Written by Yvonne

5 Aug 2007

Hi my name is Yvonne. I wrote last week and got a bit of a kicking by one of the commenters, I wanted to put the record straight this week.

My post was very genuine but I had to write it very quickly as I share my room with my boyfriend and it would not have gone down very well if he had seen it.

continue, after the first incident which I wrote about I was intrigued and a little excited about what I could get up to given the chance.

The guy who had fucked me before had mentioned while he helped me to buton up my dress that a lot of men hung around the park and while most of them were gay some were looking for a nice bit of pussy like me.

The following Saturday I went shopping and on my way home I coulldn\'t resist going through the park. I noticed a few cars in the parking lot near the toilets, in spite of myself I went into the ladies, I finished what I was doing and was going to leave when I saw a bloke in the entrance, it was the same one who had fucked me the week before.

He said hello and said you must like it here if you came back, I replied that I just needed a wee, he said yeah okay,he moved towards me and grabbed my arm and pulled me into one of the cubicles.

I was wearing a wrap around skirt and top with a press stud at the back, he started to kiss me and before I could start to enjoy it he pulled me out of the cube and towards the toilet entrance, it was quiet outside and starting to get dark.

Once he knew no one was around outside he marched me to the mens toilet next door.

He pulled me inside and their was a number of men in there, I heard him say I told you she was hot, suddenly there was what it seemed like a hundred hands all over me, they had my skirt off in seconds and also my top, I was being groped by these men dressed only in my shoes and stockings.

I was being touched and finger fucked by all of them, one of them said lets fuck her so they lifted me up and had me against the wall, one guy opened his pants and took out his penis , I reached down and pulled it towards my fanny, he slipped in and fucked me till we both came, while he was fucking me one of the others had been touching my arse and his finger was right up there.

I have a couple more toilet stories to share if you would like.