Written by Pams hubby

20 Sep 2018

After the birthday celebrations, Pam and I decided to slow down on our extramarital games.

No male visitors, only Joyce became a regular visitor to the flat, enjoying ffm fun.

I must confess Joyce and I grew closer, and enjoyed some fun without Pam being involved.

She was quite a contrast to Pam, slender with small breasts with nice pink nipples, shaved pussy and a really nice arse.

Her husband was still oblivious to her playing away days, as she used Pam as her side kick and excuse.

Just like Pam, Joyce was very much the slut, never said no to any request.

Anal was a favourite but loved any form of sex.

Pam knew of our meets and approved, as she had a play date or two herself.

One night in bed Pam confided in me that she wanted to go to a swingers club with her latest beau.

No problem I said, when are you going, and do I know who with.

Friday evening she said, and his name is Howard, you have not met him yet.

We have not had sex yet, we have only met for coffee, but I like him and he has asked me to the club.

In my mind I was making arrangements to meet Joyce again, but I did ask for the full details when she came home.

The day arrived and Pam said Howard was picking her up from the flat at 8pm, so she had invited him to meet me.

I told Pam that Joyce was visiting on Friday, and she would probably be here at the same time.

Great she said.

Joyce arrived at 7.30 and Pam showed her the outfit for tonight's visit to the club.

Red bra, thong and black hold up stockings. You look good enough to eat said Joyce.

I hope Howard thinks so too, she said laughing.

Make sure Steve treats you tonight, as he has been deprived in the bedroom. I wanted to save my self for Howard tonight.

I am sure Steve and I will have a great time together, said Joyce.

Doorbell rings and Pam answered the door, in walks this mountain of a man, no more than 35 years old, well over 6 feet tall, powerful build, and as black as any man I have ever seen before.

Howard is from Africa originally, but has lived in England for the past 5 years.

Hand shakes all round, then they are away. Have a great night said Joyce and I.

As this is a story about Pam, I will skip the next 3hours with Joyce and tell the tale of Pam and Howard's night at the club.

Joyce left at about 11 pm, and as I didn't expect Pam back home until the early hours, I had a shower then bed.

At about 3 am I heard talking in the living room, I climbed out of bed walked into the room expecting to see Pam with Howard, but I was greeted by Pam and two other black guys, all naked and fucking Pam in cunt and mouth.

I was spotted and Pam said hi babe, I brought Jez and Louis back for some fun. I hope you don't mind.

Enjoy your self I said, I hope you don't mind me watching.

For the next 45 minutes or so the two guys used Pam like the slut she is.

After they left Pam and I talked about her new fetish for black guys.

Pam said the club she and Howard went to, was full of white women and black men.

The BMFC is the black mans fan club, and I am now a true black cock lover.

Howard and I fucked in the club and another two black guys had me as well. Watching the other women take black cock was so sexy, I just wanted more and more. We fucked in a group room were we watched, swapped and fucked the people in there. I have never had so many orgasms, it was fantastic.

I am really happy you had a good time babe, but what about us ? I asked.

Nothing has changed between you and me she said, we will always have a good sex life but Howard says I can only have sex with black guys when I play.

No more 3 somes with you, me and other men. I will only have extra sex with Howard and his friends, and from now on Howard will make my meetings. I am his slut to do as he pleases. Please don't try to talk me out of this, it is what I want.

You can still play away with Joyce or who ever you want, but leave me out.

I was devestated, my marriage was folding, and there was nothing I could do to fix this.

Pam and I stayed together for another 6 months, before she moved out to live with one of her black lovers.

We still see each other, and I fuck her when she visits, but she remains a black cock slut, and she loves it.

Thanks for all the comments in our little saga.

Of the end