Written by Stoke5

17 Jul 2015

Thanks for all the comments etc. We have enjoyed reading them, and so has Jo.

We are planning a night out soon, so may be we will have more to tell you

Our Part two

Jo looked up at Kath. Kath was leaning back against me and playing with my cock, her legs were open and her pussy was inches away from Jo. I had my hand cupping Kath’s breast and my thumb was flicking and teasing an already hard nipple, my other hand was lingering over Kath’s pubes.

Well Jo, do you want to show? Pressed Kath I know Paul would like to see your tits. ‘Show me your tits’ Jo I added. The look on Jo’s face was a mixture of lust pure and simple, but also rabbit caught in the headlights. I think Kath had sensed the look to and added, if you’re not happy we can stop?

Jo breathlessly shook her head and said no I want more. And started to unbutton her blouse to reveal a white lacy bra struggling to keep her boobs in. She shuffled of the blouse and reached behind to release the hooks, her tits spilt free and proudly she thrust them towards Kath.

Kath moved forward and slowly pawed at the flesh of Jo’s tits, Her nipples were large with dark areolas that crinkled and pulled the already erect nipples even tauter.

Kath had released my cock in favour of Jo’s tits, and whilst I have seen Kath with other girls it never fails to turn me on.

I was so hard I started to caress the cheeks of Kath’s bum, slowly but always moving towards her pussy. Jo had moved up to kiss Kath; it was a hot hard and passionate kiss. Jo had slowly moved her hand towards my cock, stroking my thigh to start but her target was to get her hand on my cock. Of course I moved a step closer to make that target within easy reach.

Kath dropped to her knees in between Jo’s open legs, pushing them even further apart. Kath looked deeply into Jo’s eyes. Jo’s hand was wrapped around my cock easing my foreskin back and playing with my cockhead. I would love to see you suck that Jo, Kath said. Jo smiled and tugged me closer to her face, shuffling slightly she opened her mouth and took me in.

Kath fell back slightly onto her hunches as she watched. Her hand was on her pussy and she was rubbing her clit, she tugged at her nipples and continued to masturbate.

Kath has always talked dirty and can be quite vocal the more she gets turned on so words like pussy become cunt, and she love the word fuck and says it with some aggression as she gets more aroused.

Jo’s cock sucking was good, wet warm and firm. I was playing with her fantastic nipples and started to stroke her hair knowing that soon I would want to fuck her face. Jo’s eye contact was split between my face and Kath masturbating at her feet. My cock plopped from Jo’s mouth.

This caused a natural break. Can we get more comfortable asked Jo? Of course Kath replied, what would you like bedroom or here?

Bed sounds good, Jo said and taking another slurp of her wine moved again to kiss Kath, Kath was still on her hunches with her very wet pussy exposed. I saw Jo’s finger have a tentative explore of the wet slit available to her.

Lets go upstairs then. Kath lead the way, I said. Kath stood adjusted her suspenders and stockings and holding Jo’s hand moved towards the door and stairs. Jo was topless her breasts moving in a delicious sway followed, skirt still over her hips showing her arse cheeks framed by her suspenders. But still with panties in place. I grabbed some water and followed a few seconds later.

A large bed, something that we both had wanted since our wedding day, it’s kind of built in but has drapes and what looks like a four post bed, dominates our bedroom. A friend who builds furniture built it with a few added features that facilitate our bondage fun. its hooks and handles look normal. It also has a cupboard built into the headboard where Kath keeps her toys.

Jo hadn’t been in this room before and acknowledge this in the normal girly way. Kath was still in horny bitch mode, and jumped on to the bed saying Jo. I didn't bring you up here to see the wallpaper. I joined Kath on the bed. As she said, coming to join us? But skirt off first?

Jo quickly dropped the skirt leaving her in black panties, suspenders and stockings. She crawled towards the middle of the bed, I moved over allowing her to lie between us.

You still ok with this Jo I asked? She nodded and affirmed with a huh huh.

Kath was slowly rubbing her body one side, and I was doing the same. You know we are both going to fuck you Jo, don't you? Kath said still in her horny bitch mode.

I hope you are both going to make me scream joked Jo.

Kath was now rubbing at Jo’s pussy over her panties, it’s time these came off Jo, Kath added. Lets get Paul to take them off?

I moved lower in the bed and gripped the lace panties, easing them over her hips and exposing her pussy her panties were very wet as was her pussy and the tops of her thighs

Kath was sucking a nipple and teasing the other as I discarded Jo’s pants leaning forward to taste an inhale that womanly smell that only an aroused pussy can offer.

I flicked a tongue along her hairless slit and felt a slight bristle of stubble on my tongue. She was wet and aroused, very aroused as I peeled her lips back I was greeted by a very pink pussy and a large clit partially hidden by her long hood.

My target was to peel the hood back and flick, suck, and tease that throbbing clit.

Jo was well into it now she was being pleasured at both ends, slowly I could feel her pleasure building as she pushed back against my tongue. I eased my fingers inside her, and instantly she clamped her pussy on them. She was rising to her climax.

I pushed hard against her and fucked her with my hand, three fingers stretching and probing inside her wet cunt.

I still licked on her clit and Kath was kissing and pulling on her nipples when she shuddered and gasped her climax, her whole body shook with force as she contorted and then blasted my face with the biggest squirt of female cum I had ever experienced, literally three strong gushes. Jo was gasping for air and tensing and relaxing as the waves of cum passed through her body. I was soaked and her juices dripping from my fingers and face.

I got up and grabbed to grab a towel, Jo was truly spent and still panting when I returned, Kath had opened her toy draw and had produced her favourite vibrator.

She was very, very turned on now and I recognised the look in her eyes. Kath said I want fucking and hard so who’s going to fuck me first.

Jo was still bathed in the afterglow of climax, but moved closer to Kath. I have never been with a woman Kath, said Jo, Show me what to do?

Kath handed her the vibrator and said just fucking do me!

Watching this was so horny. As Kath, legs open wet pussy on show. Jo didn't need a lesson in female love. She knew how to hit the right places and so Kath was letting us know how much she liked it.

I was now at the side of the bed with and pulling at my cock, Kath looked at me and said wank your cock while Jo makes me fucking cum.

This spurred Jo on, as if it was needed, and soon Kath had her head thrown back and gasping I am cuming.

Needless to say I was also rising to a point, and grabbed at Kath and pulled me towards her face, she sucked me and soon Kath was also licking my balls and fingering my arse.

My spunk was rising fast, Kath continued to wank me, but looking at me and saying ‘ You want to fuck her cunt don't you? I nodded a yes.

From the rear then so I can watch, Kath commanded. Jo shuffled around so that I could get at her, She was very turned on and had the wettest pussy I have ever known.

I slid my cockhead twice up her slit before pushing inside, Kath had watched but now moved around to Jo face and started to kiss her hard, and pull on her nipples. I knew I wouldn't be lasting long; her cunt was gripping and pulsating on my cock. It was time for me to take my pleasure and I thrust deep into her and I began to feel that moment of no return approaching, then that release of spunk into Jo with three hard spurts. I hung onto Jo as my softening cock started to slip from her pussy and spunk drip from her slit.

Both girls had smiles and contented looks as the afterglow of sex descended over us.

Kath asking Jo if she was ok, and Jo replying with a sighed ‘yes thank you’.