Written by Helen

1 Feb 2014

The day after my hotel encounter with Dave I had a call from Brian, the guy who had been talking to my hubby in the bar, asking if I'd like to meet for a coffee. I agreed and we met at a small coffee bar in town. Brian spent no time on small talk and went straight for it. He had seen the dribble of fluid running down my thigh and knew what I'd been up to with Dave and was quick to ask what Dave thought about it. Needless to say Dave knew nothing about it and I had to admit it. So when do I get to try you out, Brian asked. What do you mean, I asked innocently. I assume you don't want Dave to know what you did with Dave and I'm willing to keep your little secret if we do what you and Dave did, Brian said. Despite some protestations, I had to agree. Now Brian is about 45ish and we've known him for a while, he's about 5'10", dark haired and a bit of a belly. We agreed to meet up at lunchtime the following day at one of the local budget hotels and Brian was specific on what I had to wear.

I showered and shaved and pampered myself. As instructed, I put on hold up stockings, am over the knee skirt and a white shirt, with nothing else, not even a coat. Fortunately the hotel had a car park next door, so I didn't have to walk far, but by the time I got to the hotel my nipples were sticking out like hat pegs, because of the cold wind blowing. I sat in reception waiting for Brian to arrive, and was eyed up by the male receptionist. When he arrived we went up to the desk and Brian said he had a room booked for Mr and Mrs Smith. The receptionist smirked and gave me a knowing look. We got our room and went to the lift. Brian took me in his arms and asked if I had done what he had said. I nodded. We'll see he said and put his hand under my skirt to feel the tops of my hold ups and then onto my bare bottom and round to my smooth pussy. That's good, he said. We'll now see how good you are with my other instructions.

We arrived at our room and Brian opened the door. I walked over to the bed and Brian followed Thinking it was now a quick bang and it's over. How wrong could I have been. Right Helen get your clothes off. I went to close the curtains, but he said to leave them. There was an office block opposite and I was nervous of being seen. I took off my clothes as instructed. Now go into the bathroom and have a shower. I said I'd had one, but he said, do as I said. I went into the bathroom and ran the shower getting in. After about a minute Brian came into the bathroom and I expected him to join me in the shower. He handed my a large black vibrator and told me to use it. I was feeling quite horny at the thought and did as he said. He then told me to come out of the shower and he then handed me a tube of gel, which he said to massage into my pussy. Again I did as he said. It had a tingling effect and I was again using the vibrator. IHe could see that I was starting to cum and I saw he had a camera in his hand and was clicking away. I was too far gone to stop and orgasmed like never before. Now bitch suck my cock, he instructed. I was suprised how small his cock was. It was only about 4" erect. I did as I was told. He was still clicking away with his camera. Now back to the bedroom and lie on the bed, he said. I lay on the bed, expecting him to jump on top of me, but was once again wrong. He handed me a rather large rabbit and told me to use it. He was still clicking away as I came for a second time. He told me to role over. he then grabbed my feet and pulled me down the bed, until my feet were on the floor and he was positioned behind me. I thought that we were now going to do it doggy fashion, as I did with Dave. Wrong again. He didn't want my pussy, he wanted my arse. I've never done anal before and was quite concerned at how much it would hurt. He fingered me first and had put some sort of gel onto his finger. It had a numbing effect and when he eventually entered me, I didn't feel any pain. Brian was still clicking away with his camera. As he was fucking my arse, he was also pounding me with the rabbit and I came again, just seconds before he shot his load into me. We both collapsed onto the bed.

The whole event only took an hour and we were back downstairs at reception. Brian said to the receptionist, we'll be back after dinner, see you then. That was certainly a shock to me, as I thought it would be a quickie and that would be it. We went outside and Brian said, meet me back in the room at 7.00. I said but what do I say to John. Tell him your going to one of your friends for a drink, but if there's a problem I could always have a word with him. Knowing what he meant, I really didn't have an option, so agreed.

I went home and had a shower. I must admit I had enjoed it and thought about what I'd done, then I remembered about the open curtains and the office block opposite. i had been too carried away at the time to even think about it. 6.30 came and off I went back into town, dressed in the same clothes. Again going between the car park and hotel perked up my nipples. I entered the hotel expecting just to jump in the lift and go to the room, but instead the receptionist I'd seen earlier called me over and said there was a message for me. I took the envelope and opened it then went to the lift. Brian was playing games with me now. The message read. Helen you looked great naked, go up to the top floor first and then come down to our floor and while your doing that remove all your clothes. I thought to myself, I can't do that, what if someone sees me, but I knew I had to do as I was told, so did exactly that. The lift arrived at our floor and I got out completely naked, with my clothes and shoes in my arms. I went to the room and knocked at the door. I heard Brian say, just a minute. But the bastard kept me waiting for ages before he eventually opened the door.

He was fully dressed, took my hand and led me over to the window and asked me what I saw. What I saw was a group of office workers having a drinks reception. Of course it was now dark outside the room lights were on, as were the offices opposite. Brian took my hand and led me to the bed and handed me the rabbot again, telling me to get cracking. I did exactly as he said and was away with the fairies again. I was just reaching the top of my orgasm when Brian said you have an audience, Helen, would you like to stop. I looked over and there must have been at least 15 men and women watching me. I was too far gone to stop. Brian knew exactly what he was doing. I came like a train. He went over to the window and closed the curtains. OK, he said, that's it get dressed. I wondered what he was playing at, but did as I was told. We went down to reception, handed in our key cards and Brian said to the receptionist book us in for next Thursday will you. Certainly Mr Smith. We went to the car park and I asked him why he'd booked us in for next week, because I thought it was just a one off. he answered by saying, Helen you are very photogenic and I'm sure John would love to see you in action, if that's what you want. I had no choice but to agree. He set the time to meet, again in reception and told me that I should wear a pair of shiny black leggings, with a pair of 5 inch pattent black heels and a low cut thin black top, all of which Brian would buy and drop off for me. I think I'll look a bit like prostitite, but how can I refuse now. We'll see what happens.