19 May 2008

sarah and i have just returned from a week-end away to Bridlington ,and we picked a sea front hotel.We had a second floor room, we strolled down the front to asses the pubs and the talent for my wife. she wore jeans and a tight t-shirt, uplift bra giving the best effect of a full cleavage. sarah got a few drinks down her before asking the two older men who were playing cribage how to play this . sit down and we\'ll show you. i stayed near the bar, the older one of the men said my names ken ,this is my mate graham, i\'m sarah, right lets carry on .They played for ages and then asked if she got the hang of it yet. she said i think so.we\'ll do you want to play for a pint. i\'ll play for anything she said Don\'t tempt me graham said as you would loose you shirt if we played for real.Right she said i want to play you for real. she said i\'m renting a flat up the prom you and ken better come back and we\'ll play there. i have never seen two men supp their pints as fast.The three of them walked out of the pub and up the road, i followed behind at a good distance and waited till they entered the flat, Sarah then came to the window and gave me the thumbs up. she never closed the curtains , i could not see them play as they were too high, but every now and then Sarah came passed the windowas ,i was on the prom,i got a great eyefull as she walked to and fro she was loosing i saw her walk passed in her bra, 10mins later she walked passed with nothing on her top half.i rang her mobile and she answered it, she said to me tes love i\'m tired so i\'m staying in to get a early night,she was saying this as not to make the guys suspicious she said no i wont\' be up late i\'m nearly ready for bed, goodnight love.she hung up and then back to the table she lost all the hands and all the clothes she had on.The guys said right then ,one more hand ,winner takes all . she was dealt a hand and of course lost,she was told she had to take us in her mouth and let us cum in her , she nelt on the floor and they soon had their cocks out and she cupped their balls and the two of them empted their balls down her throat. they said they want to fuck her but there married and don\'t want to get involved in sex so a blow job is just fine. It was another 15 mins before they came out of the flat, they said to her that if you want another game you know the pub were in and we normaly drink with 2 more people so keep that in mind and they left . I walked past them and heard one say that was great best night for ages. I let myself in and she greeted me with cum on her cheek and hair, Good time was it i said, could be better she said i kissed her fully on the lips and i tasted the salti-ness of the cum. we talked for ages and she\'s going to see them again before we go home.better be quick as were only here for the week-end . oh i\'ll be quick alright ...