Written by jill

13 Apr 2009

well i have been having fun behind hubbys back now for the last month, it started when i overheard the girls at work talking about dogging,since that first time i went solo dogging i have got more risky and blatant,only last week i went to the car park in daylight and was fucked by 4 guys bent over a picnic table,wow that was so horny with spunk running out of me as i walked back to my car pantieless,now yesterday easter sunday my hubby was on duty for a twelve hour shift so i opened my door to the strangers from the park to cum and go as they pleased it started at 1pm and i had my last fuck at 9pm so i could clean up before hubby got home,i was fucked and gangbanged bareback by 17 different blokes old and young and all races, i am getting a taste for black and asian cock as they just use me and fill me with cum yesterday at the busiest time when there were 9 guys waiting there turn i felt a complete slut as one finished another went straight up me to spunk me again,that is what turns me on about dogging and stranger sex they just fuck and to hell with who else you have had Um so horny,i have also been off the pill and have not had sex with hubby since i first went solo and i have now missed my period so i am horny all the time thinking about being banged up by a stranger,any way i will up date again about me dirty shagging as and when i get fucked, .............