Written by sexcrazed

2 Feb 2011

I'm a young but sex crazed 19 yrs old receptionist for a large reputable parcel distributing company. At this place, various drivers work on a self employed basis and I am regularly been fucked by 4 of them. 2 are young and the other over 40. My pussy sometimes has 3 different cocks in it in one day. It usually happens in the back of their van or in a cheap hotel after their shift.

Let me share yesterday's fuck... Dave, a 43 yr, 6ft , well built and extremely well endowed, texted me during the day , telling me to meet him at a BB 2 mins away at 6pm. He is the most tender and extremely good fuck. Always makes me cum several times. My pussy was on fore all afternoon , think of his cock inside and we had text sex all afternoon. I made him wank in his van during drop offs. I too had a play with my pussy under the table. It was soaking ..

Come 5.30pm, I left checked in at the BB (already booked), took a nice long shower, shaven and wore his favourite underwear, black see through bras and tong. Rubbed myself with cream and had a play with myself... He texted to say 5mins.

He arrived, open the room door and he just grabbed me onto the bed, snogged me deep , his hands all over me. He was wearing his uniform , stumble and a bit sweaty.. I didn't care. I stripped him naked , wanted his 8inch in me. As usual , he wasted no time in climbing on top and shagging me rough (but safe). His thrusts are long and hard, his hand on my nipples (34d) and kissing me deep. He came very quickley and as usual he continued till i followed with a scream.

He then took a shower, shaved , while I recovered, ordered some food and watched some tv.

After our tea, I began to give him head, raising her semi hard cock. He just layed back and enjoyed my tongue all over his manhood.. Been muscular and big, he turned me round and in a 69 , he began to eat and lick me... The feeling of his warm tonque was beginning to make me cum again. So I sat on his cock facing him and like a doll began to ride him deep. His hand son my sides helping to take all his length. He was biting my nipples while i enjoyed his hot cock. I then bent over and he re entered me from behind which led him flicking my clit, while fucking and it lead to an almighty orgasm. he fucked me hard until he shot his 2nd load..

We both took another shower, he asked me to rub his whole body in gel and he took me again the shower wall..

We watched some more tv before he had to go. Dropped me off around the corner from home.