Written by John

20 Oct 2009

I have just been reading some of the stories here and thought you might like to here what happened to us this year on holiday in France.

We only had a few days left of our holiday and were out shopping and there were huge crowd in this square waiting for some floats to come along we pushed to as near the front as we could and were waiting I had my arm around Carol and had gave her ass a quick feel as I kissed her she told me to behave there are people all around.

A few minutes later just as the parade started carol said i told you already I looked at her and said what are you talking about she said to stop feeling her bottom.

I looked round but nobody seemed to be touching her I said it wasn't me you must have just felt someone push past you she looked at me and said it was someone feeling me and I thought it was you, I looked round again to see if i could see who it was the only guy who was near us was a lot older than us and thought it couldn't have been him and gave carol a other quick feel and said ok lets see if it happens again, 5 minutes later carol squeezed my arm and i look round and the old guy was right behind her still with his hand on carols ass.

I told her you wont believe it the guy is about 60 behind you just then she seemed to hold her breath and close her eyes I asked her what was he doing she said he has just put his hand up her skirt and was rubbing her through her pants.

When i saw that she wasn't asking me to stop him i said open your legs a bit for him then to see what she would do and she just stepped a bit to the side I looked round to see him and he looked at me and smiled Carols face was a picture she was hanging on to my arm and kept closing her eyes I asked her what he was doing now she said he has puled her pants to the side and had his finger inside her.

i couldn't believe what we were doing here in the middle of a crowed we were surrounded and here was a stranger standing behind my wife with his hand up her skirt I put my hand down the front of her and I could feel his fingers sliding back and forth and she was so wet the front of her pants were sooking just then she just shook and i new she had just had a orgasm in the middle of this crowd.

The old guy must have new she had just cum when i looked round he was pushing through the crowd and left us standing there I said come on lets get out of here I was so horny and hard i couldn't wait to get her back to the hotel so I could fuck her

Back at the hotel we were both so horny it was the best fuck we had all holiday and kept saying I bet he wanted to put his cock where his fingers were and asking her if she would have let him.

The next few days I kept looking for somewhere there was a crowd wanting it to happen again but it didn't.

Now we are home I keep thinking where we could go so this could happen again maybe.