Written by sluttyjen

27 Aug 2011

Hi I’m jenny 41 years old live in Cheshire with my husband Tom, sons Mark and Luke Tom is a director of a global company based in Europe and makes money that most top footballers would be envious of, Mark my youngest son is at six form college while my eldest son Luke is at Warwick university and has just ended his first year. I take you back 18 months ago when Luke got his placement and Tom and myself began looking for accommodation for him around about the university campus, we looked at umpteen which where all like doss houses, Then Tom came up with the idea of buying a house and renting the rooms out to other students and would also do for Mark if he reached uni a win win situation we thought.

We didn’t have to look very long before we found the house we required a four bedroomed semi with a loft conversion Tom paid cash for the property so I didn’t take long for the deal to be finalized and we immediately got some building work done to make it into six bedrooms, a big lounge and kitchen diner. We didn’t get around to decorating it before the first term started but even then it was better than any squats we’d seen in our search. We put an advert in the local paper for the rooms we had to rent and was surprised how quick we filled them leaving Luke to vet the people applying.

It was only a month later that I slipped a disc in my back and was laid up for months after the first year of Luke’s university life I was feeling better due to a minor operation and loads of physio

But when Tom decided to book a holiday to south America visiting 5 different countries my heart sank being sat on an aeroplane for so long was not for me, I said I would only be a hindrance to you you’ll be far better if just you and the boys went, but what will you do for the four weeks without us Tom said, Well I’ve been thinking that I may go down the house while the boys are all away spruce the place up maybe get some new curtains and soft furnishings well if it makes you happy then he said, Then the time came and I took Tom and the boys to the airport waving them off before returning home.

The next day I loaded up the car with cleaning materials and painting equipment and off I went arriving at 2.30pm on the Saturday afternoon, I entered the front door and made my way through to the kitchen being surprised just how clean and tidy the boys had left it. I unloaded the car and took my case up to Luke’s bedroom I immediately started work I took all the curtains down and disposed of any which were threadbare putting any others in the washer as I was switching the washer on I suddenly realised that Luke hadn’t switched the power of at the mains, something we had told him to do whenever he left the house during terms, Once all the curtains had been washed I decided to start on the bedding the first bedroom I entered the bed had been stripped of all blankets just the linen was left I picked it up and headed for the next room I was amazed to see the bed was just left unmade as though someone had slept in it the night before. that’s students for you I thought, by the time 7pm arrived all the bedding was washed and dried so I jumped in the shower before settling down to watch TV for the night. After showering I walked out of the bathroom not bothering to cover my body thinking I had the house to myself. As I walking along the landing I nearly jumped out of my skin as I was meet with a tall black guy stalk naked with earphones on holding on to an iPod he spotted me and nearly passed out who the fuck are you he asked, pulling the earphones from his ears, I could ask you the same thing I said, I live here just ask Luke if you don’t believe me, well I’m Luke’s mother and he didn’t say anyone would be here over the next few weeks

Well I’m sorry but I couldn’t get a flight back to Nigeria he said, I was still in shock not even trying to cover my private parts and he was the same, his eyes by this time had started to look me up and down and he was starting he get a semi on, sorry mam he said you sure got a nice body there, Well if I have to say it myself I do keep in good shape going to the gym two or three times a week especially since my back op. Well we can’t stand here naked all evening I better get dressed I said, well don’t mind me he said, It suits me fine to see you naked, I could see by his cock he meant it, and I was being turned on knowing it was me that was causing it, I think you better get in a cold shower don’t you I said, yeah you might be right he replied, and I walked off to Luke’s room once there I felt pretty horny feeling my pussy and it’s dampness, working my fingers on my clit giving me an instant orgasm, I got dress in my housecoat with just a pair of briefs and made my way downstairs The tall black guy was in the kitchen making a sandwich Sorry to startle you he said, I’m Joshua, well I’m Jenny Luke’s mum please to meet you I said , So your home alone hey Joshua, well yeah he said but Gary’s back in two weeks so I’ll have company then, how long are you here jenny, oh that depends on how long it takes to do the makeover, Well I can give you some help if you want, yeah that will be great I said, I’ve got beers and wine in the fridge if you want to join me, yeah I’d love that I said, We sat drinking watching TV and talking I was feeling quite comfortable in his company and getting quite tipsy from the drink, as I got up to go to the bathroom my housecoat fell open and my breast fell out, Joshua notice them saying let me help you with them, standing and grabbing my ample tits with his hands, I responded by kissing him full on the lips in seconds my housecoat was off and I was once again naked apart from my skimpy briefs his hands teased my nipples causing them to grow and feel so responsive, I slowly lowered my hand down to his crotch my god I had never felt so horny in years, his cock was so big I just had to have it, his hands by this time was pulling at my briefs tearing them off, what he did then I will remember for the rest of my life he grabbed me around the waist and swung me over so my feet were pointing to the ceiling and my head was level with this massive cock, he then buried his face into my pussy and began to lap at my cunt lips teasing my clit in the bargain, orgasm after orgasm he gave me, meanwhile I had started sucking the tip of his giant tool something I had never ever done to even my husband of 22 years, I just did what I thought was right and I must have been pretty good as he began to cum in my mouth it tasted good as it hit the back of my throat, it was my first mouthful of cock and my first mouthful of cum, my head was still spinning as he turned me back upright kissing me roughly as he did his fingers back into juicy cunt making me squirm and cum once again, Right jenny how ja like ya cock he asked, I just didn’t care how I begged, He could do with me as he wanted, Sit on the arm of the settee he ordered, I did as he asked opening my legs slightly and feeling my juices flowing out, he walk towards me his cock sticking out like a barbers pole, my god I thought would I be able to take this oversize love stick, he offered the tip to the entrance of my soaking wet pussy I shivered as I felt it entering bit by bit, he feed it in just going up and up, I looked down to see half was in but I knew I could take more, I looked up at Joshua our eyes met, please can I have some more, Yes you can have it all and he entered even more, All my back problems disappeared as he began to thrust his giant cock all the way into my well-oiled cunt, I had lost count of the number of orgasms I had, but I knew that I was about to have even more, Then Joshua began groaning before withdrawing his giant cock and juiced all my belly and tits. All that night we fucked like two rabbits I was like a whore on heat and I loved it, Early Sunday morning I woke to find Joshua wasn’t beside me in bed, I got up and made my way to the bathroom it was then I heard Joshua’s voice he was on his mobile phone, I stopped to listen to his conversation No Vinnie I’ve told you Luke’s mother is staying here for the next few weeks so there’s no way you can crash out here, yeah I know I said it would be Ok, but it’s not now all I can say is sorry, I carried on to the bathroom to shower before being joined by Joshua we fucked once again while showering before starting to decorate the house. Joshua concentrated on the ceiling and I did the walls, having a glance over at him from time to time and thinking of our next fuck, we knocked off for lunch and I asked him who was he talking to on the phone that morning oh it was my cousin Vinnie I smirked thinking of the film. And what did he want I asked, nothing he said he was just asking if I knew where there was any hotels in the Solihull area, Why where doe’s he live at the moment I asked, Nottingham but he’s looking for work around this area labouring for pocket he replied, how long for I asked, about four or five weeks he replied, Well he could stop here for free if he don’t mind chipping in with the decorating, Right then I’ll ring him and tell him he’ll be made up, I went off to B & Q To get more paint, When I got back Joshua told me he had contacted Vinnie and said he would be down on Monday night, We continued fucking like rabbits whenever we weren’t painting the more he fucked me the better it felt, Monday morning we decided to have a day out at Stratford upon Avon, before arriving back at around five, Vinnie had already landed and was sat on the doorstep waiting for our return he stood up and greeted Joshua before hugging and thanking me for the offer of digs.

He was taller than Joshua and slightly bigger built, as we entered the house I couldn’t help to notice the size of his bag he certainly travelled light, can I get a shower he asked, yeah upstairs second door to the left, A little later I heard him shout Joshua and he went up to see what he wanted, Joshua then returned saying that he had no clean clothes to wear I said I would look in the bedrooms to see what the others had left, I eventually found some lycra shorts and a pretty large shirt in one of the wardrobes I took it down to the room where Vinnie was he was stood there with a towel wrapped around his waist. here you are I said these should be ok for tonight we can get you something better tomorrow, right thanks jenny he said, and I walked out and made my way back downstairs Myself and Joshua prepared Dinner before Joshua called up to Vinnie to say that it was ready, I was sat facing the door as Vinnie entered, My eyes opened wide and my mouth dropped open he was there dressed in the lycra shorts and shirt I had found him but it was what he had in the shorts that drew my attention hanging loose down his left side was the biggest bulge I’ve ever seen, Fucking hell those shorts don’t hide your big dick that good Joshua said, what do you say Jenny, I laughed, No a suit of armour couldn’t hide that, …………………………to be continued.