carpark shortly after leaving the M6,we strolled into the pub hand in hand ordered drinks and sandwiches and retired to the beer garden,the beer tasted fantastic,improved only as Hilda started to massage my cock through my chinos.As we were not the only customers it took me by surprise,

very pleasant but surprising from this normally reserved lady who now sported "a cat that got the cream" look,and get the cream she would if she didn't stop.To avert an embarassing moment I removed her hand and said I was going for drinks,only one more she said its youre turn to drive.When I returned she smiled noticing the remnants of my erection still fighting my underware we finished lunch without further torture paying the bill we left to complete the journey.Hidas hubbies Range Rover was a monster,but great to drive ,gripping the tarmac and handling the weaving lanes with ease,Hilda again started carressing my crutch ,eventually opening the zip and teasing out my cock which she then proceeded to massage slowly easing her thumb around the head,whilst her small hand massaged the ever hardening shaft! Thank god for automatic gearboxes I reached across and inserted my fingers in Hildas fanny,allready damp with her bud erect and highly sesitive,I suggested we stop the car but she just murmered keep driving,removing my fingers she released her seat belt and knelt on the seat facing me.With the warning alarm for the seat belt in the background she lowered her lips and took my cock into her mouth,sucking viusly until I could hold on no longer,grunting in pleasure with each spurt I exploded into her mouth,experiencing little electric shocks with each spurt,finally the stream ended Hilda removing her head from my lap just looked across and said that's just for starters you are in for a treat this weekend!!!

She took over the driving as my mind was scrambled and we shortly arrived in Eskdale and Jeans cottage nestled aganst the fell,surrounded by trees in a secluded and wonderfull location.Jeans car was in the drive and as I took our bags from the boot she came out to greet us,looking as good as ever she kissed us both welcoming us to Boot(the local village)she led the way into the cottage.Hilda you two are in the play room she said but leave the bags in the hall for now,we'el have a drink before we unpack.We grabbed wine and glasses from the kitchen taking advantage of the weather to sit and enjoy the garden,someone looks happy Jean said looking at me,who wouldn't be I said after such a lovely journey,Hilda nodded savouring her wine and gently licking her lips.After her first glass Hilda said she would go get some provisions as she had been drinking at lunch and wanted to enjoy the rest of the wine without worrying about driving,I said I would go with her but she said knowing Jean she would have some jobs requiring attention,picking up her bag she said she would be back in an hour or so.As the car left the drive Jean said let me show you to your room,I'll take Hilda's bag you bring yours,I followed her up the steep stairs my eyes fixed at the level of her perfect round backside,opening the door to the playroom she stood back to let me through,what a room,huge bed ,mirrored ceiling,plus two mirrored walls whih obviously cncealed wardrobes.Laughing she said hope it will be OK fucking marvelous I said,dump the bags and I'll show you the rest of the layout.The bathroom was equally luxurious and entering another door she said this is my room this weekend as you two are taking my normal one.Still its very nice I said,almost before the words left my lips Jean leaned forward planted a kiss and said lets fuck,without waiting for a reply she removed her sweater revealing her massive chest,nipples swollen she pulled my lips to them feeding her tits in turn into my eager mouth.As she removed my trousers my prick was standing to attention ready for the second assault of the day,she pushed me back onto the bed removing my clothing quickly,dropped her skirt and joined me just in lace knickers which I quickly removed so my tongue could gain entry to her pussy,she sighed as I licked her flicking her clit and tasting her juices,moving her hips in time with my tongue she quickly climaxed,pulling me on top and inserting my cock into her pulsing fanny she started to ride slowly at first but quickly increasing her pace,whilst I nibled and sucked her tits.She was quickly reaching her orgasm,thrusting her hips and telling me to fuck my cream deep,as she screamed to her climax I continued pounding my sap rising in my balls,finally spurting,she was writhing so much my cock slipped from her spurting over her thighs and belly.Rubbing the come into her skin she smilled and said what a weekend we are going to have........