Written by Mac and Mary

19 Feb 2007

We had been having mmf's for a while, tried dogging and clubs and had a great time, We had been chatting to one guy on msn for a while and cammed with him. It was obvious that Mary fancied him and I could see why, nice looking, good body and a nice cock.

We were chatting on msn with him one night when I just said to her, " lets invite him round" Mary smiled and asked when, so I told her right now!

to cut a longish story a bit short I invited him round and he readily accepted. Mary went and had a bath and shaved herself smooth. She got dressed in a black sheer vest, denim very mini skirt and boy shorts with her black stilletto's on.

When he arrived, she greeted him at the door dressed like that and they kissed, long and lingering.

She brought him back into the living room and he sat on the sofa, there was a brief moment of awkwardness, as there always is, before she went over and sat beside him and kissed him again. I could clearly see their tongues intertwining as their kisses got more passionate. She reached down and started to rub his cock through his jeans as his hand slid up her naked leg and under her skirt. she moane as he started to stroke her.

She then pulled away and knelt in front of him and took her vest off to show him her tits, she then stood up and dropped her skirt, leaving her just in shorts and shoes. She looked amazing!!!

she undid his jeans as he took his shirt off and she pulled them down, his cock, now very hard, sprung out and she smiled at me as she bent down to lick it.

Mmmmmmmmm there is nothing sexier than seeing your wife smile at you as she sucks another guys cock.

He lay back and enjoyed it as she licked and sucked him, tickling his balls with her fingers.

I stripped off and moved behind her, slowly sliding my cock into her, again she moaned as she kept sucking him.

After a while she moved up and I slipped out of her as she climbed on to him and straddled his cock, sliding herself down onto him as she started to ride him hard.

Her pretty face was amazing as she fucked him, she kept looking across at me smiling as if to say thank you. I thought no, thank you! this was amazing.

He moved her off the sofa and lay her on her back and licked her as she beckoned me over to suck my cock, he then moved up and slid deep into her and fucked her hard as she sucked me and rubbed her clit. She came a couple of times before laying him on his back and straddling him again. I stood beside his head as she pulled my cock into my mouth and sucked and wanked me until I came in her mouth and on her pretty face. She smiled as she swallowed it and then carried on fucking the guy.

Shew stood him up and then sucked licked and wanked him until he was close.

He said "Do you want me to cum", she just looked up into his eyes and said "Yes"

He wanked himself hard as she stroked his thigh until he shot his cum all over her face, then she looked at me again as she licked his cock clean.

That was an amazing night and I would just like to thank the guy again, you know who you are!

Hope you enjoyed this story as much as I did.