Written by Pams hubby

17 Sep 2018

As the weeks passed, Pam and I settled back into the pre Sanjay period. Meeting men for mmf fun and the odd full swap couple.

My birthday was approaching and Pam asked what I wanted for my present. I told her to surprise me.

Ok she said I will. She refused to tell me what it was, so I sulked and hoped it was something sexy.

The day arrived and Pam bathed and shaved me, dried me then started to suck my aching cock.

Your present will be here just before 1pm, so no more BJs for you.

My cock refused to deflate with the excitement I thought was to come.

Pams phone pinged and she read the message."really sorry to let you down Pam, but my husband has come home early from work, and I can't get out to play"

Sorry babe but your present has cancelled and can't make it.

Bugger, I said that's disappointing. What did you have in mind for me?

She had arranged for her friend Joyce to come and entertain me in a FFM threesome. Which she knows is my favourite swinging fun.

Joyce had been to our flat several times but never played with us, even though I have fancied her for ages. We knew her husband wasn't a swinger, and knew nothing about Joyce's away day games.

I will make it up to you Steve, tell me what you would like and we can do it tonight.

Ok babe I said, let me think and I will let you know later.

I went looking on line for some fun, as a treat for me and Pam after the let down in the afternoon.

Now I have always wanted to watch Pam to have a group of men fuck her repeatedly. (Many men's fantasy I think) But never something Pam wanted to try. She had 3 guys before including me, but never anymore than 3.

As I was on line I got a message off 1 of our male friends. He wanted to know if Pam and I were up for some mmf fun.

An idea came to mind. I answered Peter and asked if he had a friend or 3 who he could bring to the flat tonight.

With in half an hour I had a definite 4 men coming tonight at 8pm for a " gang bang"

At 7.30 after some hours of pestering from Pam about my present, I told her I had arranged a bit of fun for tonight.

I asked her to dress in her stockings and heels, and be ready in the bedroom.

The door bell rang, Peter and his friend Alan, were waiting. Inviting them in Pete said the other 2 will be her soon.

I got the guys a beer and we chatted for 5 minutes, the doorbell rang again, it was Brian (Duracell man)and his friend George.

Beers all around, I excused my self and found Pam in the bedroom prepared and lying on the bed, playing with her Rabbit.

Blindfold on babe I said, I have a treat for both you and me. I left her kneeling on the bed asking me what was going on.

Just enjoy, I said then I went and got Peter, come with me Pete, and don't say a word, even if Pam askes your name. Ok, I want Pam to wonder who is fucking her, you guys can follow in 5 minutes.

Pam is ready, so I just want you to climb on the bed and fuck her, no foreplay just straight in.

The site that greeted us was fantastic, arse in the air and cunt wet and ready.

Pete stripped off his clothes and pushed his inches straight in.

Mmmmm said Pam I thought you might have a surprise for me, tell me who it is. No I said, just enjoy your self.

Alan Brian and George were watching at the door, all now stripped and wanking their cocks awaiting their turn to fuck my wife.

Peter was pounding Pams wet cunt, she was moaning like the cock loving slut she is, I'm cumming she wailed, keep fucking me, harder you fucker harder.

I then moved around to the front of the bed, and turned Pams face towards my cock and told her to suck me. Blow jobs are a specialty of Pams, After several minutes I moved away and my place was taken by George. This is a big one said Pam, who's is it. She got no answer except, just suck slut.

Peter grunted and deposited a full load in to Pam, and as he pulled out Brian jumped the queue and forced his cock straight into Pams cunt.

Who the fuck is that Pam asked, how many of you are there. Never mind who or how many, I said, just enjoy.

I beckoned Alan forward and indicated he should join in the fun. George was loving the blowjob.

Alan was sucking Pams tits and rubbed her clit, as Brian pounded away. The next hour or so flew by, and Pam had several orgasms.

Pam took 4 loads of cum in her pussy and 3 down her throat with Alan cumming over her tits.

Her pussy was beginning to get sore after all the fucking, her tits were covered in love bites and her nipples were swollen, but she loved the excitement of it all, and she kept trying to guess the men's names.

To their credit the guys never gave their names, as few words were spoken.

When all of the guys had fucked Pam and had their cocks sucked, I called an end to the evening.

Before they left Pam still blindfolded, kissed all of the guys and thanked them for her first gangbang session.

Aafter they all left, Pam said, Well are you going to tell me who was fucking me? No babe it's for me to know and you to find out I said.

But what was your present ? She asked.

Watching you being fucked like a cum loving slut I said, and now I want to fuck your arse for my birthday.

Debt paid