Written by davecox69

6 Sep 2014

Hi if you read part 1 it will make more scents.

So here goes so i go to Jane mum and dads place they are away in Scotland.

Jane was so horny years of her folks tell her she couldn't do or do that.

Mum and dad away Jane starts to play when I walk in with a hard on.

My jeans being pushed out can I hold it she said I'm thinking yes you fucking can. then licked my bell end it's salty she said.

By now my hands are rubbing her bum and around to her pussy.

She loved it is I go down on her licked fanny and clit she tasted great her hips buck and moved all the time she let out cry's of joy and Jane had come for the first time that night first of many times.

But I said I'll do any thing.

But I'm a virgin you can not put you cock in me. Well she called it your penis.

I stayed all night and foreplay all night I came as she was sucking my cock I told her I was coming she didn't stop sucking but spat all my come out then licked my cock clean.

Licked her all over suck most of her your tit on the small size but when I sucked them wow Jane loved it.

I got up about 5 ish then home hoping no one would see me coming home at that time.

Walk the dog then some sleep on the settee.

Phone rings about 9 ish my mrs her dads not well I need to stay down at dads until weds morning he's going to the doctors and the mrs said she'd like to with him to see wot was going on with him. That's ok love I said thinking yyyyyyyeeeeeeessssss.

I was thinking I've got until weds morning to try and fuck Jane.

Phoned Jane about midday.

She said can I come over the your house oh shit I was thinking some one will see her.

I said i'll come to your house no i'd like to come to yours she said over again thinking

of your virgin pussy and how lovely she tasted i'll pick you up so I did'

She got in the car put her hand on my cock looked at me she had lovely blue eyes "Dave will you makelove to me".

I drove home like a F1 driver parked at the side of the house opened the side door get her in quick.

We kissed then our hands all over each other then see looked at me with big blue eyes your not going to hurt me are Dave.

No I said then Jane undid my jeans got my cock out sucked and lick she was going wild. I strip then she striped too.

I licked her she was so wet already got a condom put it on my cock,

Jane was on the settee slowly I got her legs pulled forwards to the edge so I could hold

close to me I line my cock and her fanny pushed but couldn't get it in that hurt she said

so I tried one more time but no way.

Thinking quickly I got some lube from up stairs put some on my cock some on her fanny tried again so no good I told her to relax the more you relax the easy it will be.

Then asked Jane would you like a glass of wine I don't drink just one I said it will help

so gave here a glass of wine rub her clit she came.

half hour or so goes back giving 2 glasses of wine by now shes so wet goes her on the settee as before cock lined up put my hands around her bum push my cock it hurts then pull with my hand it goes in wow she was so small pushed in all the ways slowly to start then a bit faster then faster Jane cry's out I coming so I bang harder.

This goes on for about 15 mins she must have came 5 times I could feel my self about to come so bang her as hard as I can she fucking loves I shoot my load felling the condom up with hot spunk.

We both hold each other wow it was the best sex I've ever had I like to know more just say and it's 100% true