Written by rob leeds

19 Apr 2009

Went out yesterday trawling toilets where I have had fun in the past.

Little place not fat from here I went in and found both cubicles doors shut and fastned so I waited quite a while listening and it was obvious there was "fun" going on inside.

After about 5 minutes the flush went and a guy came out of one looking a bit sheepish and left, so I went in.

On the wall to my left was a hole a good 4 or 5 inches across and covered on the other side with toilet paper.

I dropped my jeans and pants and sat down, then began to have a slow wank.

The foot from the next door came under to the edge of the partition so I put mine alongside it.

Immediatly the foot came on top of mine and pressed down.

At this point the paper was moved away and I had a good view of the next door guy sitting well back a massive hard on his 7 inches of shaved cock.

He was rubbing his pre cum round the tip and then licking his fingers.

I stood up facing the wall still slowly wanking and saw him put his eye close to the hole.

He then stood up and withing seconds his cock was through the hole to my side, all 7 inches jst throbbing hard, pre cum dripping from the eye.

I couldn't resist, I sat down and took the whole length as far as I could in my mouth, tasting the salty pre cum and sucking hard to try to get more, drawing my lips tightly up the shaft and slack down it.

I did this about 10 times then setled down to a slow suck.

He wriggled and worked so his balls came through.

I gripped them between my finger and thumb and pulled gently hoping I could get the last inch of hs cock through.

I saw his fingers on top of the partition as he tried to push more through for me and I sucked hard and increased the speed.

I heard him groan and felt his prick throb violently,then his hot cum filled my mouth.

I stopped my sucking and just held his cock tight in my mouth as he fucked my mouth for the last few thrusts.

I still had his balls in my grip and held on tight as he slackened off and eventually slid out of my mouth, I then let go and he pulled back out of the hole.

A few seconds later he had zipped up and tidied himself but before he left he put is mouth to the wall and told me it was the best suck he had ever had in his life, he wanted more and to meet him outside.

I dressed and followed, we met in the car park and swapped phone numbers.

There will be more