Written by adam61

8 Jun 2009

A true story that’s been unfolding in the last few months. Jane my partner and I have been together about 4 years. I’m Adam and we’re both in our mid 40’s, and carry a few more pounds then we would like. We actually live apart during the week as I live and work in the centre of London, and she lives outside Brighton and runs a business from her home. Our sex life is plentiful and fairly varied, although Jane is definitely not into anything more than just the two of us. Having been a swinger for 5 years it wasn’t what I wanted, but as I love her I respect her views, although I haven’t given up hope! We do enough to make up for it. She is excellent at oral and is happy for me to come anywhere in her or over her. The only one restriction was not in her eyes! She’s got a couple of vibrators and butt plugs that we use during lovemaking, and she likes having two holes filled at once, but despite this obvious enjoyment she still won’t even consider having a 3-sum. Maybe one day!

My story really starts about 3 months ago when I happened to get a Wednesday afternoon off work unexpectedly. So I took the opportunity to drive down to Jane’s to spend the rest of the day with her. I spent most of the journey down on the phone checking in with my secretary and never got the chance to phone her to say I was coming. Besides it would be a nice surprise for her I thought.

As I drove into her close I could see another car on the drive, which I recognised to be Sue’s, a long time friend of Jane’s and the lady that came to cut our hair. Sue was in her late 30’s, with a very nice figure indeed. She always seemed to wear low cut tops so that when she bent over to cut my hair I would get a good view of her ample breast. Not sure what it is about ladies and hairdressers, but the talk always seemed to turn sex, which was ok to an extent, until Jane started discussing my performance in front of me!

Being that we all had our hair done at the same time I didn’t know why Sue would be round, but knowing they had been friends for years I didn’t think anything of it. As there wasn’t room on the drive I parked a few houses away and walked to Jane’s house, but for some reason the front door was locked. I opened it with my key, but the chain was on. Now this did get my mind racing. The only time we normally locked the door and put the chain on was when Jane and I wanted to make love and didn’t want the kids walking in on us, so what were Jane and Sue up to? I had a key to the side door, and quietly let myself in. I could hear noises from upstairs, but I couldn’t really make out what they were.

I took my shoes off so as not to make any noise on the wood floors and made my way out of the kitchen to the hall. Coming out of the sitting room was a trail of discarded clothes. I recognised some as Jane’s, but there were others I didn’t recognise. Another women’s. Too small to be Jane’s, and too big to be either of her kids. Were they Sue’s? I couldn’t see any men’s clothes, so my mind was racing. Was it just the two of them or was there someone else?

I quietly started to climb the stairs and found one of Jane’s basques and matching knickers from ann summers. A few steps up were a bra and matching thong which I took to be Sue’s. As my head got level with the floor upstairs I looked through the banisters and I could see through the slightly opened bedroom door. I could see Jane standing naked by the side of the bed pumping backwards and forwards. She had some kind of straps round her middle. I moved up a step and could see that she was wearing a strap on and was fucking Sue who was on all fours on the bed. My mind was in turmoil. This was against everything that Jane had ever told me, but at the same time it was turning me on no end and my cock was as hard as anything in my trousers. Sue was asking for it harder and deeper, and Jane was telling her what a slut she was. I stayed watching for a while from the stairs trying to work out if there was anyone else involved. Sue was grunting and groaning and obviously getting close to cumming. She came loudly telling Jane not to stop. She pulled away from Jane, turned round on the bed and started to suck on the vibrator that had just been pumping her cunt. God what a turn on that was. But I still needed to know if anyone else was in the so I quietly made my way up the last few stairs keeping an eye on what was happening in the bedroom. Sue was now taking the strap-on off Jane and was kissing Jane all over her body. For a split second I thought Sue had seen me, and I dived down under the landing. After a while I slowly raised my head again and sue was now standing upright locked into a passionate embrace with Jane. I made my way up the stairs and round the hallway until I was right outside the bedroom door. I looked in still trying to work out if there was anyone else in the room. I couldn’t see anyone neither could I see anyone’s clothes, so I took it that it was only the two of them. Sue pulled Jane onto the bed and they lay there kissing each other like their lives depended on it. They were sideways across the bed with their legs towards me and as they entwined their legs round each other I could see both their cunts were dripping with their juices. Sue raised herself up and straddled Jane in a 69. Sue was on top with her head nearest the door. I had my cock out and was rubbing myself like a madman. Once or twice Sue looked towards the door. Had she seen me before? Did she know I was there? Once more I peered round the door. This time there was no doubt. Sue knew I was there. She was sitting up on Jane’s face looking straight at me and licking her lips. Instinctively I ducked back behind the door even though I knew I’d been spotted. What the hell was I going to do now? Any minute I expected Sue to call out to Jane that I was watching, but nothing happened. I peeked into the room again and Sue was still looking at me smiling. She beckoned me in but I was rooted to the spot. I’d been trying to get Jane to agree to bring other people into our sex life, but something was stopping me from joining in. So I shook my head at Sue, but she mouthed for me to come in, but I still couldn’t. Sue reached over to the pillow and picked up the vibrator and started performing oral on it whilst looking at me and beckoning me to come and join them. But something was still stopping me, even though this was something I’d been dreaming about ever since I had met Jane. Suddenly Sue said “why have you never invited Adam to join us”. Jane replied “there’s never seemed a right time”. Sam looked at me and winked and said “what would you do if he walked in now” Jane replied “I’d tell him to get his clothes off and come and join us”. What was happening? Jane had always said this wasn’t for her, but here she was inviting me in. Would she really want me to join in or was that just something she was saying in the heat of the moment? Something was still stopping me, and again I shook my head at Sue. Sue took the vibrator and starting working it around Jane’s sopping wet hole. Jane lifted her knees up and parted them wide and I could tell that she was wetter then I had ever seen her. Jane gasped when Sue started to push the vibrator in and she was looking straight at me as she said “Its not fair I’ve shared James with you, but you won’t share Adam” What I thought to myself. Did Sue really mean that Jane had had a 3 sum with her and her partner? Sue must have sensed my confusion and continued “do you remember the last time he joined us? You let him take you in every hole you dirty little whore” God – was sue messing around or was there another side to Jane that she had kept hidden from me. Not only had Jane had a 3-sum, but it appeared it had been more than once. Sue was still sat on Jane’s face and was now pumping the vibrator into her cunt. Sue was obviously enjoying the licking she was getting as both of them were breathing heavy. Jane replied “You’ve never said it was a problem before” Sue retorted “Its not a problem, just wish you’d let Adam join us – would be good for all of us, you’ve told me so much about his cock that I just want to try it for myself” “ Maybe one day” Jane replied and with that she started to push Sue off her and get up and bent down the other side of the bed and I could see that she had got a double ended dildo. I dived behind the door so that I couldn’t be seen, and I heard lots of movement from the room as they changed positions. I heard Sue say “I wish this was a real cock we were sharing” and Jane said “Well it isn’t and unless Adam or James walks in now this is all we’ve got”. I plucked up the courage to peek around the door again and Sue had positioned herself at the other end of the bed so she was looking towards me and Jane was side on to the door with her back towards me. I could make out the dildo between them and they were both clearly enjoying fucking it. Again Sue was looking straight at me, and said to Jane “So if Adam walked in now could I fuck him first to make up for all the times you\'ve had James” Jane replied “As long as someone or something fucks me I don’t care who does what” Sue was still looking at me and couldn’t understand why I hadn’t got my clothes off and joined them both on the bed. To tell the truth I didn’t understand either. I just needed to know that Jane really wanted me there, rather than just saying it at the height of the moment.

I could tell Jane was about to orgasm again, and as it was nearly 3 would have to end things with Sue to go and do the school run. I put my cock away and quietly made my way back downstairs and out to the car. I drove a few streets away and parked trying to make sense of what I just saw.

A short while later a car pulled up right next to me and I saw it was Sue. “Why didn’t you join us” She asked. I replied that I wasn’t sure Jane wanted it as she has hid this from me. There’s obviously a lot I don’t know about her.

Sue told me to follow her and she would try and explain.

Let me know if you want to know what happened.