Written by Kath

22 May 2016

My previous post was actually written a few days earlier but l couldn't send it as we were having internet problems. Last week we were having a break in Cornwall, we regularly hire a cottage near St.Agnes as we go there two or three times a year. It does have internet but it is very iffy.

After our recent trip to Bruges and my session with Peter, then the gangbang in Thetford Forrest we decided to get away and take stock of how things are developing. Both Dave and l felt that we were drifting into a more advanced, darker side of the sex world and we wanted to spend some time just relaxing in some beautiful surroundings while we worked out if that was where we really wanted to go.

My session with Peter was the most painful sex session l have ever experienced yet even thinking of it now makes my pussy pulsate and my juices start to flow, We have enjoyed bondage for years and we both get turned on by being whipped and experiencing the pleasure of pain but this took it to a new level and both of us felt the increase in excitement that came with it. Then of course there was the humiliation and pain l went through in the Forrest and the excitement l felt then and we knew we would have to decide whether to go further down that road.

We had been in Cornwall almost the week, l hadn't had sex with anyone else but Dave since the Forrest and most of our sex had been the gentle, loving kind. Having said that, he reads me so well that he had bought his bag of equipment that Peter had given him as he knew l would need tuning up now and again. Consequently we had a couple of sessions when he tied up my tits and tied me to a hook above the door while he caned and whipped me, getting progressively harder to see where my threshold is. I have some bright red lines on my tits, bum and belly that prove l haven't reached it yet, l should add that he has a few as well as it is something we both enjoy.

Almost every evening we walked down to the local pub, we are well known there, l should say that we have never been tempted to play games in the local area as most of the locals know us and that would spoil the atmosphere. We had met another couple there earlier in the week, Jack and Fiona were older than us, both in their mid seventies and were staying on a caravan site near our cottage.

We had had a few short conversations with them so when we saw them there on Friday we asked them to join us. They are a lovely couple with a great sense of humour and we were all very relaxed with each other.

Dave and l are very touchy freely people and we will constantly make contact with each other without thinking, Dave also likes to give my tits a sneaky squeeze when he thinks no-one will notice and l admit l love that. Anyway, both the men had gone for a game of darts so l was left chatting to Fiona when she mentioned that she had seen Dave having a sneaky feel, she asked me outright if we were sexually active despite our age. I just told her we were very active, that Dave and l had sex at least once a day, usually more. She said she thought that was wonderful "Jack and l used to be" she said, "but we're past it now, we have our cuddles but we haven't had sex for a few years"

I told her that l hoped that would never happen to us. Then she threw me a curve ball, "We used to be quite wild" she said, "we even got into what they called the swinging scene, we were members of a club, have you ever heard of that"

I told her that we had been members of a group a few years ago then l decided to tell her about our present life. She sat there open mouthed as l told her about my dogging sessions, how l regularly had sex with a string of men and sometimes women and how l loved to get fucked in all three holes. I could tell my account was having an effect on her, she asked if l got many men interested at my age and l told her that age didn't seem to be a problem once they realised they could use me for their fantasies.

"My god Kath" she said, "that sounds so exciting, l wish l'd had the courage to do something like that years ago. Our swinging sessions were mild by comparison, mostly oral or straight sex, one man had me in my bottom once and after the initial pain l quite liked it but it never happened again. You've made me quite wet now, l'd better pop to the toilets and sort myself out"

I said " Better than that, why don't you both come back to our cottage and we have some fun together ?"

Fiona laughed and said Jack would never agree to that but l said for her to leave it to me to try to persuade him.

When the men came back l didn't waste much time, telling Dave that Fiona had told me they had been swingers years ago, Jack looked at her quite shocked but l quickly told him that Dave and l had been swingers but that now Dave often arranged for me to be fucked by groups of men. I could tell Dave could see where this was heading and joined in suggesting that Fiona was still good looking with a decent figure and that she would get plenty of action if she went dogging.

Fiona was obviously a bit nervous, talking like this to Jack, but the excitement was written across her face so l decided to take it further.

"I've suggested you both come back to our place and we get naked and have fun together, what do you say Jack, do you fancy fucking me ?"

Jack was obviously taken off guard but l could see the interest in his eyes so l didn't give him time to think, l said we should head back now as my pussy was itching for some cock. He was getting flustered at my language but l could tell he was excited by it so we drank up and left. It was about half a mile to our cottage and l linked arms with Jack as Dave took Fiona. The lane is quite dark with only the occasional light, we had just left the village when l started feeling for Jack's cock, he soon caught on and started feeling my tits so l undid my blouse and popped them out of my bra, loving the cool air on my nipples. He was quick to start playing with them as l managed to get his cock out which was nice and hard, about eight inches and quite thick. We had lost a bit of ground on Dave and Fiona but soon caught up when he suddenly pushed Fiona up against a wall and l could see he had her tits out and one hand up her skirt. He turned to us and told us to carry on as he was going to fuck Fiona at which Jack said that he wanted to fuck me too so we could both do it together.

I never wear panties anyway but Fiona's were quickly dispensed with as us girls were pinned against the wall side by side and unceremoniously fucked, both of us having our tits mauled in the process. Jack came in me quickly, l was nowhere near but l could hear Fiona urging Dave to fuck her harder and then gave a squeal as she came when he unloaded into her.

Once we had calmed down we decided to get to the cottage as quickly as possible, we must have looked quite a site, neither of us girls bothered to cover our tits and both men had their cocks out, l was leading Jack by his cock and he kept making a grab for my tits and l could see the others doing the same.

No sooner were we inside the cottage than both us girls were naked, Fiona is a bit chunky but not flabby her tits sag quite a bit but they are full and heavy the type Dave loves, her pussy was quite hairy though which Dave hates but she said she stopped shaving when the sex stopped but Dave said we would sort that out later. Jack was like a man possessed, his hands were all over me as l managed to undress him then l got on my knees and took him into my mouth, his cock was salty from his cum when he'd fucked me but despite his age he was hard and ready for more. I could see Dave and Fiona were naked, Fiona was on her back on the dining table, legs open as Dave had his tongue up her cunt licking his own cum out, she was loving it, telling him to go deeper as she pulled at his hair, then telling him to fuck her again.

I had Jack's cock good and hard and nice and slippery so l got up and bent over the table next to Fiona and told him to fuck me up my arse, he didn't need asking twice and l felt him nudging at my rosebud. He was being gentle but l told him to stick it in and fuck me hard and as he'd started to enter me l pushed back hard, taking him deep into my arse hole.

Fiona was in ecstasy as Dave was working on her cunt but she suddenly told him to stop saying she wanted him up her bum too. He stood up and told her to suck his cock then told her to bend over next to me, she was obviously much tighter than me and Dave took his time inching the first couple of inches into her, we were very close and l reached over and pulled her closer kissing her deeply, our tongues searching for each other as we both enjoyed having our arses filled.

I tried to slow Jack down so that we could both be fucked in time as Dave started to get deeper into Fiona then began to quicken his strokes. I could feel her taking the pain but as she relaxed under my kissing her body began to feel the pleasure.

Jack was pumping away in my bum and Dave told him to give me some hard slaps on my bum, this spurred him on and he was soon filling me with cum. Fiona meanwhile was getting close to an orgasm and Dave took her there with one final lunge as he came inside her.

There is far more to this story so will continue later.