Written by Tana

2 Mar 2016

I'm a traditional British Asian housewife with a gorgeous husband but he can be such a pain sometimes. We have argued loads recently over petty little things and it has really pissed me off. Last week his older brother popped round to drop some tools off whilst my hubby was at work. He came in and we had a cup of tea and started chatting, he isn't as good looking as my hubby but certainly very handsome. We had a bit of banter and he asked what living with his little brother was like so I said it's great especially the sex but I was missing it as we had been arguing. He siad it was a shame and started flirting with me being extremely complementary. I felt a little uneasy so I went upstairs making an excuse. He followed me upstairs and told me not to be worried and apologised but strangely I felt drawn to him. We started kissing and before I knew it I was stripped naked and he had his hands all over me and was sucking my big 34EE tits. He threw me on the bed and quickly started licking me out and he was very good with his mouth!!! It wasn't long before he spread my legs wide and started fucking me hard and rough, I know it's wrong but the feeling of my hubby's brother fucking me felt so good, he bent me over and fucked me up the ass which I fucking love. He cummed loads and could feel it running out of me which was amazing. After he finished he quickly got dressed and left but I have a feeling it won't be the last time x