Written by Bitch Boy

28 Jan 2008

This is what happened next.

My Wife Rachel returned to our bedroom where Mike was waiting for her I crept out of the lounge and over to the bedroom as she had deliberately left the bedroom door a jar ,still sticky with my come dripping down my own stocking clad legs where I had wanked earlier when she had fucked my arse with her dido.

I peered through the door and was greeted with a glorious site Mike was standing up with Rachel standing up bent over hands touching the floor he was behind her giving her Deep Slow Penetration ,she was moaning and groaning I could see her visibly shaking and legs buckling as she orgasamed one after another the only thing stoping her from collapsing was his enormous cock stuffed in her like a rigid pole .I was being as quite as I could hand on cock wanking for all I was worth .Mike pulled out his cock and she collapsed in a heap stretched to full capacity swollen and dripping Mike turned to the door and shouted get in hear, I sheepishly did as I was told he laughed at me and told me to bend over on the bed ,I protested but was slapped on my arse by Mike although I was saying no my body was saying yes and I found my self doing exactly what I was told ,I was made to role a Johnny over his dick get on all fours, there I was dressed as a slut stockings high heels arse in the air with Mike behind me lubeing my arse where my wife had fucked me not 30 minutes earlier with her strap on.

Rachel was coming round by now and was laughing instructing Mike to put it in slow and make me feel what she feels and why there is a need for big decent mans cock in our lifes, I felt mike pull my arse cheeks apart to expose my arsehole then I could feel the cold ness of the lube and the Johnny he started to push and I felt my arse start to burn as it stretched my normally small arse hole I tried to pull away and Rachel shouted no you don’t feel it. she sat in front of me and put her feet on my shoulders and pushed me back onto the monster inch by inch it slid up my arse tearing me with its size it finally got to that muscle that says no more I was now in pain Mike laughed and one small push it went passed the point of no return Oh My God !I tried to pull away Mike and Rachel where not having that ,Mike grabbed my shoulders she pushed me on with her feet on my shoulders Mike started to slide back and forth it was so uncomfortable over and over he slid in and out then all of a sudden I started to relax and my cries of pain turned to sighs and groans of pleasure .

Now I understood the feeling of being filled up I could feel the difference between my wifes small dildo and a large cock and understood the wanting feeling my wife must feel when I attempt to fuck her, Mike was good very good he kept stroking away at my arse my wife took her feet of my shoulders as I was now pushing back trying to get as much cock in me as possible she opened her legs and I licked out her fucked open wet pussy, Mike kept pounding away, he is as fit as fuck. Mike let out a groan and shot his spunk into my arse I couldn’t believe how wet I was until he pulled out and the Johnny on his dick was torn to shreds ,not only had he fucked the arse of me he also had done me bareback I now knew the feeling of come running out of my arse .

We all lay exhausted on the bed, we agreed that Mike would be a fantastic asset to our relationship .Mike is now mine and Rachel’s Bull ,Mike is in the army and is away quite a lot ,but when he comes home he knows where to come and stay and we are looking forward to his next visit which we hope will be next month. I have now read up on being cuckold and live life to serve Rachel and I am sure her many lovers to come.