Written by Helen

10 Feb 2014

After my encounter with housekeeping, the porter came back into the room with another porter. We were introduced and because I was still naked in bed I asked if the new ported could sample my wares. Why not after all he's going to bring me some business in the future. He stripped off and got onto the bed. I was surprised to see that he had a bigger cock that the other porter. It wasn't quite as thick but was certainly longer. He was inside me in no time and he was definitely the longest cock I've ever had.The session finished, I had a quick shower with my new porter, got dressed in my hooker outfit, the tight leggings, blouse and high heels.

I met Brian in the car park next to the budget hotel. He told me to get into his car and we drove down the road. He drove down the hill to the harbour and kept going until he saw a hooker standing on the corner. He stopped and told me to get out. He said he would park up across the road and that I should get into the first car that stopped, irrispective of the drivers appearance or otherwise. I chatted to the hooker and told her I'd just started as I needed to earn money to pay off my pimp, who'd just dropped me off. She told me that i could take the first car that stopped. 10 minutes later a car appeared from round the corner and stopped. I went up to the car and the driver took down the window. How much he said. £100 for the works or £20 for a blow job. Ok get in, he said and off we went. He pulled into the indutrial estate and switched off the engine. Right get your clothes off he said. I was starting to get intot he role now, so I said let's see your money first. Out came 2 worn £10 motes, which he thrust into my hand. If it's just a blow job, I keep my clothes, but you can have a feel. He pushed back his seat and I unzipped his trousers to release his cock, which was flacid and needed me to give him a bit of a wank first. As he started to grow, I bent over to take him in my mouth. To say the smell was revolting was an understatement, I don't think he'd washed for months. I sucked hard and fast, as the quicker this was over the better. As I did, he had his hand between my legs rubbing my pussy. I was starting to get aroused, but knew nothing could happen. He finally shot his load down my throat and what a load it was. I didn't think he was going to finish. I carefully put his cock back in his trousers and zipped him up. He pulled his seat upright, thanked me and told me to get out. What here, I said. Yes, I'm not a taxi. So out I got and he sped away.

I saw headlights coming towards me and thankfully it was Brian. I got in and he asked how it went. I told him and said I'd earned £20. He then demanded the £20, saying that I should have charged more, so next time charge double that and split it. Now Brian was unaware of what I'd been earning over the last 2 days and I didn't let on. We drove back to the place where he'd dropped me off and told me once again to get out and earn my keep. I protested and he took out his camera and showed me some photos he'd taken of me standing with the hooker and getting into the guys car. Would John like to see these. I got out of the car. I was now on my own as the hooker had obviously been picked up. I didn't have to wait long when a car drew up. Once again I walked over to the car. This time the window was not lowered, so I opened the door. It was a good looking guy inside and we spoke about the price etc. He wanted the works and I thought great, at least that will get Brian off my back. We drove away to a forrest car park, which I know realise was a well used dogging site. He told me to take my clothes off and lie back. The seat was pushed right back which gave him enough room to climb on top off me. It was totally black outside, so could not see his cock before it entered me, but realised as he pushed in that it was very thick. He started to pump away at me as he got even thicker, I could feel him expanding inside me. I looked up and could see the outline of a man standing at the side of the car and my customer, rolled down the window. I was now starting to cum and the guy outside, put his hand through the window and started to caress my boobs, I came immediately and within seconds the guy on top came inside me. He climbed off and asked if I wanted to get out of the car t

o be fucked by the other guy. I was now feeling quite horny again and said I would. The guy took my hand and led me through the trees. He obviously knew where he was going. We stopped and he pushed me up against a tree. He dropped his trousers and pushed his cock up against me. I felt myself rubbingup against him and as I did there were flshes going off around us. Don't worry he said they only want photos of you. IHe know pushed deep into me and the thought of these unknown photographers taking picture sof me being fucked really turned me on and I could feel myself cuming again. It was wild, but only lasted a few minutes. He led me back to the car, where I got dressed and was taken back to the harbour. Brian wasn't there, so I had the choice of going back to my car or looking for more trade. I decided on the former.

I walked along the harbour, ignoring the odd car toot and was soon at the pub I'd been in with Brian. As I walked up to it one of the seamen I had sex with at the hotel came out, saw me and we started to chat. He walked me up to my car and we arranged to meet the following day.