Written by Helen

31 Jan 2014

My husband John and I had booked into our favourite city hotel for a meal and good night out. I'm 50, blond, size 12 with 34 c boobs and 5'2". Our sex life isn't that good, but these nights out in town usually generate a reasonable fuck.

We had a lovely meal and managed to put away 2 bottles of a fabulous merlot. john thought it would be nice if we went to one of the local clubs where we could have a dance and a good drink. We managed to get a table in the corner and although it was a bit dark, it proved to be a wise move. We ordered our drinks and went up for a dance. As the night moved on I was getting quite tipsy. We'd just sat down after a dance and a guy we had met previously came up to the table for a chat, Nice guy, 6' well built and about 20 years younger than me. He asked if I would like to dance and I went up with him. It was a slow dance and as we danced I couldn't help but feel his cock between us. He didn't rub up against me or anything, but I felt turned on by the thought of what he could do. The dance finished and we went back to the table. John invited him to join us for a drink, which he accepted. We drank and chatted for about 30 minutes when he once again invited me up for another dance. The drink had taken effect and I was totally relaxed. It was another slow dance and this time his hands had moved down onto my bottom. He gently pulled me towards him and once again I felt his cock. I moved against it slowly, letting him know that I could feel him. I was getting really damp down below. I could feel him getting bigger as I moved against him. Somehow we started to kiss and I was now wanting to get fucked. The dance finished and we again went back to the table, where John suggested we go back to our hotel for a nightcap.

We took a taxi back to the hotel and John sat in the front with me and Dave in the back. John was diagnally across from me, which prevented Dave from doing anything. It didn't stop me from rubbing his cock through his trousers and he was obviously getting quite turned on. We arrived at the hotel and went inside. Why I did what came next, I don't know. I said to John that Dave had never been to this hotel, so why didn't he get the drinks in and I'd show Dave what the rooms were like. John asked what we'd like to drink and went off to the bar. I took Dave's hand and led him to the lift, where once inside he took me in his arms and started to kess me. Once in the room, I walked over to the bed and Dave put his hands round me taking my breats in his hands and caressing them gently. He unbuttoned my blouse and let it fall to the floor. His hands were inside my bra, taking my breasts out and gently tweeking my nipples. He unzipped my skirt and let it fall. My panties were the next thing to go. I was now soaking wet and knew we had to be quick or my husband would become suspicious. I needn't have worried with seconds of my panties hitting the floor Dave had bent me over, with my hands on the bed and his cock pushing inside me. I came within seconds as he rammed in and out of me. It only took a few minutes for him to climax, which for once coincided with me cuming. I turned round and dropped to my knees taking his cock in my mouth. It tasted devine as I licked our combined fluids from it. I got dressed, leaving my panties off, which I gave to Dave as a thank you.

We got to the bar and found John talking to a mutual friend. I told John that Dave thought the rooms were great and he would be tempted to stay there himself, next time he was in town for a night out. John was oblivious to what Dave and I had been up to, but our mutual friend who was now sitting opposite me couldn't help but notice the dribble of fluid that had run down the inside of my thigh.

As the night came to a close, I gave Dave a peck on the cheek and he thanked me for an wonderful evening and he'd see us again. Brian also said goodnight and whispered in my ear that he'd be in touch to get what Dave got. I couldn't help myself, but said that would be nice, I look forward to it. John and I went to bed and had a really good session. Brian and I got together a few days later.