Written by Helen

3 Feb 2014

Well the Brian was true to his word, he bought the clothes he wanted me to meet him in and dropped them off at the house. Thank goodness he did it when hubby was at work, otherwise I would have had a bit of explaining to do. The day came and I started to get ready for my ‘night out’. A nice shower and shave and then to put on the new outfit. Took everything out of their packaging and started with the leggings. Now as I said before, I’m a size 12 but Brian had bought a size 10, so to say they were neat fitting was an understatement, all I could think was thank goodness I’m wasn’t wearing any underwear. The top was almost as bad. Black opaque and low cut, where you could see half of my breasts and if I’d pulled it down a little further would have had my nipples on display. The final piece was the shoes. I’ve never worn shoes so high before, it felt a little wobbly, but I managed. I looked in the mirror and wondered how much I would charge if I went on the game. The only thing missing was bright red lipstick which I ladled on. So it was coat on, so the neighbours wouldn’t see and off in the car to the hotel.

I parked up in the car park next to the hotel, took my coat off and put it in the boot and went to the hotel. I went to the reception, where the usual male receptionist was on duty. He said good evening Mrs Smith, you look tasty tonight and then handed me an envelope. I opened it up and read the contents, which gave me instructions for the evening. I had to walk down to the harbour front and stand outside a particular pub, which I knew was frequented by prostitutes. I was to be there at a particular time and I would be picked up by Brian. He kept me waiting in the cold for 20 minutes, during which time I had cars stopping to proposition me, cars honking their horns at me. Three guys who were going into the pub asked if I could manage all of them for £100. I got into Brian’s car and we drove off. I asked where we were going and he said you’ll see. After about a 15 minute drive we arrived at the city’s 5 star hotel. We parked up and went in. Brian checked us is in and I was being eyed up by everyone around. He beckoned me over and asked me what my name was, the reception staff heard, as did the 2 other people checking. It was obvious he wanted them to think I was a pick up. We went over to the lift and up to our floor. He stood behind me and put his hands onto my breasts, tweaking my nipples quite hard and pulling them out of my blouse. This whole episode was turning me on and I could feel myself getting quite damp. The lift stopped at our floor and he took his hands away, but before I could cover myself up, he led me out of the lift. Thank goodness no one was about.

We went into our room and he told me to stand by the bed. He took some scarves out of the bag he brought with him. He then took out his camera and told me to start undressing and as I did he was busy clicking away. He then told me to lie on the bed and he took the scarves and tied them to the bed and then my wrists and ankles. He blindfolded me and I could hear the camera clicking. I felt his fingers going into my pussy which was now soaking wet and I knew I was close to cuming. He took his fingers away and replaced them with my favourite vibrator, I came immediately it started to vibrate. There was a knock at the door and obviously Brian opened it. The vibrator was still buzzing away inside me and I knew there was someone else now in the room. I could hear whispering and just as I was starting to come again the vibrator was removed. Someone was climbing on top of me and a cock was now pushing at the entrance to my pussy. It entered me quickly and I realised immediately that it wasn’t Brian, it was too big. It felt wonderful and I came after a few moments. After about 5 minutes the guy came inside me and he was gushing. He climbed off me and moments later I heard the door open and close. Brian undid the scarves , but left the blindfold on. He helped me up from the bed and positioned me where he wanted me, told me to spread my legs and to start fingering myself. I did as he said. Again as I was just about to cum he took the blindfold off and there I was standing in front of the window. It was dark outside with no buildings overlooking, so I assumed I was safe. Brian told me to get cleaned up and dressed. We then left the room and headed for reception. Brian handed in the key, thanked the receptionist and we headed for the door. As we were about to leave a porter came up to me and thanked me for such a great fuck, saying he looked forward to doing it again when I came back to the hotel and could suggest another porter if I ever wanted a threesome. Brian drove me back to the car park of the budget hotel so I could pick up my car. He said he would send me some photos through when he got home, together with instructions for our next meet.

I’m getting really concerned, after seeing the photos, I’m starting to get hooked on what this guy is doing to me. I’m starting to get a thrill out of it and am now looking forward to tomorrow’s meeting with him.