Written by wadski

14 Dec 2010

Every lunch time she came to my apartment where we’d fuck and fuck and fuck. It was great sex and I’m sure my pleasure was so intense because it was so unexpected. One day when I was on top of her, her legs around my back, she whispered, “Fuck me in a different way.” I assumed she wanted it from behind, so I pulled out. She got up from the bed, stood before the window and planted her feet apart. I got up, eased into her and fucked her from behind, my hands grabbing her breasts. She pushed her arse against me as she writhed. When I came and pulled out she grabbed my cock and wanked me so fast I fell back on the bed, come still spurting.

It was intensely pleasurable but strange at the same time. Lying in bed after another great fuck we talked like lovers. However, if I mentioned her husband she shook her head and for a second I saw that stern woman again. Another time she had an afternoon off. As we got down to it she whispered, “Let’s fuck like animals.”

A challenge that no man could resist. Smoothing my hands over the cheeks of her arse, I slipped a finger between them and gently tickled her arsehole. She let out a deep moan and thrust her hips at me. I gently pressed, the muscle relaxed. Soon my middle finger was halfway up her arse and she was fucking like a maniac. Thinking I had stumbled on her favourite activity I suggested putting my cock between those wonderful cheeks. She gave me such a look of horror that I never mentioned it again, though after that I had a finger up her arse every time we got together.

Another day, when she was kneeling between my legs, exploring my cock with her mouth and hands she said, “I want to taste you.”

Lost in sheer pleasure, I watched her head bob up and down on my crotch. She paused only to say, “Fuck my mouth.”

I needed no telling as to what that meant. When the time came I let go, my head nearly exploding when I came. She pumped and sucked, gulping down the hot jets of spunk as though it was the most natural thing in the world.

On another occasion she came to my apartment wearing a nice skirt, sheer nylons and high heels. We never got to the bedroom or even managed to get our clothes off. Within seconds of her entering my apartment I had the skirt up around her waist and her breasts popping out of her blouse. After we had fucked against the wall for a while, I carried her on my cock to the sofa where I gave her a fucking that neither of us will forget, making her come twice before spunking all over her nylon-covered thighs.

This went on for about three months until one day she said, “I think my husband suspects something. We can no longer be lovers.”

And so it ceased as suddenly as it had started, but I had at least learned that it was possible to have great sex in China despite the prim appearance of the women. I also learned that age difference had no importance. I met a very cute nineteen year old girl in an apartment store in town. She was small and sweet and looked like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. By the third date I’d stripped her, licked every inch of her firm, young body, sucked the solid points of her titties, licked her pretty little split till she almost fainted with pleasure. We finished with me fucking the little arse off her. I had many such experiences but to tell the truth I missed the sex I’d had with Jade, preferring the more mature woman.

One day Jade told me I was to spend more time grading essays with another teacher, a woman with the English name, Simone. I knew her to say hello to, nothing more. She had quite large breasts for a Chinese woman and they hung heavily on her petite, muscular frame. She looked more typically Chinese than Jade with her cute, round face and white skin, straight black hair cut in a bob with a perfect fringe. She also had a bigger, rounder arse. I never had thoughts of getting into her, however, as she had an aloof, snooty air that repulsed me. So much so that one day I decided to piss her off by using sexual words and going all out to shock her.

“So you do enjoy good sex, Simone?” I said.

I expected to get my face slapped, but instead she turned and smiled. “What are you suggesting?”

Ten minutes later I had her trousers and knickers round her ankles and my cock deep in the cunt of yet another married Chinese woman. Because of her shortness I had to bend at the knees to get into her, but I managed it while she banged her big arse against my thrusts. My left hand reached under her sweater to grasp a wonderfully firm breast while the fingers of my right hand strummed her ample bush and delved into her wet slit.

It was the start of another three months of wonderful sex. I loved the energetic way she moved her powerful little body. Like Jade she loved having her cunt licked. It was lovely look at with its puffy lips and large clitoris. Also, like Jade, she was fond of sucking me off. I am pleased to say I gave her her first tit fuck, splattering her pretty little face with spunk.

So my stay in China turned out to be a big surprise. In ten months I had more sex with more women than I’d had anywhere. I suspect that some Chinese women are as intrigued by the idea of Foreign cock as we are by oriental cunt. One thing is for sure, all the women I encountered sucked and fucked with an enthusiasm that often took me aback and it turned out to be true what that guy had told me: that behind closed the prim Chinese woman was a full-blooded sexual animal.

It all comes back to me now in a kaleidoscope of images: the nineteen year old student happily sitting on my face as I taste her young cunt, the sexy divorcee with great legs which she was happy to open for me, the studious-looking woman in her twenties in horn-rimmed spectacles who rode me and milked me like her life depended on it. And always that wonderful tuft of soft dark hair at the crotch.