Written by zzz

17 Aug 2015

In the seventies we hadn't been married that long, we we're comfortably off, enough to be able to go away for the odd weekend. We flew to Paris,, a nice hotel nothing over the top but in our ,budget, we did the usual sightseeing tours, and boat trips, sat at the pavement cafe and watched the world go by, in the evening we went to a night club music and dancing, in those days people dressed up, no jeans or tracksuit bottoms. We danced and groped each other, I managed to get my hand up her dress as the lights had got dimmer later in the night, passed her stockings and into her Knickers. It felt so exciting with other people around, I thought she would stop me but she seemed as turned on as me, we sat back at our table ordered another drink, my hand was in between her legs above her stockings and suspenders, the waiter came back and I never moved my hand he put the drinks down and I slipped her dress a little higher just as her Knickers would be seen, I could see him looking he smiled and left. Are you enjoying our evening, yes this is something I've always wanted to do, why not tell me before I thought you may be upset, no I think it's such a turn on, at least we can now know that we can try different things, her dress was still up her knickers still on show, and her petticoat just on view.We stayed a little longer enough for me to push her knickers over and make her come, we got back to the hotel and both fell asleep immediately. The next morning our last, we left our bags and set off as our flight wasn't till later that night.We walked around as it was a nice but chilly day, we found a cafe and had coffee and brandy, we spoke about last night and couldn't believe we hadn't both realized that we liked what had happened, as we spoke I could feel an erection ,are you sure it wasn't the drink and atmosphere talking, no she said see the man over there, yes she undid her coat and opened her legs slightly and lifted her dress, after a while I could see him looking over, I went and ordered another drink. On the way back I walked behind him and got his view, I could see up her dress to her stockings and knickers. I sat back down and told her what a fantastic sight, now do you believe me.yes and we left we went for lunch and spoke about our weekend away and how we had got to know each other, she told me about her sex life with her previous boyfriend's in very graphic details, I was hard as a rock, we paid and left, I needed to touch her and come, we passed a small cinema and went in the lady said did we realize this was showing porno, we paid our francs and entered it was quite large and we found our seats, to our surprise there we're a few couples around and a few single men. The film was pretty awful and most of the couples seemed to be interested in each other, we saw one of the single men move closer to a couple we thought to watch what they we're up to. She had undone her coat and pulled her dress up, she knew how Randy I was and why we had come here, I wonder weather we would get a watcher would you like that, I think so, and you oh yes, we made it quite obvious we we're touching and kissing, her petticoat was up over her stockings and her knickers we're moved over while my fingers were inside her, she undid my trousers and started to wank me, someone had moved in front of us and could see what we are up to, do you want to stop, no I feel quite safe here, she opened her legs more and we could see him turn completely around, I moved my hand down the top of her knickers and moved them down a little, we could see him openly wanking which turned her on, I can't last any longer She moved her petticoat over and wanked me into the lacy hem. We left and headed for the airport,and cought our plane ,we spoke about our weekend and said it had opened both of our eyes, it only goes to to show we don't know what we are missing if you don't talk, she did wank me again on the plane.