Written by Andrew

9 Dec 2008

I wrote the Affair with a Bi twist on 05 Dec - I mentioned that Billy had a mate who was married descrete but also into dressing up .

During a recent bit of sucking fun with Billy he said he was going to his static caravan in Rhyl for the weekend and did I fancy coming along ....... I said i couldnt the whole weekend but I could pop down in the afternoon .

Anyway I got a text from Billy saying his mate was coming up and there may be a 3rd well I was well turned on .... i made some excuses to my good lady and in the afternoon i headed to Rhyl ...... I text Billy when i arrived at the caravan park and he met me and walked me to his caravan .

He said his 2 mates had been there about an hour or so but they were not shy .... when i entered the caravan they werent in the living room area of the caravan they were in the bedroom part , Billy shouted to his friends and then he said to me to look at these dirty bastards , I walked over and both his mates were dressed up ( Mick ) was dressed like a secretary black wig , glasses , white blouse , pencil skirt and stay up black stockings with white french panties but they were on the bed ...... his mate ( Gary ) was dressed up like a naughty school girl , pig tale wig , blouse , pleated skirt and white thigh high socks he was fucking Mick up the arse for all he was worth and by the size of his cock Mick was not a anal virgin .

Gary said he wanted a cock in his mouth I dropped my pants and he greedly took me into his mouth and then as Mick was fucking he was sucking and moaning .

Billy sat down and was wanking I couldnt beleive that 2 hours earlier i was in work now I was getting sucked off by a skool girl cd slut and I was loving it .

I took my cock out of his mouth and Billy replaced his cock into Garys willing mouth .

Mick pulled out of Garys arse and Billy and Gary got into the 69 postion for some MM sucking . Mick went to the front of the caravan for a quick smoke i asked could i suck him he said carry on ....... he had a good hard cock which tasted of baby oil .... i was getting into my sucking stide and he put his hands on my head and with each thrust i was getting more and more of his cock in my throat .... it was great .

Then we heared Billy saying take your time give me a chance to relax when we went for a look Gary had half his cock up Billys arse ..... Billy told me he had wanted to be fucked but was waiting for the right time .

Well this was the time , with every inch the look on billys face was pain then he said it feels better now and Gary started fucking him ........ I jumped infront of Billy and said suck my cock which he did there he was getting spit roasted and he was loving it ...... Mick came next to me and billy went from cock to cock sucking while Gary was fucking him .

Billy said my arse is fully stretched he said Mick fuck me i want your big cock up me ...... it was a squeeze but billy took it all ..... he was fucking him doggie fashion i got under billys legs and took his cock in my mouth what a sight billy getting spit roasted by a cd skoolie and a secretary .

During the rest of the evening i sucked all the cocks and rimmed their arseholes.

Mick was a great cock sucker and he swalled my cum billy and Gary liked it spashed on their faces and bodies .

I was sucking 2 cocks together when Gary came in my mouth and i swallowed some of his spunk it was a great afternoon and i cant wait for round 2 .