Written by jock69uk

24 Jun 2007

As is usually the case I was ready well before the girls,an excuse for a glass of red wine before we left for the pub. Jane appeared first,dressed in black silk tailored trousers,which hugged her hips ,backside and thighs,matched with a strappy black vest,which struggled to cover her ample breasts,to finish her outfit she wore black patent high heels and looked stunning.Entering the lounge she sat on my lap,took a good swig of my wine swallowing before she planted a lingering kiss on my lips ,she then nuzzeled my ear wispering her intention to fuck me senseless when we returned from the pub.Hilda may have something to say about that I murmered,leave it to me she laughed,standing she grabbed my my groin and gave it a gentle tweak,as Hilda entered the room.She looked sensational dressed in an identical outfit,the only difference being hair colour,I asked if anyone wanted a drink but they both said they would wait until we reached the pub.Slipping on their jackets the girls linked arms and set off as I locked the cottage,giggling like schoolgirls they walked down the road looking sexy ,hips swaying in a world of their own I just strolled behind admiring the view.

As we arrived at the pub I found a seat for the girls and went to the bar,a pint for me and a bottle of bubbly for the ladies,returning to the table they separated and insisted I sit between them sipping the head off my pint I couldn't help notice most men in the bar looking at our group with a little envy,noticing the same thing the girls became even more attentive resting a hand on my thigh gently stroking and enjoying the looks from around the room.As we were called through to dinner each girl took an arm and delighted in sexily swaying their way through the crowded bar.

Dinner passed quickly the food was excellent,and the wine was plentifull and delicious,we were all relaxed and Hilda seemed particularily relaxed,what shall we do now she asked? Jean immediately replied lets go back to the playroom,I was flabbergasted when Hilda agreed with a smile as I thought she had ruled out my suggestion of a threesome even though I had only tentatively made the suggestion in fun.Could this be a special night ?